Darragh Murphy is a Racist Asshole

This lovely image is featured on the front page over at PUMA PAC, with a link to an Uhuru video tribute of Lovelle Mixon, an LA man who killed 4 police officers. To Murphy, Obama is responsible for all black people, hence the “COP KILLER”/HOPE poster mashup.copkillerNow, Murphy doesn’t live in a city, and she’s notoriously ignorant, so she’s probably unaware that the group in the video (and responsible for the video) is part of the Uhuru movement, an African socialist movement. They’re in a lot of cities, and they’re generally assholes. Mumia Abu Jamal sound familiar? He’s their cause celebrè. Anyway, my point is that the Uhuru/APEDF have been around for a while, doing the same inflammatory things, and advocating the same immature agenda. They also “confronted” Obama during the campaign.

But the fact that Uhuru has nothing to do with Obama, and in fact explicitely rejects him because he doesn’t support their agenda, doesn’t matter to Murphy. All black people are responsible for all black people.

Murphy writes:

did electing a black man president mean the country agreed to treat the most racist/homophobic/violent/misogynistic and historically incoherent strains of black popular and intellectual culture as MAINSTREAM??

So the thinking of Jeremiad Wright is now acceptable?

Darragh, you’re a racist asshole. And you’re too stupid to realize it.

I didn’t intend to blog so much today, but stupid calls.

Looks like Darragh noticed us!

oops, looks like the idiots at one of our stalker sites has betrayed his stupidity. He thinks *I* made that obnoxious image at the top of this post.

the stupidity is cute, in a rabbity, ferocious, and feral sort of way . . .

yip! yip! yip!

Hmmmm. I’m trying to figure out how Darragh could have read this post and come away thinking I said she made that image. If I can read what I wrote correctly (and I, for one, can), I make no such accusation. I wrote that Murphy “featured” the image on the front page of her blog. See comments for more.

29 Responses

  1. hello?

    the artist responsible for that image is a black man and obama supporter. here’s his artist’s statement.


    The image accompanied an essay at the obama-supporting site Feministing by samhita, a black woman and obama supporter who has this to say about Lovelle Mixon:

    “I do not deny that Mixon was armed, dangerous, a career criminal and potentially linked to the rape of a young woman. Lovelle Mixon’s actions are deplorable. But if we look at them within the context of police brutality, they sadly start make sense. Lovelle Mixon was trying to get out of going back to jail and this compounded with not finding work led him to desperate actions.

    She argues that Mixon’s rapes and murders “start to make sense” in the context of police brutality.


  2. Pssst. Smurphy knows you posted this.

    She’s not yet aware that she’s a racist Republican who comes off as a manipulative, paranoid flake in the PUMA documentary…but she does know that you posted this.

    Just FYI. Mum’s the word.

  3. Oh, never mind. She’s here already.

  4. Darragh, if you read what I wrote, you’ll notice I never said you created the image. I said you featured it on your front page juxtaposed with a youtube video of an Unhuru pro-mixon demonstration.

    And you give no indication of the discussion over at feministing about the image. I can believe that whoever created it was making a statement about black urban culture in our wider white culture.

    But you’re not adding anything to that discussion. You run a site where you manage to lay at Obama’s feet the blame for just about everything under the sun.

    The clear implication of your post is “look at these horrible cop-killer aggrandizing black people who supported Obama.” I don’t even know what the point of your series of crime statistics is. You offer them devoid of any sociological context. You just say “Hmmmm. Black people are in jail a lot. Interesting……”

    So yes, Darragh, you are a racist asshole.

    And since I see you read the site, do you mind explaining to me your earlier post about “Women who behave seldom make history?”

  5. And Murphy, you continue to ignore everything I wrote. Your response is “a black person did it so im not racist.”

    Please explain why that image would make any sense to post in conjunction with that video. What statement are you making or endorsing?

  6. FECdodgersayswhat?

  7. Forget it, PRN. Buffy’s gone ’round the bend:

    “standing up for women’s rights in the current climate gets you branded:

    1. a racist
    2. a heretic god-hating, man-hating lesbian”

    Nobody ever called you a heretic, a god-hater or lesbian, Buffy.

    But as long as you keep relentlessly slamming blacks and promulgating disingenuous semantic contrivances like “woman-lynching,” you deserve the other epithets.

    Hey, here’s an idea: Why don’t actually HELP some women, instead of just furnishing a new language and a snazzier, more fashionable mystique for victimhood.

  8. Come on, Daragh – where did the money go? Why haven’t you filed anything with the FEC since July?

  9. She argues that Mixon’s rapes and murders “start to make sense” in the context of police brutality.

    Gosh, that kinda reminds me of something I read on the internets once, something about a
    convicted serial killer woman’s crimes being understandable
    in the context of the patriarchy. Nah, that’s just crazy talk. No one would say such a thing. Or if she did, she’s be called out by the sane, right? Right?

    Hey, here’s an idea: Why don’t actually HELP some women, instead of just furnishing a new language and a snazzier, more fashionable mystique for victimhood.

