The Puma what?!


****My apologies  for the previous picture.****

DancesWithPumas 03.23.09 at 6:19 pm

Why can’t we do that to this corrupt administration? Scoop up the congress and oblowhole in one fell swoop. Then we can transition the Puma administration and have an honest working team in place.

I always see the PUMA’s bringing up this scenario like it’s a real fucking possibility that somehow they could run the country better than the current administration, talk about a fucked up country! Can you imagine the Murph, DWP and Jenn4Hillary running an administration?  They cant even run a PAC correctly. Ever seen a successful prowl? FEC filings anyone?  Let’s have some fun with this and come up with our own idea of a PUMA administration complete with positions and duties.  Stupid Pumas!

8 Responses

  1. Why do you hate people with Downs Syndrome?!?!

    As for the PUMAs, it’s like they’re playing “political dollhouse,” imagining all the awesome tea parties and pony rides that would happen if they ran the place. They could even invite Secretary Taggles over for cookies!

  2. Yeah, I’m none too fond of that picture, sorry, as for the rest:
    too easy…

    Murphy –> president and in keeping with honoured traditions of PUMA, she’ll also serve as secretary of the treasury.

    J4H –> secretary of defence, a passionate woman that excels at reasonable and logical debates, in charge of the castration of all women lynchers, fearless leader of the pitchforks and torches brigade.

    Mountainsong –> secretary of state, astute researcher capable of uncovering dangerous plots concerning the illuminate, main duty: reducing immigration by serving as a warning to hopeful Mexicans about the current mental state of Americans.

    HP Boston –> Attorney general, an old hand at fighting a corrupt system and warning the public about he-who-must-not-be-named’s ineligibility. Will seek the valued council of Orly and Berg.

    Myiq2xu–> Secretary of homeland security, already has experience in spying on deserters (blogstalkers!) and deleting unwanted information… Will erase all traces of the-abomination-formerly-known-as-Barack and deal with the urgent issues of misogyny (Look, I’m telling you he’s got a risqué sense of humour!) and ACORN

    Nijma –> Press secretary, writes long, semi-coherent rants allowing for some semblance of sanity and is very well-trained in blaming others (us!)

  3. I have to be a third vote against that picture, it will hand the dirty PUMA scum something to bigot on about.

    How about Kat Shat in your hat for Economic Advisor. Stupid Kat can jump from hard right libertarian economics to Keynesian Economics at the drop of its proverbial hat. I am sure that it would provide great confidence to Wall Street; in the mean time Darhag can have a collection tin out for all of its PUMA followers.

  4. Sorry everyone, I was trying to mock Murphy’s attempt to use the S.O. as a political tool. Great suggestions so far!

  5. … Then we can transition the Puma administration and have an honest working team in place.

    “Honest”?!!1! Do they read their own blog?

    Listen, you dumbasses – learn how to run and administer an effective political campaign. Then get back to me. I may still be alive by then. If not, try ouija.

  6. I’m sorry, but I still think the greatest moment in PUMA so far was when some of them fell for the fake Patrick Fitzgerald blog and tried to feed him super-sekrit information (i.e., crap they picked up on World Net Daily about Rezko, etc) that he could use to bring down Barry Hussein Soetoro Oblahblah.

    I mean, there’s gullible. And then there’s “so gullible you shouldn’t be allowed in public without a guardian.”

  7. So there have been two threads posted on the flatulence criticizing Obama’s comment about “gallows humor”:

    Never mind that these were the same folks who defended McCain’s sexist/homophobic/just plain mean joke about Chelsea Clinton.

  8. Ah, I have been waiting many, many months for this, the most glorious moment when PUMAs start calling each other sexist obots. It was definitely worth the wait…

    jenniforhillary 03.24.09 at 11:56 am
    I agree with Karen, and I am concerned with major puma leaders siding with Zee.
    I do not like Zee at all because she CONSTANTLY attacks PUMAs and defends Acorn. She also has manipulator skills up the wazoo. Oh, and she is sexist.
    And I agree with Taggles, and I have no more right than anyone to decide what is discussed hear, but I will be calling out Zee and defending those she attacks with a ferocity she will not like.

    CAT FIGHT, yeeha!

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