xkcdWhy hello there! You’ve stumbled upon Stupid PUMAs! If you’re wondering “What’s a PUMA anyway?” this probably isn’t the best place to start. I would recommend catching up first with the google, and then coming back for more. The quick version is that PUMA (Party. Unity. My. Ass.) was originally, supposedly, a group of supporters of Hillary Clinton who refused to support Barack Obama in the general election.

Despite no shortage of media attention, it quickly became clear that PUMAs were a vanishingly small group, and most supposed PUMAs were really just Republicans, conservatives, or people who were otherwise offended by a black man named “Barack Hussein Obama.” In the end, Obama won 89% of self identified Democrats, compared with 89% for John Kerry in 2004, 86% for Al Gore in 2000, and 84% for Bill Clinton in 1996. The PUMAs were a statistically insignificant factor.

With the election over, why continue to mock the PUMAs? Sport, mostly. Months ago I did fear a media generated controversy could be harmful to our prospects of a Democratic administration, but I haven’t been concerned about that since at least the Democratic Convention. I do think that the ignorant hate and conspiracy theories promoted by the PUMAs should be countered, but the idiocy and naivete of the PUMA groups otherwise assures that their “ideas” aren’t taken seriously or garner widespread attention. So mostly, I do this because I’ve had the misfortune to know about PUMAs, and like a trainwreck, I can’t look away.

Eventually, I decided that just reading about the PUMAs from great sites like Rumproast wasn’t enough. I needed my own outlet to relieve the frustration that goes along with SIWOTI syndrome (That comic is from xkcd, which I wholeheartedly endorse), and since PUMA sites censor comments mercilessly, here I am.

Here are the basic ground rules:

  1. When I read PUMA blogs and something jumps out at me as particularly stupid (for PUMA standards, which is lower than you might expect) I’ll comment on it.
  2. Front page posts and comments by regular PUMAs are fair game for my prowling.
  3. I’ll try to be funny, but since I find the rank idiocy of the PUMAs funny, I won’t be trying to add much in the way of humor. Your mileage may vary.

Here are what I won’t do:

  1. I won’t out PUMAs. I know some blogs did this very early on in the PUMA movement, and there were certainly cases where it was appropriate. However, I’m not interested in exposing people personally. Any personal information about PUMAs not already widely publically recognized will be deleted from comments immediately, so don’t even bother.
  2. I won’t attack PUMAs personally. Some PUMAs have personal problems that are a lot deeper than politics, and I’m not interested at all in exacerbating their emotional states. Being overweight, transgendered, mentally ill or whatever else won’t get me to make fun of you. Being phenomenally stupid and demonstrating it online, however, will.

Certain parts of the PUMA movement have tried to morph into womens rights organizations, and that’s fine. It’s certainly a more worthwhile approach than anything else they’ve ever tried to do! As an unapolegetic feminist, I have no quarrel with their aims, but I have found that the PUMAs’ efforts are lacking in a couple ways. First, they attribute all criticism to sexism and misogyny, when their stupidity is more likely at fault. Second, they’re latecomers to the cause of eqaul rights, and jaw-droppingly foolish about them. Why, they just recently found out that the ERA was never actually adopted. Most strikingly, they supported the presidential ticket that opposes gender equality. They are currently claiming credit for the Lilly Ledbetter act, but ignore that Lilly Ledbetter campaigned for Obama, and that Obama supports the act and McCain opposed it.

So that’s the blog. We’ll see how frequently I update. If I do it every time I see something stupid from a PUMA, it may be rather frequently.

(PS- “Stupid PUMAs!” should be pronounced with the same inflection as “Silly Rabbit!” from the Trix Commercials. “Silly Rabit! Trix are for kids!” It should be uttered with equal parts contempt, exasperation, and condescension.)

16 Responses

  1. Enjoy — the Amazon page for Audacity of Democracy.
    One copy available — from Brad Mays’s company, no less.
    I especially like “Allow up to two SEEKS for delivery.”


    I’m waiting for the one cent sale on eBay.

  2. The reaction of the Pumasphere to Obama’s signing of the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay act says it all about wingnuts on the Net. I’ve just been reading some of their posts on this subject and the twisted logic they are using to condemn Obama for signing into law a bill that is beneficial to women, a bill that John McCain did not support, is stunning.

    How does that expression go again? Cutting of your nose to spite yourself?

  3. With the election over, why continue to mock the PUMAs? Sport, mostly.

    I concur but the species is now on the endangered list.

  4. […] all those who have or have been bullied. To those that enjoy laughing at themTo those who oppose them. A song to make your […]

  5. Gee, you guys must be so much smarter than PUMA. Wow, world peace, prosperity and universal health care. Ain’t it all so grand.

    Now, if that had just happened on planet earth.

    Hopey! Feeley!

  6. Obama pwned, played, and used like you the ubertools that you are.

    he was stroking your hair while he fucked your ass.



  7. PUMASs are alive and well and waiting for 2012. We are now trying to feel some compassion for all the hopium intoxicated, uberdummies who believed Obama’s lies. But it’s really, really hard. We’re more into “we told you so”. Obama sold his soul to Big Money a long time ago. Oh, wait, some of you still think all that campaign money came fro college students who pledged $5. LOL!

  8. Just like a stupid ass puma to come to a long closed down website to comment, If all you got is Palin in 2012 then you will once again fail, but hey, you are used to failure, right? LOL!

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