It must suck

to be a PUMA.


Living in a constant bubble of denial and irrelevance while the world outside makes progress forward, you cant get over the fact that your candidate lost fair and square. Your conspiracy theories are laughable at best and your outright bigotry and racism towards our President is nothing but shameful. You constantly open your traps about people being obots and drinking kool-aid but fail to look at yourself and your blind faith in a swindler who cant even file her FEC papers in a timely manner.  You are unable to think for yourselves and are blind to the fact that this person is taking the little money that you do have and spending it with no accountability. While a comedy relief for most of us, it’s also sad to see such things try to pass off as an organization for womans issues. Did you really think that supporting an anti-woman ticket such as McCain/Palin was going to gain you any credibility? The minute you would burn down the village to save it is the minute you were done. There is nothing left for you pumas, your 15 minutes are up and it’s time to move on, time to pack away the orange t-shirts and puma coffee mugs, sit down, put in the DVD Brad Mays so artfully crafted and look back at what was and what could have been. The way things are going right now, you are an embarrassement and a piss poor example of an American citizen. It must hurt to see the DOW rise above 8000, It must hurt to see Europe and the UK treat our President with the respect he deserves, It must hurt to see the UK go crazy over Michelle Obama, It must hurt to watch her popularity back home to skyrocket to 72%. It must suck to be you……

8 Responses

  1. Some kind of dust up between those morons at the conflooence. Riverdughter had to regulate ya’ll!

  2. Yeah,looks like they’ve lost of few regulars:
    fif, on April 2nd, 2009 at 12:16 pm Said:
    Where’s angie been?
    dakinikat, on April 2nd, 2009 at 12:35 pm Said:

    she’s over at madamab’s with the others who left here
    sm77, on April 2nd, 2009 at 1:01 pm Said:

    Taking a break for a minute to read at my new PT – I haven’t had time this week to post/read. I’m still around, just busy.

    I think some of us in the middle need a Dr. Phil intervention at this point.

    Like Pat said, I feel like a kid whose parents are splitting up. It’s hard to be in the middle
    bostonboomer, on April 2nd, 2009 at 1:17 pm Said:


    The hardest thing for me is being treated as if I am a bigot. I certainly never called anyone else that, but I was called a number of horrible names. So when our commenters leave and go join the namecallers, it’s hard not to feel as if they are affirming the names I was called. I’ll leave it at that, and I hope the we can just talk about politics again. Because that is why I come here. I never go anywhere requesting that people insult me.

  3. Ah yes, the unstoppable power of “18 million strong!”

  4. Brilliant post. I still think that there is much PUMAFAIL to laugh it; especially if you look at the more Klan like quarters as this post shows×5384903

  5. Uh-oh, I believe there’s an hysterical Nijma-meltdown brewing at PUMApac:

    catarina 04.03.09 at 4:12 pm
    oohhhh murphy i tried too.
    then a few minutes ago I saw texas tigress’ link to the Guardian article/video.
    Islam is vile.
    Islam is disgusting.
    Islam lynches women.
    Islam is barbaric.
    Islam SUCKS.

    Ineffectual defence of non-violent Muslims and re-establishing oneself as REAL PUMA in T minus 5 minutes… Now I know that catarina isn’t the most stable or intelligent source in PUMA-world (apparently she thinks that all Turkish women wear burkas), but Murphy actually wrote “Islam sucks” in her main post, ouch.

    Oh, and it never fails to crack me up when they post this kind of shit.

    gay gal 04.03.09 at 4:46 pm
    DancesWithPumas 04.03.09 at 4:36 pm
    If they get their way, murphy, you have a target on your back.
    If Murphy has a target on her back, they’ll have to go through the line of Pumas standing behind her who also have targets on our backs.
    Dances, who are the “they”?

    I don’t know what’s funnier, the paranoia or the fact that they seem to believe la Murphy has an army of PUMA bodyguards…

  6. The implosion of the Cesspool is really fun to watch.

  7. Some of them think they can be in the club if they rail against “Obots” hard enough, but even that doesn’t turn the trick any more.

    Damn! How can you keep a group together if even using the accepted slur doesn’t work?

  8. The PUMAs have had a schism.

    The Widdershins is the new blog for those who left the Cesspool.

    MALE NARRATOR: The Democrats were now PUMAs. Through the disappointing and depressing election season, they stuck by each other and stayed together.
    But alas, disloyalty is an insidious weapon. The PUMA movement would also fall prey to its power.

    (Spotlight goes back to the field. There are now 11 PUMAS standing there, again facing the “Disloyalty” wall.)

    PUMA #1: So, fellow PUMAs, now that the election is over, let’s evaluate who we want to link to on our blogroll. I nominate X and XX.


    PUMA #2: As owner of this blog, I hereby remove X and XX from the blogroll.

    PUMA #1: Great! Anyone else?

    PUMA #3: I nominate XXX. I find his content anti-Semitic.

    PUMAS 4-9: Me too!

    PUMA #4: Look, here’s some stuff he said. Disgusting!

    PUMA #1: But I like him.

    PUMA #10: I read him every day.

    PUMA #11: Me too.

    PUMA #2: As owner of this blog, I hereby remove XXX from the blogroll because he asked me to. Let’s just leave it at that.

    PUMAS 1, 10 and 11: Noooooooooooo!

    PUMA #4: Wait a minute. You know that most of us find his content offensive and he has asked to be removed from the blogroll. Why are you dismissing our feelings instead of supporting us? You can still read XXX, you know. He will not be disappearing from the Internet.

    PUMA #2: As the owner of this blog, I’d like to say that you are all jerks and I’m totally mad at you. And why are you calling us anti-Semitic? Stop it! Stop it! How dare you! You’re acting like a bunch of Obots! I want us to have a conference call to discuss the exact definition of anti-Semitism. If you don’t show up, it’s clear you’re using the Holocaust to stifle discussion.

    PUMAS 3-9: No one called you anti-Semitic. And we are not Obots.

    PUMA #4: You asked us our opinions, but it’s obvious you didn’t want them. You prefer XXX to your own contributors, who have stuck by you through thick and thin for the past year. I’m stunned! I think I need a break.

    PUMA #3: And we don’t need you to define anti-Semitism for us. It already has a clear meaning, which you obviously don’t understand. I’m outta here.

    PUMA #4: I need a break too.

    PUMA #5: Me too.

    PUMA #6: Hey guys – let’s form our own blog. We’ll call it – the Widdershins.

    PUMAS 3-9: Cool! Let’s go!

    (PUMAS 3-9 walk widdershins around the wall again, and the lights go totally dark. When they come up again, the spot is on the field, but no wall is in sight. The PUMAs are now all holding hands and smiling at each other.)

    FEMALE NARRATOR: The PUMAs had now become The Widdershins. With no disloyalty in sight, as they continue to turn leftward, they will offer us left-leaning, unconventional wisdom.

    MALE NARRATOR: And don’t forget about the snark!


    Oh those PUMAs.

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