But What About Malcolm X?

Darragh Murphy, that most ingeniously stupid of PUMAs, links approvingly to cinie’s 2000 word expose about the sinister confluence of world events that brought Geithner and Obama together today. It begins;

Did you know that Turbo Tax Timothy Geithner, tax cheat (TTTG, tc) is the son of Peter Geithner, former Ford Foundation head of the Indonesian region’s microfinance program, which formerly employed one S. Ann Sutoro, Program Director, and Mother of the Obamessiah? Betcha didn’t. Well, didja know that when Son of Stanley was going to school in Los Angeles, he went with a Pakistani friend to visit his mother in Indonesia, who was working for TTTG, tc’s father at that time, then spent a couple weeks in Pakistan, before he abruptly transferred to Columbia in New York where TTTG, tc’s dad was headquartered? Now, you do. How’s that Jiffy Pop hat fitting now, huh?

I confess I don’t read Yes to Democracy much anymore because they concern themselves almost exclusively now with the Birthers (no angienc, you idiot, that doesn’t mean “women”), and I find Birthers so batty that it’s not even fun for me. I’m getting the sinking feeling that many of the PUMAs are going down that road. And then what would I do for fun? Spend more (non-woman lynching) time with my girlfriend? As if!

Anyway, cinie has a very clever theory going on here. I marvel at her schizophrenic ability to derive meaning from tenuous and inocuous connections. But I fear the Obama Geithner world bank (did someone say jews?) conspiracy is incomplete without documenting how this fits into his being the manchurian secret son of Malcolm X.

Once they figure that out, then I’m sold.
[UPDATED] Via Charles in comments, it looks like bostonboomer is wrapped in tin foil also! What a loon! Are there even any PUMAs who are intelligent enough or with enough reputation to be embarrassed by their compatriots? I guess the answer is obviously not, or they wouldn’t be PUMAs in the first place.

Oh, and I particularly like the comment over there by Illinois Voter (Alan Keyes maybe;-)


Yes, that icon of liberalism Michael Weiner Savage…

When The Cat’s Away…

…the PUMAs will remain clueless and retarded.

Hi everyone, you might have noticed I’ve been away from the PUMA watching scene for a few weeks. Real life got more interesting (and busy), and I admit I went a quite a few days without even thinking about PUMAs.
But today I thought to myself

“Self, I wonder if anyone is FAILing on the internet.”

Surely enough, there’s plenty of fail going on. It’s almost as though they wanted me to come back!

Thanks and love to Betty Cracker and johnd. I checked in periodically and laughed my ass off at their posts. I’ve got some posts coming up, mostl dealing with how the PUMAs are trying to cope with the reality of our ambitiously progressive president (“But he didn’t sign the Paycheck Fairness Act!!! Even though it was never passed by congress, er….”), but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m back.

Women Who Smoke (Crack)

Paid PUMAPAC mouthpiece Murphy bestowed her “Women Who Smoke” citation on Hillary Clinton twice this week. I think Clinton is doing a fine job so far. While I’m sure the Secretary of State would be embarrassed to be associated with the PUMA posse (were she remotely aware of their existence), she deserves  recognition — even from the deranged — so no quibbles from me on that score.

However, I do object to the PUMAs’ attempts to rub their scent on impressionable children:

Set up a display of books and resources at your local library highlighting the accomplishments of American women in history and directing girls to places like the White House Project, 51%, and Puma PAC.

What the figgety fuck? Now it’s okay to expose 2nd graders to J4H’s genital mutilation fantasies among other examples of high-octane crazy? I don’t think so.

Reverse prowl: on the off chance that you live near one of this handful of loons, check your local library during Women’s History Month.

If PUMAs have defaced a children’s book display, kindly direct your librarian (who will, of course, think PUMA is merely a shoe brand) to the following PUMAPAC rant:

jenniforhillary 11.08.08 at 8:49 am
I am in a economy proof business, my parents have money, and I will NOT SUFFER. We have one year of food PLUS, we have our gardens, we have our weapons, our bullets, our network. We are prepared.

That being said, I CANNOT WAIT for the suffering to begin. I hope there is starvation, I hope there is rioting, and i hope that there is massive death….

I’m sure your librarian will be aware of actual feminist sites kids can visit without listening to flaming nutbags threatening to shoot cocks off.

