More Racist PUMA

Jenniforhillary, expounding on the tragedy that is modern day America:

And, more importantly, when will WOMEN, WHITE PEOPLE, AMERICANS WHO DID NOT DRINK THE FUCKING KOOL AID, and the MIDDLE CLASS band together and end the insanity. If not now, if not soon, it will be too late….

Yes, if only white people would get their act together and oppose this negroid monster….

And once again, Darragh Murphy doens’t say a word about it.

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    yeesh, what a worthless piece of shit

  2. lol, check out the possibly related posts: “Study: Racist Attitudes Are Still Ingrained”

    Yeah, I’ll say….

  3. And then dear jenni continues and makes it worse.

    jenniforhillary 04.07.09 at 12:53 pm
    Dances…EXCELLENT POINT and my time restraint is no excuse for forgetting others…and my point about mentioning WHITE PEOPLE is that leaders and those in charge are painting us as devils (thank god I don’t have blue eyes) and all I can say is African countries ARE THE WORST as far as human rights…

    Because we all know fair-skinned, blue-eyed people get discriminated against all the time…
    Somebody get that woman black skin and brown eyes or at least some medication…

  4. What does the delightful Jenni mean by saying “end the insanity”? Hers? How should the insanity be ended?

    If it is not her insanity should the dirty bigot be getting a visit from the people who Flowbee used to work for?

    Speaking of which – Flowbee has allowed Susan KKK off the leash again.

    From a quick google search SusanKKK has even managed to outbigot stormfront and free republic – who have no equivalent posts – except one linking back to NothalfbigotedScum.

    PUMA LITE Amy Siksind still writes there as well

  5. Why is only white people who to the waking up? If Obama is the worst thing since, well, since umm, …. maybe he’s the worstest of the worstest ever and therefore I would assume that all people, regardless of skin color should be told to wake up.

    And yet, it’s just whitey who has to wake up and stop drinking the kool aid, not the browns, the darker browns, the almond browns, the chocolatey browns, the tans, the slightly darker tans and the ecrus (umm, what shade is ecru?).

    I get it. Because white people are preordained to run the world, allowing this dark-skinned monster to handle the levers of power is not only a gross violation of the natural order it’s umm … something of a soporific. Also.

  6. Darragh Murphy is silent because she spent herself an earlier thread:

    The thread where Susie 1945 says:

    Susie1945 04.06.09 at 12:17 pm
    When the day comes that some son of a bitch decides that I’m gonna wear a black shroud becuz HE says so is the day that bastard will be dead – one way or the other – I learned how to shoot a gun 50 years ago and have never used one since but it must be like learning to ride a bicycle – it all comes back to you when you try again –

    The thread where Dances says:

    DancesWithPumas 04.06.09 at 12:24 pm
    Make my burqu’ah x-large… to disguise the fact that I’m walking around with a semi-automatic uzi… and will gladly use it.

    The thread where the Pumas engage in a virtual stoning of Nijma for daring to try to speak reasonably and intelligibly about Islam.

    (Oh, and the thread with this aside from Caterina:

    catarina 04.06.09 at 1:36 pm
    cnn says “mighty michelle takes world by storm”

    *climbs up on ledge*

    Thank you michelle for prancing around and changing your goddamned clothes all day and having absolutely nothing to say about ANYTHING that is relevant.

    a role model for girls everywhere.

    gender progress has been set back a hundred years.

    and that’s my bitching lunch break. back to work.

    Guess caterina didn’t see Michelle Obama’s inspiring speech to he girls in London.?)

    And here is Darragh Murphy’s reasoned response to all the hatred?

    admin 04.06.09 at 4:30 pm
    love it FLBarbara.

    nijma has gone off the deep end. it is safe to ignore her. I must say, everyone did a FINE job of using facts and logical argument to at least TRY to engage her on issues of substance. Looking back at the comments not ONE uses racism or insults of any kind and none needs to be deleted (tough luck goofsmom) — well except me, I did call her a naive fool and a moral relativist. please forgive me.

    Her unwillingness to respond directly to questions makes her purpose clear.

    Is Murphy trying for the title of biggest demagogue of the Pumasphere?

    Oh well, at least when Murphy drives the site into hate speech, I forget about the overdue FEC reports. Then I remember, and I can’t help wondering if Murphy’s just lazy or is their some intent behind her determination to hide PumaPac’s finances?

