Candidate Endorsement: Vote Mimi Planas For Miami Dade District 10 County Commissioner!

**I am making this post a sticky cause it’s so damn good**


This is a very exciting day here at Stupid PUMAs! and for the whole BADASS PAC community. I am pleased to announce that without consulting the other editors here, Stupid PUMAs! is endorsing Miriam “Mimi” Planas for Miami Dade District 10 County Commissioner.
You might be wondering why I would care about who gets elected to the county commission from district 10 in Miami Dade county, hundreds (or thousands) of miles from where I live, I mean, talk about local control! Well, I’ll tell you, and it’s not just because her website is so awesome. I hate the residents of Miami Dade county district 10. I hate them all. They’re mean and stupid, and deserve to be ruled by idiots.

Therefore, I heartily join my friends at PUMA PAC in endorsing Mimi Planas for district 10 commissioner. After all, anybody who freely identifies themselves as a PUMA is assuredly as stupid as the day is long. But how much of a PUMA is Mimi Planas? Let’s check the Google for “mimi1020.”

  1. Voted for McCain/Palin? Check.
  2. Campaigned for McCain/Palin? Check.
  3. Donated money to PUMA PAC? Check.
  4. Participated in PUMA Prowls? Check.
  5. Refuses to write “Obama,” opting instead for “Oblowme?” Check.
  6. Rejects that Obama is the first African-American president because he is a “mulato(sic)?” Check.
  7. Contends that Obama is not a US citizen and faked his birth certificate, and a supporter of Phil Berg’s birther lawsuit? Check.
  8. Believed in the “Whitey tape?” Check!!
  9. Declared Obama “unelectable.” Check. Declared Obama “unelectable” less than a month before the election while obama was winning nationally by 8-10 points? Check.
  10. Believed “internal McCain polls” on November 2nd predicitng a McCain landslide? ROTFLMAO-Check.
  11. Believes that ACORN stole the election for Obama? Check.
  12. Barely literate? (“The koolaid drinkers are rampid(sic) over there!”) Check.
  13. Believes that aspiring domestic terrorist jenniforhillary “sooooo rock(s)”? Check.
  14. Owns a computer with a sticky caps lock key? CHECK. CHECK.

As you can see, there is nobody less qualified to rule the horrible people of Miami Dade county district 10 than Mimi Planas, and we should all support her candidacy. She clearly has the media savy necessary for hardball Florida politics. Just check out this letter she wrote all by herself to the news media last August (Note, all spelling mistakes and grammatical errors are in the original.)

#653 mimi1020 on 08.25.08 at 3:11 pm
Hi Guys,

Here is the letter that I put together for the news media, let me know what you think. Thanks!


Dear Media Personnel,

I believe the time has come for ALL News media outlets
to start reporting the THE TRUTH, THE FACTS – THE NEWS!

On August 21, 2008 a Federal Law Suit was filed in Pennsylvania
By Attorney Phil Berg. All of the details of this law suit are available
On the following website:

This jist of it is that Barak Obama is being sued for several reason but the
main complaint is that he is NOT ELIGIBLE to run for the Presidency of the
United States of America. He is either NOT a citizen or holds DUAL citizenships which, as you may know, renders one ineligible to run for President of the United States.

Another main complaint in the law suit is that Barak Obama has indeed lied
onn his bar application when asked what other name he has legally been known by, his response was “none”. We all know this is NOT the case. He was legally known as Barry Soetero for quite some time during his residency in Indonesia. This is fraudulent and

One last complaint to notice is that the Birth Certificate posted on his Web page is a FAKE. It has been deemed as altered by 3 forensic experts. The original name on that Birth Certificate is his sister’s name – NOT HIS. This is fraudulent and unacceptable.

Please investigate the matter as there are millions of people already aware of these facts and it makes your news station look like completely incompetent news reporters.

We will be following up with this matter soon.

Thank you,

PUMA Democrats

In her defense, I know plenty of reasonable, intelligent people who believe that “lawsuit” is two words.

I hope you will join me in supporting Mimi Planas for district 10 commissioner. After all, the incumbent HAS A PENIS!!!!! What else do you need to know people?!

