PUMAs, in Their Own Words

Seriously (a PUMA) writing at The Confluence:

Seriously, on April 8th, 2009 at 3:50 am Said:

I think that for people who don’t have much going on in their lives, finding a sense of community on the Internet gets blown out of proportion. For some of the more obsessed Obots, first they felt validated by finding plastic Jesus, then even more so by finding other like minded people. And like myiq says, it creates a form of tribalism–this void in their lives has been filled by this virtual community, and they grossly overreact and man the barricades in response to any perceived threat. It was pretty clear how overrinvested and lacking in perspective some of these people were t during the primary when they were calling people’s bosses and so on

Oh wait, she was talking about us? Because it really seems to explain their community better…

I know that none of us “blogstalkers” seek each other out in real life to cry or commiserate. We enjoy laughing at the PUMAs, but that’s pretty much it. It’s not a community that shares anything other than a severe case of SIWOTI syndrome.

6 Responses

  1. Man I thought we’d form some type of commitee to take some dumb-assed and ill considered action on our insane politics.

    Oh wait, that would be fucking retarded.

    Unless some of you want to start a PAC. In which case I call dibs on Treasurer.

    I wonder how much jack Murphy has liberated from those bumpkins.

  2. Oh shit, sorry to post off the topic, but I’m taking my daily PUMA suppository so I go to the PAC and lo…Murphy’s newest hero and woman that “smokes” happens to be black.

    Why…I guess she isn’t racist after all! How wrong we were!

    Sad, really.

    My five minutes of PUMA nuttiness are over. Good day all.

  3. Pete, you can be treasurer of our BADASS PAC

    Blogstalker Association of Determined Assholes Striking at Stupidity Political Action Committee.

    And since we’re the anit-PUMA PAC, as treasurer you should file all FEC reports on time and not scribbled by hand.

  4. Man, that is some massive projection there coupled with a ginormous lack of self awareness. I challenge any PUMA to plot the number of posts per person of the usual suspects here and at Rumproast and do the same for the top posters at PUMAPAC and The Confluence. I think it would become abundantly clear who needs to get a fucking life. And it wouldn’t be us.

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