The low life puma pac founder dumbaugh murphy once again lowers the bar for stupidity by using the Special Olympics for her pac’s political gain. President Obama made the mistake of saying that his bowling belongs in the special olympics, with barely getting past 100 I agree with him.  Pumapac however took just enough time out of their day calling each other names, to notice,which drew the ire of the lead cat. Not wanting to waste a perfect opportunity to make her pathetic self look good, she posted this;

murphy 03.20.09 at 12:10 pm

Donation Information:
Amount: :-)
Credit Card Type: VS
Credit Card Number: XXXXXXXXXXXX4677
Donation ID: 10289435

Dear Ms. Darragh Murphy,
Thank you so much for your donation to Special Olympics. Your gift will help make the world a better place, both in your community and across the globe.
Thanks to your generosity, someone with an intellectual disability will enjoy the life-changing experiences of joy, courage, victory, and grace. With the support of their families, coaches, and you, our athletes leap over obstacles, race past expectations, and make spectators roar with excitement.
At Special Olympics, we’re fans of unity, joy, spirit…and the generosity of people like you. Thank you.
Steve Scott
Donor Services

Of course we all know that many over at pumapac, nijma included, do not want any of their hard earned cash going towards a bunch of special needs kids cause the money is supposed to go towards slandering the President and his family. God forbid they actually do anything worth honoring, so Murphy clarifies things with this;

murphy 03.20.09 at 12:16 pm

p.s. that was a personal donation, not a Puma PAC donation — just wanted them to know that WE are paying attention.

Notice how she includes the WE in the sentence? Murphy is a selfish pig and putting WE in the sentence will not change the fact that she is using the Special Olympics to her benefit.

And if that isn’t enough,  she officially ties herself and Puma Pac to Neo-Con Sarah Palin here;

murphy 03.20.09 at 12:13 pm

if you choose to donate to the Special Olympics today, here’s the website:

You can also designate an honoree for your contribution. Special Olympics will send a card to whomever you choose. I chose Sarah Palin and her family:

“From Puma PAC to all the wonderful children and young adults who compete in the Special Olympics.”

Governor Sarah
Palin and Family
Governor’s Mansion
716 Calhoun Av.
AK 99801
United States of America

Can you imagine Sarah Palin getting this card in her name from Puma Pac and her saying to her husband, Who the fuck is Puma Pac?  Aren’t they the one’s who we thought were going to put us over the top with the 18 million votes?  Well Sarah, I have a little advice for you,  If you plan on having any chance of success politically, take that card, burn it and bury the ashes.  Better yet, if you plan on running in 2012, please keep that card and give puma a call when you officially announce your campaign…..  Stupid Murphy!

27 Responses

  1. Meh. Offhand remarks can so easily be used by those who wish you ill or want to make you look bad.

    murphy 03.20.09 at 5:27 pm

    it’s never too early for children to learn that sex is a loving act.

    Can’t they?

  2. Ok, I have serious issues with them exploiting that poor girl for their nefarious intent. Other than that though, I’m rather pleased that they’re giving their money to an actual good cause this time and not throwing it at Murphy.
    And I think we can now safely conclude that Murphy does not donate to any other charities, as apparently she feels the need to be fawned over by her failing felines when she does.

    On another note, they are comparing Obama to Hitler and singing the praises of the great moose huntress (again, that’s the howmanieth time this week?)

    Nijma 03.20.09 at 3:56 pm
    That conspiracy stuff doesn’t scare me, but you know what does? Remember that blue shirt film of the children singing for Teh Messiah during the campaign? Now that one was REALLY creepy. They thought of it all on their own too.
    Blue shirts.

    — She’s trying really hard to make us forget we thought she was smart. She’s succeeding.–

    jenniforhillary 03.20.09 at 6:42 pm
    Sarah Palin is the next Hillary Clinton, and she will be the first female president….
    2012 can’t come soon enough….

    –Yes, they both have boobs and vaginas and , and… damn–

    NewOrleansPuma 03.20.09 at 6:44 pm
    jenniferforhillary: I think that also..Hi Jennifer! Have thought that since she showed up. She is a good, smart, and real human being…not many of those on the public scene…anymore.