52 Responses

  1. Stoutly reasoned, pumarubbernecker. Just as I once, years ago, actually donated money to Oral Roberts for the construction of a 900 foot-tall Jesus statue, I will do all I can to elect Mimi. I once had a grandmother I referred to as Mimi, rest her soul, so consider me in!

    The residents of Miami Dade county deserve nothing less!

  2. I do hope the op research turns this shit up for her opponent. Using their own logic — any enemy of PUMA is a friend of mine, right?

  3. I see the incumbent is a republican. Could she truly be running as a Democrat? If that’s the case, I’m gonna have fun with this one!

    Excellent research, btw. This may be the first PUMA to find out how past bashing of a popular candidate/now popular President affects potential voters.

    Miami-Dade went 58-42 for Obama in November.

    Search her given first name of Miriam and you’ll find some more droppings that may be useful to her opponent(s). From Ambinder’s column from about a year ago:

    First of all. I know Obama supporters are thanking their lucky stars about Fla & Michigan.
    But people, come on – WAKE UP FROM THE OBAMA TRANCE! Very simpley, Hillary is the best candidate. Understand something, the ONLY reason he is ahead is because he got all the black votes of voters who only voted BECAUSE he’s black. A large percentage of them have not even voted before. Are you all blind or just idiots?

    Have some coffee, sober up and vote for Hillary.
    Because quite frankly, Growing up and helping the community on the streets of Chicago is not enough experience to run our Country. Oh and by the way – Salute the Flag Obama. That’s the least you can do for the Country you want to run!

    Posted by Miriam Planas | March 27, 2008 4:35 PM

  4. Maybe we should just find out who she’s running against and send it to their campaign manager

  5. Kerry, op research or not, anybody who googles “mimi planas” will see this post. We’re actually ranked higher than the pumapac endorsement.

    Hopefully this endorsement will get them to vote for her so her incompetence will screw the residents of district 10, whom I hate.

  6. Tom, the incumbents website is linked above.

  7. I’m trying, Tom, but not finding anything just yet.

  8. Ok, she is running against the “emcumbant”.

    mimi1020 03.25.09 at 11:28 am

    Murphy, Taggles, Dances, HP Boston and everyone!

    Thank you for your support! I will definitely need help as I am going up against a 16 year encumbant who used to be a Senator and Fl. Rep (Javier Souto).

  9. Oh. My. God. She actually wrote “encumbant.”

  10. To add to the fun, I’m reliably informed that there’s a scene in The Audacity of Democracy where she nearly engages in fisticuffs with an Obama supporter.

    Not sure if that’d be a vote-winner or not, but if she’s as ALL CAPS crazy in real life, it could be a treat.

  11. @Tom65, when I first wrote about this in a post here on March 25th, I sent all I had, including everything from pumafail to the incumbent. I was told that they would forward the material however it would be a good idea to contact his re-election campaign directly, as of right now they are not yet active. I plan on calling them personally when it does finally open and offer everything we have on her and her associates. Awesome post rubbernecker, I will contact the local press and send this exact post to them as well….

    puma haka!

  12. Puma Haka, indeed, John.

  13. Rut-roh, the candidate issued a cattle-call on PUMAPAC, entreating her fellow PUMAs to come here and defend her honor. I don’t know what kind of response she’ll get because they’re currently busy knee-capping each other in a most amusing fashion. But here’s my preemptive reply:

    It seems they are invested in destroying me without even knowing who I am, simply on the basis that I am not an Obama Supporter.

    I don’t think you should be elected because you’re a drooling idiot and and illiterate, paranoid cretin, as copiously documented in your internet dribblings cataloged above. Your opposition to Obama isn’t even a factor in light of these disqualifying defects.

    Why they are invested in trying to destroy me? don’t know, this race doesn’t even affect them. I feel important now. lol

    Put that thought out of your head — you’re not important. But you do appear to be a race-baiting, conspiracy-mongering nitwit, which is a pretty good reason to oppose you. Unlike my colleague above who wrote the mock “endorsement,” I actually live in Florida. Not in your district, but in the state.

