Stupid Pumas, this is for you!

You know PUMA’s, we could go on and on pointing out the fact that you are all pathetic losers that just cant come to grips with the reality that a black man is President and your beloved Hillary is not. We are constantly taking your own words and throwing them back in your face, for which you then turn around and deny everything, as evidenced by yesterdays denials and cries of blogstalking by meatprod4u. What is it going to finally take to convince you that the game is over? The basic facts are this, Hillary is not going to be the President anytime soon, President Obama is a natural born citizen and is the Commander in Chief for at least the next 4. It seems to me that you are wasting your time and money on a fake PAC, that doesn’t bother to report to the FEC, run by a Republican swindler named Darragh Murphy. While claiming you are liberal, you support an ex liberal blog who has a front pager, Meatprod4u, who has actively on other blogs advocated abuse against woman.  I could go on and on pointing out the many contradictions and ironies that spew from your respective blogs on a daily basis, however in the words of the always intelligent John Stewart, who I swear blogs here under the name pumarubbernecker, let me say this, “you see,  now your in the minority, it’s supposed to taste like a shit taco”.  Enjoy the video, it stars all the current losers who you constantly quote and support……

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