  7. I can’t help wondering if Murphy’s just lazy or is their some intent behind her determination to hide PumaPac’s finances?

    Well, Liz, if past records are anything to go by, financial bookkeeping has never been Murphy’s strong point:

  8. nijma has gone off the deep end. it is safe to ignore her.

    Which is precisely what I’ll go back to doing after a couple of observations.

    “Blogmother” Murphy’s a seriously nasty piece of work when she decides she’s going to scapegoat a PUMA PACer and let loose the ravening hateful hordes to keep them frothing and break other tensions. This wasn’t the first time she’s done this.

    Hate to say “I told you so,” Nijma, but – well – we told you so. Good to see your PUMA sisters had your back there. Shame you’re so clod-hopping and patronizing in your debating style that you turn people off so badly.

    But having now been driven off PUMA PAC in a flurry of pitchforks and torches, it’s truly pathetic to see you pimping your same tired old lies over on the Effluence as you suck up to old “meatprod” himself.

    Any port in a storm, eh?

    And for the record, you’re not the only one who’s had comments disappear into the ether here – this is WordPress we’re talking about! Some of us just get over it, or re-post if we think what we wrote was that important.

    You were invited to re-post your comment (after your unnecessary and sick posting about Kevin’s ailing cat, I don’t think many here were in a mood to listen to you anyway). You chose to whine incessantly about it to anyone who’d listen instead. Get a life.

  9. Oh dear, I believe the secret motivation of male blogstalkers has been uncovered:

    Nijma, on April 7th, 2009 at 11:13 pm Said:
    Hmm, aren’t some of the Pumas gay–or at least they imagine so? Seems like the incompetent suitor type, wanting someone who can never want them. Or at the very least, displaying the sort of behaviors that will make them undesirable and make true love impossible. Sort of an eternal search for rejection.

    Fess up people, who makes you tick? Nijma, bostonboomer, jenniforhillary or maybe Murphy herself? 😀

  10. LOL. I’ll pass on that question, Nikki. 😉

    That Effluence thread was a contender for the ripest, richest, stinkiest vein of mendacious projection that’s been gathered together in one place in the history of PUMAdom. Substitute “PUMA/s” for “Obots” or (the new buzz hateword) “blog/stalkers” and it’s hilarious how well it applies.

    Nijima, dear, just before you go back to being ignored – we have friends and partners in real life (in my case, who think you suck too). We don’t need you. We just feel the urge to point and laugh at racists and loons and over-puffed self-deluding posturers. And for someone who’s shown such a distinct lack of principle and respect for truthfulness, that’s probably a lot more than you deserve.

    Oh, and if you’re going to quote me over there, try not to spin it so blatantly:

    You quoted

    What kind of personality would set himself up on a blog where the majority of the commenters are women as one of the main arbiters of what gets posted?

    and span it thus:

    Kind of telling, isn’t it. Women are supposed to be ironing his shirt, not making decisions. Especially decisions about what is ethical and misogynistic.

    Oh, no, he’s looking for the Big Magic Penis to bow down to.

    Setting aside your pitiful penis fixation and inability to parse a sentence as sources of derision, here’s another way of phrasing what I wrote that you may just be able to grasp:

    What kind of personality would set himself up as one of the main arbiters of what gets posted on a blog where the majority of the commenters are women?

    Kind of telling, isn’t it? Enjoy myiq, loser.

  11. Well the bigots at the flatulence need not get off lightly – look at the title the bigotbots gave the picture of Michelle Obama and the Queen.

    Is there anything more stupid than a bigotbot? Oh yes the PUMA Car.

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  13. If Nijma is a good widdle girl, maybe she’ll get MyIQEatsPaste’s meat prod shoved down her throat, and then she’ll know that “He likes me! He really likes me!” (But I don’t know how old she is — will she swell? Will she tell? Or will she just be grateful as hell?)

    She’s the saddest approval junkie in PUMALand (and outside of it).

  14. Also, I believe that Nijma also believed that she could discern “secret PUMA leanings” among some of the women here, but somehow, despite numerous invitations to do so, she never got around to “outing” us Super-Sekrit PUMA wannabes! Yeah, her powers of insight into the souls of others are to be feared!

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