You Don’t Need a Bigger Tent, You Need 25mg of Haloperidol

Murphy’s crazy was out in force yesterday, but my busy day prevented me from acknowledging it appropriately. Anyway, here’s a brief fisk.


But I watched and read at the liberal BOIZ blogs for the first seven years of the Bush Administration, and there is NO way I want us to become like them — a bunch of boring, screaming juvenile boys spending HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS coming up with cruder and more violent descriptions of ways to humiliate George W. Bush (most of them involving rape, chainsaws, and other rusty objects — to give you a picture of the level of discourse.) They were the perfect picture of political impotence. It was somewhat cathartic to log on and read people make fun of W., but seriously — BORING! and meaningless.

Emphasis mine. I don’t know what blogs murphy is referring to, but I’m calling bullshit. She’s trying to claim the mainstream leftwing blogosphere was doing nothing but fantasizing about raping or cutting up with chainsaws Bush administration officials? Are you fucking kidding me? She’s either lying or delusional, or likely, both.

I know that murphy has claimed she “blogged for four years at Atrios,” by which I presume she meant she was writing (((((NTodd))))) in the comments of the blog Eschaton, written by Atrios for four years. I’ve never been a regular commentor at Eschaton, but I’ve also never seen these rape and chainsaw fantasies murphy warns of.

Beyond the hyperbole she claims isn’t, her description of the blogosphere as impotent BOIZ is way off the mark too. There is a very healthy breadth of opinion and aim in left blogistan, ranging from movement activists organizing (OpenLeft, Swing State Project, 50 state blogs, etc), to media criticism rivaling the power of talk radio (Atrios, Digby, Media Matters, Glenn Greenwald), to fundraising and volunteering juggernauts like Act Blue and DailyKos. That’s in addition to all of the smart, informed commentary that recorded the missdeeds of the Bush administration and helped Americans whose day job wasn’t politics to stay on top of things. Not to mention the invaluable feminist bloggers that don’t exist in murphy’s world.

But in murphy’s mind this all doesn’t exist. Just rusty chainsaws and rape. And by golly, PUMA PAC won’t fall into that rusty chainsaw raping trap! PUMA PAC has an agenda!

The nasty screamers will always be among us. Our job is to OFFER A BETTER ALTERNATIVE to what passes for liberal commentary and political action today.

  • To be better than Move On
  • To be better than NOW
  • To be better than Josh Marshall and Kos
  • To be honest, principled, interesting and relevant

Do I even need to mock this? Let’s see. 1. What would be better than MoveOn? Murphy doesn’t say, MoveOn’s strength is it’s size, fundraising prowress, and responsiveness to it’s membership. I guess PUMA PAC can try to be better than MoveOn in other ways that aren’t completely unattainable. Like, better stupid nicknames for Obama? MoveOn’s got nothing on Pampers!
2. To be better than NOW. Again, there’s a problem with the vagueness of this goal. PUMA PAC will never achieve the influence, membership, or credibilty of NOW. But maybe it’s better by haing a longer acronym?

3. To be better than Josh Marshall and Kos. That’s kind of a personal thing really. I think Kos and JMM are just fine. More to the point, can anyone imagine NOW or MoveON expressing their as their goals “To be better than Michele Malkin and Ace-o-spades.” That’s some serious credibilty, yo.

4. To be honest, principled, interesting and relevant. I don’t know which of these will be the hardest for them, but my guess is relevant. The first three are within their control, even if it’s uncharacteristic of them. But relevance? Ha!

Murphy’s political agenda is even more astonishing. Forgetting for a second that many, if not most, of the members of PUMA PAC (judging by comments there, at least) are explicitely right-wing, Murphy’s political agenda is rather incongruous with a group that worked to elect a candidate that opposed those goals. This was a fundamental problem once the PUMAs tried to remain relvant beyond the election by adopting superficial feminism as their cause.

Murphy again:

As more groups and voters join us, as we add to our successes (yes, they are small to begin with — but so are we!), AND as the social fabric gets weaker and more shabby in the next four years, thousands, and then tens of thousands more will join us.

God I wish they would take bets on this. I would wager $10,000 that the membership of PUMA PAC is below 10,000 January 13th, 2013. Forget “tens of thousands.” And could they possibly name one PUMA PAC success? I know they’ve all enjoyed getting to know like-minded crazy people, but “success” means something accomplished. Show me.

Murphy’s profound ending:

We’re going to have to save ourselves.

Hey, that’s like “We are the one’s we’ve been waiting for.” Except not as elegant, and incomplete. Here you go, I fixed it for you.

We’re going to have to save ourselves from ourselves. Pass the Haloperidol please.

4 Responses

  1. Two possibilities: 1) She’s delusional and/or irretrievably stupid (a distinct possibility — I’ve seen her affectless, stunned-flounder imitation on TV), or 2) She’s in this strictly for the dough she can raise from the motley collection of sockpuppets who hang out at her site. My money is on the latter.

  2. You know, while Haldol would probably help, I’d probably also add Ativan to the mix.

  3. One instance of PUMA success. Seriously. Small, large, doesn’t matter. If anyone can name one stated goal of PUMA PAC that they actually accomplished, I’ll pay Murphy’s FEC fines for her. Swear to Dog.

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