Worth 10,000 words

woman-lynching1This is the illustration for PUMAPAC’s “Woman Lynching Forum.” (H/T to Nikki in comments here for pointing it out.) Some brainless PUMA* took an old photo of an actual lynching and superimposed two cocktail-sipping cartoon ladies over the images of the dead African Americans depicted in the original.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that this illustration tells us more about the PUMA mindset than 10,000 words could. It perfectly encapsulates their unseriousness and utter cluelessness about the violent history of racism in the US, the struggle for womens’ equality and the scourge of domestic violence.

As someone who actually cares about curtailing domestic violence, as a person who has done more than whine about it on the Internet and make stupid, offensive comparisons to non-analogous situations, I can see how harmful such stunning ignorance as PUMAPAC displays here could be — its potential for trivializing political terrorism and domestic violence and its capacity for sowing the seeds of discord between natural allies. But then I remember it’s only PUMAPAC, for fuck’s sake, so it’ll come to naught as usual. Sometimes FAIL is a good thing. With PUMAPAC, it always is. Good thing they produce it in such abundance.

*Correction: Per Pistachios in comments, a brainless PUMA misappropriated a satirical image that was created by someone else.  Without apparent irony. The point still stands regardless of who actually created the image.

Guess who needs blog moderators?

The New Agenda — also known as PUMA-Lite. Some other commenters and I recently discovered just how much The New Agenda relies on moderation to stifle even mild dissent.

They’re also looking for writers and affiliate bloggers. Do you think they’ll add non-PUMAs? Nahhhhh.

Please consider this an open thread.

Oh stewardess, she speaks jive…

You know the most awful thing Obama did last year? I mean, aside from casting every single woman in the US into a pit of patriarchal pessimism from which we will not emerge for 10,000 generations?

He robbed us of a brave phalanx of freedom fighters who were actively confronting and resolving race relations — a group that indeed may have been on the very brink of realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream — when their activities on behalf of  Teh Colored were cruelly terminated by the conduct of the Democratic primary.

I speak, of course, of the PUMAs, those noted civil rights stalwarts who contributed so much to the betterment of race relations until last year. More in sorrow than anger, Boss Murphy assessed Attorney General Eric Holder’s controversial speech on the topic, in which he accused Americans of cowardice on the race issue. Her sad lament:

It’s not that I’m a coward about confronting racism, and I imagine most Pumas are the same, it’s that after watching what happened in the Democratic primaries — the fraud, the backroom dealing, the misogyny — I just COULDN’T CARE LESS anymore. Which is the saddest thing of all.

Yes, it’s sadder than you may realize, because Boss Murphy has amazing powers that allow her to interpret Negro speech for white audiences. She has the ability to divine opposite meanings from identical words spoken by Teh Colored, abilities that are rare in pallid little flounders such as herself. Behold:

Now who is this “we” he’s talking about, this “we” who must “be able to accept criticism”? Is he referring to white people? Doesn’t seem likely as Holder is black. Maybe he means ALL Americans, that all of us must be able to accept criticism? My hunch is that he was talking to black listeners in that line (unconsciously betraying an “us versus them” mentality that we are all susceptible to). He was reminding black people that discussion of racism is a two-way street. THOSE white people are the cowards, but WE black people also have to be willing to hear some criticism if we want to talk honestly with white people about racism.

So according to Murphy, when Holder said “we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” the “we” referred to WHITE people. But when he said “we have to be able to accept criticism,” the “we” referred to BLACK people.

Sadly, we’re likely to be deprived of such stunning insights in the future, as Murphy “COULDN’T CARE LESS anymore” and will probably leave the dusky hordes tragically uninterpreted. I hope you’re happy, Obambi and Axelrove.

Camel’s Ass

Our pal Kevin at Rumproast is going through a tough time right now. His beloved pet is very ill, and the prognosis is not good. He posted a brief notice about it earlier this week at Rumproast by way of explanation for his infrequent posting.

Our occasional PUMA commenter Nijma apparently saw that post and was inspired to download and Photoshop a picture of the ailing pet over the word “Obey” at her blog today. The name of the image file? “kevinobeypuma2.png” Nice, huh?

I think this incident tells us all we need to know about Nijma. The curiosity around her at first was understandable because she claimed to want to engage in dialogue and has a blog that apparently wasn’t always devoted to hating on Obama.

But she quickly demonstrated that she isn’t really interested in dialogue, and this decision to Photoshop a dude’s gravely ill pet seems, well, creepy. For that reason, I intend to stop giving her the attention she craves, and I recommend that y’all do the same.