    I believe we have a sufficient contingent of nutcases in our government at the local, state and federal levels. With the problems we face, we can’t afford any more.

  14. Here’s another one, she’s hung up on this “salute the flag/pledge of allegiance” bullshit:
    by Mimi posted Feb. 1
    Answered Hillary Clinton gets my vote!
    We need someone who knows what they are doing and has the experience. Not someone who means well, but does not have the “know how” to get it done.

    Besides, I want a president who WILL PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE to the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

    Miriam Planas
    Miami, Florida

  15. Like the PUMAs before Denver, Mimi is already toast in this race — she just doesn’t know it yet, and has probably spent too much money on T-shirts and “Vote for Me, Not the Encumbant” bumper stickers to back out now.

    She is another classic PUMA crank who believes that earnest, uninformed stupidity is a telegenic, electable quality. This is going to be a very sad and humbling experience for her.

  16. Fun with google rankings: If you google “mimi planas” this post is now the #2 hit. That’s several spots above her actual campaign site, and the pumapac endorsement isn’t even on the first page.

    To be honest though, I don’t really give a shit. I don’t think it’s worth anyones time to try to contact local media or her opponent. If she can convince enough of her neighbors that she should be a county commissioner, then more power to her. The information here is freely available to them with even the most cursory of searchs, so if they care, fine.

    The only question I have is this. Just the other day, Darragh murphy feebly attempted to defend herself by saying we wrongly label PUMAs kooky conspiracy theorists and birthers. And yet, here is an active, original puma, in good standing with murphy and the puma community, who has demonstrated on many occassions that she believes all those kooky conspiracy theories. And does murphy disavow that? No, she endorses her for local office, and urges pumas to donate their time and money.

    Darragh, can you drop the pretense that kooky conspiracy theorists aren’t a core pumapac constituency?

  17. The candidate shoulda thought about that shit – half-truths, outright lies and explicit racism – she was dropping around the internet about the man who won in her county 58-42%

    Why would she she think for a second that the ‘encumbant” would google her name as well and find it on his own?

    If PUMA is going to be all about supporting PUMA candidates then I can be all about exposing them in my free time. You reap what you sow.

    Mark my words. Take it to the bank.

  18. Gimmieabreak, I’m not going to stop anybody. I was just saying that this is one exceedingly small fish to fry.

  19. That wasn’t directed at you, Necker. It’s just the hypocrisy – it burns. And the stupid burns even brighter.

    She’s an extremely small fish and will stay that way.

    Welcome to politics, Mimi!

  20. I don’t think anyone has to lift a finger. Mimi is as “over” as Fred Thompson was the day he announced his Primary run.

    Talk about being “in over your head”…

  21. This is where, sitting across the Atlantic from you folks, I’m torn.

    It’s your electoral system and your problem if an idiot like mimi were to gain office, so other than what I’ve already posted about it, my instinct is to just watch and laugh.

    On the other hand, I’d love her to face reality and fail all on her own, rather than being able to blame it all on those horrible Obot hordes.

    On yet another (borrowed) hand, I guess there’s an outside chance that the incumbent might meet an untimely demise, leaving mimi a clear run at it.

    And on yet another other hand, wingnuts from the US seem to have no compunction in infesting some of our newspaper blogs and telling us in the UK how to run our lives, and spread misinformation (I’m looking at you, PUMAs) about what British people think about this and that.

    So fuck ’em. If the incumbent pegs out at the last minute, count me in for the task force, Betty. No reason why it can’t be kept truthy, and if the boot were on the other foot, I’d be glad of the warnings and the help.

  22. It would be funny to see if you could find a comment where she complains about Obama not being vetted.

  23. This also ranks high on Google when you search for Mimi Planas

  24. Interesting. It looks like Murphy scrubbed Mimi’s original plea, but left us this gem:

    murphy 04.09.09 at 10:30 am

    mimi– ignore the haters. they are utterly and completely impotent.


    i mean IGNORE them completely.

    Who’s impotent, Murphy? PUMA’s endorsement has, to date, been the Kiss of Death.