    –Ok, I suppose I can agree that caribou barbie is human, and I suppose she’s smart according to PUMA standards and I wouldn’t mind seeing her on a republican ticket in 2012, preferably with Limbaugh. She makes me laugh…–

    jenniforhillary 03.20.09 at 6:56 pm
    Ex-Dem….if only what you say is actually happening. I don’t even care about the Itoldyouso’s, I just want these assholes gone.
    And when I think about what could have been, it almost brings me to my knees. Sort of like Adam and Eve being asked to leave the Garden of Eden, we could have had it all, but instead we got jack shit.

    — Ah yes, if it weren’t for the misogynist mainstream media and the big bad black guy, we would’ve been on our way back to Eden now, cause everyone knows the only reason the world is in turmoil is because we’re lost and those damn men (rapists! woman lynchers!) won’t ask God for directions.–

  3. Not trying to be sexist here, but even in a simple reading of Adam and Eve, wasn’t it Eve who
    1) Did EXACTLY the opposite of what GOD wanted in listening to the snake and eating off the ONE tree he said not to touch

    2) Convinced poor whipped Adam into eating from the Apple as well, getting both of them kicked the fuck out of Eden?

    Are they comparing Sarah or Hillary to Eve…? YOU KNOW the one who got us KICKED THE HELL OUT? Great comparison.
    So, how to you answer the question of your fawning over Bill Clinton, and rally against sexism at the same time? Last I checked, he was getting “examined” by a youthful “HEAD DOCTOR” and “pre-moistening ” his favorite cohibas inside the human cigar cutter, Monica Lewinsky.

    jenni is not the best and brightest, or is she?

  4. The ever-catty BillieJo can’t even handle schoolchildren and organic gardens without getting all lathered-up.

    BillieJo 03.20.09 at 6:39 pm

    Someone tell me why MO put on her expensive black leather boots to pick up a shovel for a photo opt and pretend to build a Victory Garden on the WhiteHouse lawn with some school children?

    Victory Garden, looks like pretend kudos for a president that plans for a term of total financial hardship for it’s citizens.

    Victory Garden…what about all the obots that think their homes, rent and gas will be paid for by society?
    What about the bailout porkpie that will put millions back to work?

    MO, put your fancy black boots back in the closet and put on your ratty tennies… if you want to pretend to prepare the country for financial hardship… that garden like the rest of us will have to do to survive………..and quit the play acting of someone that will grow their own food to make ends meet.

    Quit the frickin’ parties with our tax money and then maybe I will show you a little respect!!!

  5. Alas Steve, you’re dealing with a militant atheist here, so I’m afraid I consider Eve a fictional character used by our sexist ancestors (and the catholic church) to justify the fact that all women are inferior and weak…

    Also I believe she’s (rather naively) comparing a fictional society led by Hillary Clinton to a perfect world (Eden).
    But I’ll let you know when they start claiming Bristol never had sex 😉

  6. Whee! Meltdown in ZombiePacland!

    sandipuma 03.20.09 at 8:40 pm

    Zee for the last time get off my back and go F**K yourself. You are one sicko. Now I will go make my 2 phone calls and I will be back. Zee you better just drop all these things you are saying to me.Enough is Enough.

    I had been ignoring the PUMA gals for a bit, spending time with their nutter cousins, birthers. I’m glad I decided to pop back in.

  7. gimmeabreak– Holy shit, that thread is awesome! Reminds me of when they still thought they were going to change the outcome of the election. Good times!
    Maybe we should just give in and give Jenni a permanent thread here, I mean talk about the gift that keeps on giving…

    jenniforhillary 03.20.09 at 8:14 pm
    Rachel Maddow is MORE and worse scum than Glen Beck….
    She sold out so long ago she forgot what being a woman is….
    She is an ass kissing scum sucking boy-wanna-be obot who makes me sick….

    — Go feminism!–

    jenniforhillary 03.20.09 at 8:17 pm
    Zee, btw, ACORN is one of the biggest threats to women there is. ACORN is part and parcel responsible for the NObama administration….
    and this is not an outburst, just a statement of fact.

