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I’d like to extend an apology to one Brad Mays. I assumed too much, and made an “ass” out of “me” (but not “u”). I stand by my aesthetic criticism of the “Audacity of Democracy” trailer; I don’t think it makes any sense to those even well versed in PUMAdom. However, I was wrong to assume bad faith on Brad’s part, and my critique should be read while keeping in mind that I’ve never seen the film and don’t know fuck about cinema.

He may be associated with PUMA, but he has not only had the courage to respond to criticism and engage those of us in the anti-pumasphere, but he’s actually shown himself to be an eminently reasonable person. Now, it’s not enough to just be an enemy of meatprod4u (danceswithpumas doesn’t like him either), but it’s a good sign. beyond that, though, Brad has demonstrated to well beyond my satisfaction that he’s his own man.

So, I apologize to Brad. I was too quick to criticize, and I appreciate the perspective you bring to this discussion, particularly with your unique experience from your proximity to PUMA. I’m even considering actually paying for a copy of “The Audacity of Democracy.”

2 Responses

  1. pumarubbernecker –

    How very kind. Thank-you. Does this we’re going steady?

  2. “does this MEAN we’re going steady?”

    I could feign nervous excitement but everyone at RR knows I typo like most people breathe.

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