  25. Dont make fun of her speling! Everyone knows that literacy is a missawgenist wimmen-linching plot!

  26. Actually Kerry, I was conflicted about making fun of her spelling, since it’s possible that english is not her first language. Considering English is my only language, I don’t like to make a habit of mocking people for speaking slightly fewer than two languages.

    In the end, though, I couldn’t resist. Her phonetic spellings were just too PUMA to exclude from the list.

    I hope this doesn’t count as a man-attack.

  27. Fair enough – but I would argue that if one is running for ofice, it usually helps to have someone who is more comfortable with proofreading, etc. take a look at your communiques. And really, there is plenty to point and laugh at in the Krazy-Kat Konspiracy theories.

  28. Maybe I take things a little too seriously sometimes and like Strange says she’s already a done deal but it sure feels good using their comments against them. She may be a small fish but the enjoyment I would get if she blamed her loss on me would be priceless. At the very least her campaign will have to work a little harder because of her mouth. On a side note Mimi, I have yet to see anything on your site that says you are endorsed by PUMA, why is that?

  29. Interesting. It looks like Murphy scrubbed Mimi’s original plea…

    I don’t think she wants the flock to see a lot of what goes on here, particularly the constant reminders about her failure to file FEC papers. Wouldn’t want a little thing like that to come between herself and some fund-raising.

    You know what’s been really hilarious, though, is watching Murphy walk on eggshells around that raving nutball J4H. Murphy knows the woman is a complete psycho who disrupts group harmony and increases their collective loony quotient exponentially.

    Yet she’s a faithful and generous donor, so she is treated with deference no matter what. If I were a certain PUMA who was recently kicked to the curb for relatively mild disagreements with the prevailing groupthink, I’d take that disparity in treatment as an affront to my personal sense of justice. But of course, that would require a capacity for independent thought.

  30. She’s a child of Cuban immigrants, and the last I looked at her website, she was listing her love of cafecitos as one of her qualifications.

    I think she never had a snowball’s chance in Florida to begin with.

    Although she might have the cafecito vote. But who doesn’t like cafecitos?

  31. I do have to say that I’m amused by all the PUMAs who just know that Barack Obama never wrote his own papers in school or his own books — yet who have trouble forming coherent literate sentences of their own. Maybe that’s why they can’t believe anybody else (especially a Scary Dusky Other) could possibly write all those long hard sentences and shit!

    It also explains why Murphy seems like a genius to them. Her subjects and verbs occasionally agree — though her philosophy remains in Tiresome Batshit Racist Squawkbox territory.

  32. It also explains why Murphy seems like a genius to them. Her subjects and verbs occasionally agree — though her philosophy remains in Tiresome Batshit Racist Squawkbox territory.

    Heh, yeah, that sounds about right. Sometimes it pays to have an audience of illiterate buffoons.

  33. DancesWithPumas 04.09.09 at 9:51 am

    mimi1020 04.09.09 at 9:40 am

    Good morning, Commissioner.
    Why waste time on people who have nothing constructive or better to do with their lives than to stalk Pumas and creat a minor cottage industry around that activity?
    The focus on Pumas is a measurement of the uselessness of their existence. It’s sad, more than anything else.

    You may want to have your lawyer review their statements in terms of libel though.

    As for me… they don’t account for one whit of my life.

    Damn DWP, for someone so liberal as yourself I would think you would know the difference between freedom of speech and libel. The only person Mimi would be suing is herself since all of the above examples are her own words. Speaking of libel, maybe you should think about that next time when speaking of Michelle Obama. You’re a fucking hypocrite and that my dear is pretty damn sad!

  34. The original plea from Mimi is still there, it just has the link to Stupid Pumas removed with a suggestion to Google it.

  35. Yes, DWP — it’s obviously so much more productive to fan the flames of hatred against a man who did nothing to hurt you, never used misogyny as a campaign tactic though his opponent happily embraced racism and xenophobia in the last desperate waning days, and whose policies are so much more feminist than John McCain.

    Sometimes I really do hope that all the PUMAs are just on a really long bender. Because drunk is one thing, but stupid is forever.