    –She has got to be fucking kidding me. ACORN?! One of the biggest treat women are facing is ACORN?
    If they are going to become the new voice of women everywhere in the world (you betcha!), they might want to work on getting their priorities straight–

  8. In terms of the truly retarded, there’s no one beats fuzzybeargville. He writes like a five year old. fuzzy says i luv my pumas but fuzzy can’t spell nor can fuzzy reason. What does Obama have to do with a city ordinance in Gainesville.

    fuzzybeargville, on March 20th, 2009 at 4:37 pm Said:

    The City of Gainesville in its desire to embrace diversity has extended domestic partnerships to LGBT employees and citizens I am truely proud to live in this liberal oasis in the red state dessert that is Florida.

    On Tuesday March 24th 2009 these protections are under attack by outside forces….Focus on the Family and American Family Association and Concerned American Women as well as other right wing fundamentalist psudeo Christian groups.

    The form of this attack is known as Charter Ammendment 1. Or as they fundies like to call it “Vote to keep Men out of Womens Bathrooms”!

    I have no faith in this amendment being voted down. So thanks again Pampers! please court these superstisious goons I hope you are all happy together!


  9. Wow. Each night’s crazier than the last over there nowadays. Here’s one for the LGBT folks:

    jenniforhillary 03.20.09 at 8:20 pm

    I LIKE REPUBLICANS….lots of my friends are republican–and they voted for HILLARY and would have loved to see her become president!

    I think we need to re-frame the war and the sides. And if Glen Beck is going to take down the democraps and the obots, he is on MY SIDE. And if Rachel please-give-me-a-dick Maddow is an obot, s/he is NOT on my side.

  10. Okay, we know that Jenni is lying when she says “lots of my friends are Republicans.”

    Because there is no way in hell she has any friends. She wouldn’t even have a job if her mom didn’t take her on. Yet it’s the “Obots” who are allegedly looking for the free ride.

    I’m sure Rachel Maddow loses lots of sleep over what the “post-rational” PUMAs think of her. And hey, didn’t Maddow do a lot of work with prisoners with AIDS? Wouldn’t that put her rather more on the side of the underdog than the never-did-shit-but-bitch-about-darkies PUMA assholes?

  11. Well, obviously somebody is sock puppeting sandipuma. Because Nijma told us that PUMAS are all love and light and compassion and only “gently” correct each other so that they can feel “whole” instead of lashing out in anger and cruelty like the Obots do!

    Surely Miss Purity P*SSY 2009 couldn’t have been wrong about such a thing?

  12. Do they think Palin even care that they donated in her name when she is will to refuse a good chunk ($288 million out of the $930.7 million) of stimulus money that could help schools, energy assistance and social services (including special needs programs) from her state’s share?

  13. Apparently the AIG mess is a cover for all the donations to the Obama campaign in 2007 and 2008.

    sm77, on March 20th, 2009 at 11:09 pm Said:
    My tinfoil hat theory:

    AIG helped launder the campaign money that was funneled from SUPER RiCH Obama donors – and broke it down via credit/debit cards through the big 4 retail bankers (who then in turn got bailout money.)

    The AIG Bonus was hush money for those employees (who no longer work at AIG) as STFU money so they don’t spill the beans for laundering the money.

    Quid Pro Quo, Chicago style.

    bostonboomer, on March 20th, 2009 at 11:12 pm Said:
    Sounds like a good possibility…

    Here’s another article questioning whether the whole bailout was a scam.

    sm77, on March 20th, 2009 at 11:22 pm Said:
    It has to be a scam. Notice when all the hoopla started, in late September 2008.

    This was the proverbial and planned “October Surprise.”

    Yes, there was crisis in the real estate market, no doubt. Hillary was the first to sound that alarm.

    But was it big enough to bankrupt an entire country????? And to suddenly lay-off 500,000 people per month since October?

    No. Not with the money there is here. Not with the industry that there is here.

    It’s all a smokescreen, just like the Iraq War. There IS no crisis, just like there were no WMDs.

    bostonboomer, on March 20th, 2009 at 11:34 pm Said:
    There is a crisis, but they created it.