    Hey now, there’s a novel idea! But that would require some actual work and commitment. It’s easier to gin up outrage among a pack of like-minded nutballs all day, shake them down for money occasionally and then fail to account for it to the FEC.

  10. …and she says “oh look, they’re stalking us”.

    No Daragh, we’re watching the low-speed clown car crash that is PUMA, and laughing at the spectacle of it. Don’t pretend you’re advancing any issues; your “activism” is entirely comprised of useless email “prowls” and sparsely attended cocktail parties.

    The only thing you seem to have achieved is the fleecing of a few nutters. You’re nothing but a fraud.

  11. Wow. betty cracker for the win.

    Darragh, don’t go up against women with brains and class. You’ll come up short every time.

  12. Ooh, it’s the ‘the person I linked to is black so all critique on blatant racism is void’ defence. Usually I only see that one used on Cinie.

    I don’t have the time or patience to attempt to explain to you that understanding someone does not necessarily mean you condone their actions. Come on, Murphy, she clearly states that his actions were deplorable, of course they were. This all black people hate women shit is starting to get old, but if you must continue to use it, use better examples.

    On the other hand, congratulations on stirring your loyal cheerleaders up into a frenzy of hatred and racism, again. Even if I can’t hold you responsible for the picture, I’ll hold you responsible for this:

    jenniforhillary 04.07.09 at 12:10 pm
    Re: Murphy’s post #20….
    What is going on is total misogyny and racism gone amuck. The fucking devil is in charge and he hates women and white people and those who put him there love it because they are draining the resources such that when the well runs dry we will have a class war, among other things, and those in the upper echelons, who will use their ill gotten gains to protect themselves, will come back as the ruling class. The rest of us are just totally and absolutely fucked.

    tillerylakelady 04.07.09 at 12:36 pm
    This is just the begining,Obama is a closet Muslim who just recently admitted while in Turkey that he had Muslims in his family.The way he is running this Great Country,you can tell he really paid a lot of attention to REV. Wright. Who in their right mind would go to Europe, as our President, and tell them that we Americans are Arrogant? I CAIN’T STAND THIS MAN!!!!!!!

    I don’t really get what pisses them of about the POTUS showing some humility.
    Generally speaking Europeans tend to think Americans are arrogant, admitting it has earned Obama a lot of brownie points…

  13. Usually, I’m content to mock this babbling ninny, just because she IS so goddamn harmless…normally.

    But at this point, you can’t deny that PUMA is the most catastrophic thing ever to befall the Women’s Rights movement. Buffy has fractured the unity of women, alienated allies and eroded the credibility of feminist politics by a) failing spectacularly to impact or influence anything, b) repeatedly legitimizing a not-so-“crypto” form of “Who, me? — Tee-hee!” racism on her site, c) only half-heartedly discouraging her group’s routine traffic in easily-debunked right-wing disinformation, and d) aggressively ginning-up an Amazoid “everything with a dick is the enemy” mindset that places her somewhere between Judy Tenuta and Brother Theodore on a continuum of easily-dismissed shock-shtick comedians.

    Seriously, what a waste of a human being…and an opportunity to make the world better. Too bad she’d rather be a Blog-Queen and hang flyers in toilets than do the hard work of networking, strategizing and coordinating with other women’s groups that have the gravity, the connections and the intellectual firepower PUMA lacks.

    Whatever. I guess she’s too busy handing out “Zoinks!” for the cleverest Obama nickname-of-the-day.

  14. Nikki, I have a post scheduled to go up later about jenni’s comment. You’re right to point out that murphy has a rather unstable bunch who sometimes lack the subtlety that murphy prefers with her racism.

  15. Murphy: “She argues that Mixon’s rapes and murders “start to make sense” in the context of police brutality.


    So your reasoned response is to try to prove police brutality isn’t all that terrible. RIIIIGHT. Not as terrible as WOMANLYNCHING (A ridiculous term that muddies two distinct crimes that have different origins, different perpetrators, and different solutions).

    This is what comes of the sort of simplistic, lazy thinking that treats all the world’s miseries as if they can or should be ranked on a single scale, so that they must continually contest each other for the top slot.

    I remember your idiotic comparison of the number of black men lynched to the number of women beaten over a specific period of time, as if the higher number of women beaten got them the suffering sweepstakes trophy.

    I’m sorry to say that violence against women is an everyday event. Lynching is more of a special occaision: whole towns would turn out. The grotesque photoshop picture you posted where the lynched bodies of black men were replaced with girlies in cocktail dresses, you did not notice, had WOMEN in the foreground, smiling at a big night out with their menfolk, watching blacks being hung from a tree.

    So your numbers don’t mean any more than your foolish, crass, either/or, divided we collect unaccounted-for monies, collection of hatreds masked in “feminism.”

    The genuine suffering of victims, of the weak, of the helpless, at the hands of the strong and murderous, is a human problem. Pumapac has managed to demonstrate that if women have been behind in the ability to victimize, to cheat, to close minds and harden hearts, they are well capable of catching up.

