First They Ignore You, Then They Laugh at You, Then You Compare Yourself to Ghandi, Then You Fade Into Obscurity

Well, not Ghandi this time, just the suffragettes, civil rights activists, and Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Because nothing screams “PUMA!” like the black power salute. This is just another in a long line of grandiose and delusional comparisons by the PUMAs of themselves to historical figures with a positive impact on society. This time it came with such added stupidity that I just had to point it out.

First, here’s murphy:

Others say we should shut up and stop calling the president of the United States a “jackass” or a “dumbass” or an “O’logo” or an “Oblowme” or an “Ojustgoaway.” They try to link our principled opposition to obama and his movement with the despicable views of racists and the discredited theories of cuckoo bird conspiracy theorists.

Even ignoring the racism (we’ve been there many times), murphy is complaining about us trying to link them to the “discredited theories of cuckoo bird conspiracy theorists?” This from the woman that constantly promotes Cinie and her tin foil workshop? Who promotes the black helicopter film “The Obama Deception?” Who links and approves of Riverdaughter, who we found out recently is a 9/11 truther?

“Terrorism might not be entirely preventable and let’s face it, the US was past due for someone to strike us over something, but there was plenty of evidence that the people in charge *knew* 9/11 was coming and they did nothing to stop it. Not only that but some of us believe they let it happen on purpose to usher in their brave new world of unfettered capitalism shock and awe. Maybe they didn’t think it would be so spectacular but the odd passivity of the administration coupled with weird coincidences (military jets on exercise that day? Really?), can make even perfectly sane people reach for the Reynold’s Wrap.”

Yeah, no kooky conspiracy theories over there…

Murphy ends with this bizzarely stupid piece:

Keep being inflammatory Women. Confucian’s mother, who was WAY smarter than he was, said: Well behaved women rarely change history. Or something like that.

I don’t know Murphy well enough to be able to tell if she was kidding, but she’s certainly stupid enough to have made all of these mistakes.

1) It’s not “Confucian’s,” it’s “Confucius’.” The famous Chinese philospher was Confucius, not Confucian.

2) Confucius’ mother? I’m not a scholar of chinese philosophy, but I’m not aware that she was “WAY” smarter than he was. I don’t even know what basis one could possibly have for saying that.

3) The phrase “Well behaved women rarely change history” is not from Confucius, nor from the 5th century BC. It was coined in the 1970’s by Laurel Ulrich, an actual feminist.

4) The actual phrase is “Well behaved women seldom make history.” It’s also the title of one of Ulrich’s recent books. Murphy would do well to read it.

5) Finally, and this one is my favorite, Laurel Ulrich donated a total of $3000 to Obama in 2008, for both the PRIMARY and the general election.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Laurel Ulrich, feminist, author, Harvard professor, is WAY smarter than Darragh Murphy, PUMA PAC founder.

8 Responses

  1. You nailed it — grandiose and delusional. As if horking up hairballs on the internet amounted to more than a fart in a whirlwind. Stupid PUMAs!

  2. I really do wonder what happens to PUMA PAC a year from now when they’re 2 years removed from the primary, a year and a half from the general election, and Obama still hasn’t destroyed the country yet (god willing!).

    I imagine it’ll die with a whimper, rather than a bang. Murphy will raise less and less money as she continues to fail to show results. Fewer and fewer people comment. The only ones left will be the really crazy ones like j4h and Cinie. Eventually Murphy will figure it’s not worth her time.

  3. “Or something like that.”

    Well, that says rather a lot, doesn’t it? Also.

  4. Has PUMAPAC responded to the FEC yet? I was actually having trouble trying to find their details.

  5. That, my friend, is proper pwnage. Well done!

  6. Welcome back rubbernecker, excellent post like always!

  7. Wow, I’ve bookmarked that PUMA PAC mail record. Figure it’ll be interesting to check back there regularly.

    Are the PUMAs aware of it?

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