  36. “You know what’s been really hilarious, though, is watching Murphy walk on eggshells around that raving nutball J4H. Murphy knows the woman is a complete psycho who disrupts group harmony and increases their collective loony quotient exponentially.

    Yet she’s a faithful and generous donor, so she is treated with deference no matter what.”

    The level of exploitation here is staggering. And the really sad thing is, these are probably the best moments of jenniforhillary’s life. She feels a part of something important. People pay attention to her. She’s cool. She feels like she’s treasured.

    Very sad.

  37. johnd12009, on April 9th, 2009 at 5:28 pm Said:

    The original plea from Mimi is still there, it just has the link to Stupid Pumas removed with a suggestion to Google it.

    Murphy knows here audience. That just about guarantees that 99.9% of them will never find this place.

  38. Things To Do Today To Insure My Election As Miami-Dade County Commissioner:

    1. Fundraise
    2. Cut 30-Second Radio Ad
    3. Prep For Town Hall Meeting On Sunday
    4. Strategy Meeting With Local Democratic Party Leadership
    5. Go Online, Ask PUMAs To Save Me From Oh-So-Destructive Snarking Of Anonymous Internetizens On A WordPress Blog

    … one of these things is not like the other.

  39. And Birther lawyer Orly Taitz to meet with PUMA:

  40. PUMA = Politically Undermine Mimi’s Aspirations

  41. Hmmm….slightly off topic.

    Like most who visit/comment on this site I have always thought that PUMA’s were, as I wrote before, merely useful idiots and that using satire to mock and ridicule them was the best way to deal with them.

    But recent events certainly do give pause for thought.

    Trawling through most PUMA sites is like crawling through the sewers. The comments are full of hate and obvious lies and shows just how easily led these people are and one can only wonder to what actions it might provoke.

    Shep Smith’s comments on the hate mail he is receiving sounds a bit like the old ‘canary in the coal mine’ warning to others on his network that words do indeed have consequences.

    I wonder whether the PUMA’s understand that.

  42. I loved this sad widdle statement from Mimi the Moran:
    “I don’t know where I belong anymore….:(”

    May I suggest “the dungheap of history” with all the other intellectually challenged racist scumbags? You’ll fit right in!

  43. Mimi apparently when back to PUMA some time yesterday to whine about having her record publicly exposed, but Murphy scrubbed her comment. The only clue is in a follow-on comment:

    Ario 06.11.09 at 12:00 am


    keep your head up and stay strong! we already know what they do to women…this time they wont suceed. you are in my prayers.

    Interesting. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Murphy scrubbed the entire endorsement thread.

  44. Oh Tom, those brave fightin’ feminists at the PUMA Pac sure showed us, huh? When the going gets tough, they get going — to Mama Murphy and beg her to kiss their boo-boos and make it better, just as they expected Hillary to do if she was elected.

    Jesus, Mimi honey, if you can’t stand the heat of a political campaign, get back to the kitchen. It ain’t beanball, it ain’t for sissies, there’s no crying in politics. (Well, almost no crying, unless you’re Edmund Muskie. Or Hillary.)

  45. And the bigot aka Darhag Murphy shows how much she really cares about Womesn’s rights, by suggesting that a Leading Women’s Rights campaigner in Iran should just STFU.

    And not one of the stupid amoeba cells that gather there dare to pick Murphy up on it.

  46. Btw, clicking on the links above to her website produces a 403 forbidden for me.

    Devilish cunning these PUMAs!

    But teh Google still works just fine

  47. Can somebody clarify the legal situation where a Political Action Committee announces that someone is its Official Candidate and the candidate does not make this clear on election material?

    Is this not an FEC requirement?

    If so, it looks like you people were doing their job for them and possibly rescuing Darragh from some serious problems.

  48. Well, what a surprise – Mimi’s a Republican:

  49. Good find Tom!

  50. Such great fail on behalf of Mimi. Having spent the whole year rubbishing the Democratic cause, stupid Mimi is now an indy Republican, wanting to make new friends and advertising herself on a Republican lonely hearts club.

  51. Hi Mimi, it’s too bad you are a puma

  52. Haha. Oops! The internet is real, Mimi.

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