    You had a commenter, Jeannette, at the very bottom of one of your most aromatic posts, and I’d like to commend her. She said, :
    “Juliette 04.05.09 at 10:38 pm

    I like men. Lets not make this a haters website please. I really try to direct people to puampac, but posts like these will just scare people away.
    Can we try to get Madame Secretary Hillary Clinton to block Obama’s nomination of Haraold Koh for State Dept. Legal Secretary. This would be a much more constructive use of energy than declaring women better than men.”

  16. Well said, Ulla.

  17. Betty, you rule the blogosphere, as any sensible person knows.

    That Murphy is seriously denting my namaste!

  18. Murphy honey, when Jenni-the-HateMonster’s Mommy stops funding you and your husband dumps your psychotic ass, how do you expect to support yourself? Your PUMA digital trail will keeep anyone from ever hiring you, especially in a crappy economy when even smart people with job skills (i.e., non-PUMAs) are having trouble.

    Also, file the FEC paperwork, you ratfucking racist GOP whore. (Yeah, we all still remember that you supported McCain over Gore in 2000, numbnut!)

    Bet you’re really proud of your fellow Klanswomen in the Powerless Pussy Posse.

    Also, by your brainless “logic,” you should be supporting Obama because your alleged Goddess Hillary does, right? Or is she one of the Obama-supporting women that Jenni Hate-Hole thinks should have her ass whupped? How about it, you cowardly piece of loser puke? Is Hillary Clinton a traitor to her race and gender who deserves to be “lynched?”

    Get a tumor the size of Idaho and die alone in horrible screaming pain, you hateful idiotic racist piece of fail. Just be sure your grave is well marked, because if I’m in the area, I’ll be sure to come over and piss on it and laugh. Hard.

    (See, Powerless Pussy Pants? THAT”S how you do invective!)

  19. The signature poster of Mixon is wrong. Defending it is stupid. Not being able to admit your mistake betrays your dimension.

    I’m beginning to suspect Murphy created you guys as strawmen for debate. You know, to dramatize and remind everyone what can happen to the intelligent mind, under koolaid. And it must be working, cause since bumping into you guys, I’ve been taking my PUMA vitamins religiously. Keep up the good work.

  20. Three Wickets, I confess I had to read your comment several times before I understood what you were trying to say.

    First of all, I believe the word you were looking for was “dementia,” as in “the progressive decline in cognitive function due to damage or disease in the body beyond what might be expected from normal aging.” Betraying our “dimension” is nonsensical.

    And I’m not sure at all why you think we were defending that poster. We were quite explicitely NOT, infact the whole point was criticizing murphy for promoting it. That fundamental misunderstanding of reality, combined with your rather poor grasp of language, betrays your PUMAness.

    But by all means, don’t be a stranger. We enjoy spirited debates with mentally deficient PUMAs. In fact, we live for it.

  21. Darragh Murphy is what Amelia Earhart WOULD have been, if she’d had a strap-on instead of an airplane.

  22. No, I meant dimension, all the way. As in the parameter and limitation of your thinking. But by all means, feel free to define yourselves to your liking.

  23. “Kool aid.” What an interesting choice of words our Visiting Twatwaffle chose — a term associated with an extreme paranoiac and charlatan who bilked his followers out of their money, brainwashed them into believing that there were terrible forces in the world arrayed against them, tried to keep them from any contact with the outside world, and ultimately killed the ones who wouldn’t willingly commit suicide in honor of his delusional and homicidal visions of the world.

    PUMA retards make it too easy to kick their asses with their own words.

    Also, you forgot “Obot.” No double-word scores for you today in PUMA Scrabble!

  24. Didn’t they have someone a little more, er, capable than Three Wickets to send over here?

    The Varsity bench must be getting thin. NewOrleansPuma is already drunk, but I thought Jennifer was still upright and focusing.

  25. Damn TW, couldn’t you come up with anything better than the standard Murphy talking points? If I were you I would lay off those so called vitamins and come on back down to earth and join civilized society where it is good to think for yourself. Try it sometime, I guarantee you will be much happier. Speaking of definition, the PUMI have done a great job carving one out for themselves and it’s called FAILURE!…..Next!

  26. But. . . Murph made a funny about Jeremiah Wright! She called him “Jeremiad!” She is an Intalekshul!

    Though why the PUMAs would object to anyone screaming “God damn America!” is beyond me. JenniHateHole screams it every day. When she’s not busy being dependent on Mommy. And Darragh is dependent on Jenni! Such an empowered group of widdle women they have over at PUMA. No wonder they succeeded so spectacularly at winning that nomination for Hillary Clinton through mass protests in Denver!

    And say, Darragh, sent any more American jobs to China, you sack of hypocritical evil fail?

    No one has ever deserved flaming cancer of the asshole more than the PUMAs.

  27. 40 years of starting riots should disqualify this Uhuru hate group from government funding as well as recruiting on Craigs list, the United Way etc. But it hasn’t yet.

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