Oh Boy, Another STOOPID Prowl



Multi-part PROWL today:


So the hilarity continues over at pumapac as the deranged kitties attempt to bring down Olive Garden, Kellogg, Hellman’s  and Best Western. I’m sure the executives are wishing at this point that someone would just Waterboard them and get it over with already. Can you imagine DanceswithPumas manly voice on the other end of the line while the person on the other end mistakenly calls her sir, then pays for it with a profanity laced tirade like no other.  Let’s make sure the companies that they are going after know what bigoted pieces of shit these people really are, send them the links that you have, showing what pumapac is really like in their own words…

*    *    *    *    *

Contact CBS:  (212) 975-4321

Copy and paste these emails into the BCC line of your email: nina.tassler@cbs.com,  kelly.kahl@cbs.com, prowl@pumapac.org, kim.sartori@cbs.com, lmoonves@cbs.com

Send this email to CBS:

Dear CBS,

Just wanted to let you know that the onslaught of 20-30 calls and e-mails you received today from pumapac are from a fringe group that preaches hate on a daily basis, if you have any doubt as to who you are dealing with, just check out the links I have provided for you and you will see that this group of birther conspiracy wingnuts and anti-Obama advocates is truly a small but troubling group of people. You and your advertisers will be better off without the patronization of people like this. Please do yourselves a favor and delete all e-mails from this group, do not let them intimidate you, just ignore them and they will go away.

Your Name

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Contact Letterman Advertisers. Let them know about the crazies also.

Olive Garden: 1-800-331-2729 and (advertising dept.): 212-546-2083

M&M Mars: MARS Candy: 1-973-691-3536, 1-800-627-7852, (703) 821-4900
FAX: 1-973-691-3536, 703-448-9678

Hellman’s Mayonnaise: 1-800-418-3275

BEST WESTERN: http://www.bestwestern.com/email/advertising.asp

Why should they have all the fun with their prowls of Fail?  Well they shouldn’t,  so here is what I want you to do, if you have the time and it doesn’t take too much of your energy. Now I know most of you have links and screen shots of PUMA Hate, that are just sitting there gathering dust, so why not make them useful?  Gather those links and images and send them to the same people they are sending their prowls to, let them know that the 20 or so e-mails, faxes and shrieking phone calls they have been receiving are from a group that talks HATE on a daily basis.  Remember, provide them with links and screen shots, we wouldn’t want to be accused of putting words into their mouths.  Remember to send the Orly Taitz link announcing the Birther/Puma conference about to take place, we really want these company executives to get a laugh on puma’s expense, after all that’s what we are about, laughs, right? PUMA choke choke HAKA!

ps: puma sucks!

**Extra Credit Update, courtesy of DWP** Go here and vote as many times as you like….http://extratv.warnerbros.com/2009/06/vote_weigh_in_on_palinletterma.php

I know there are some sites that discourage wasting any time on these creatures, but not here! They wanna play in public, then they are all fair game. I encourage everyone to post on their sites and blogs, expose them for the bigoted assholes that they are. Do not let them hide from what they have written!