    RalphB, on March 20th, 2009 at 11:44 pm Said:
    That’s a winner of an idea. You don’t really even need a tinfoil hat for it, it’s so possible.

    They and Glenn Beck, loons and more loons.

  14. Did the PUMAs forget who was President back in Sept 08?

    Geez the things that go through their minds or falls out of their head. lol

  15. I hope you guys don’t mind me doing this here….

    Hey everyone, I just wanted people to know that Time Magazine has their “World’s Most Influential People in 2009” poll up, so go vote for Obama. He is currently at a low spot. So we need to bring our Cool-Cat-Mega-Hot President to the #1 spot. … 44,00.html

  16. Murphy has now demonstrated that it can use mail and email; even online banking. So when is it going to “prowl” the FEC with PUMA PAC paperwork?

    At what stage does ignoring the FEC become an arrestable offence?

  17. After all the hoopla over the past week trying to purge PUMA PAC of people posting links to wingnut sites, in her latest attempt to clutch at straws and whip up the troops so that they stop clawing the crap out of each other, she insists on citing the Daily Telegraph as if it was somehow representative of mainstream British public opinion!

    Words without thoughts indeed, Murphy. If your analogy was more labored, you’d need to start boiling water.

    Also. Note to Murphy – Look up any reputable online reference work about the distinction between England/English and Britain/British. It might help save you from looking like a total parochial prat.

  18. One long-time Telegraph commenter sums up the recent Republicanization of the Telegraph blogs:

    Despite Tim’s protestations at being “independent”, the DT has clearly made an editorial decision to attack the President at every opportunity, however petty, and have encouraged their correspondents to indulge in their blogs. This disabled joke is the perfect example. If it was a Republican who said it, he would have been hailed as an anti-PC gone mad crusader.

    Comparing Obama to Carter at this early stage is simply absurd. It’s the sort of thing I would expect from partisans like Warner and Gutmann.

    With all the extreme right-wing nuts that post here now, it’s impossible to have a dignified debate on these blogs anymore, which is why I left.

    I’m surprised SteveG, John B and others still bother with this place. Let them talk to themselves and stew in their own hate.

    “Extreme right-wing nuts” … “stew in their own hate.” Now let me see – what pathetic blog and its moneygrubbing, opportunist, sky-is-constantly-falling leader does that remind me of …?

  19. Oh, and Murphy, and all the rest of the RW shills who’re quoting the Telegraph as a reputable source of views and information on the money markets, here’s a little ad hominem just for you:

    The Daily Telegraph is owned by the Barclay brothers. Until January 2004, the newspaper group was controlled by Canadian businessman Conrad Black. Black, through his holding company Ravelston Corporation, owned Hollinger Inc. which in turn owns 30% of Hollinger International and, under a deal masterminded by Andrew Knight through which Black bought the newspaper group in 1986, owns 78% of the voting rights. Hollinger Inc. also owns the liberal Chicago Sun-Times, the Jerusalem Post, and conservative publications such as The Spectator. …

    Since you’re such brilliant conspiracy theorists, I’ll leave it to you to research those names and join the dots to the conclusion that whatever the Telegraph‘s agenda, the concerns of “little people” like you are not exactly high on it.

    Fooled yet again. Stupid Murphy. Stupid PUMAs.

  20. Their latest “OMG, Obama snubbed Europe!!!” outrage is about the fact that he supposedly doesn’t know Sarkozy is president of France cause he answered to a letter by Chirac.

    If any of them spoke even a word French, they’d know the article in Figaro was completely positive about Obama, and if any of them did their homework they’d know that the letter was an answer to a missive from Chirac as head of the Chirac foundation, that’s why he said he we looking forward to working with him…

    At any rate, I believe a reviewer at Figaro said it best:

    Now we know what Sarkozy means to president Obama, absolutely nothing. An example to follow!

    Wise council, considering the fact that 74% of the French thinks he’s an incompetent jackass.

    Oh and I couldn’t let this slip by unnoticed:

    hillstheone 03.22.09 at 8:26 pm
    Great post, up-top. “They” tell me you are the Rosa Parks of the women’s movement…I would take that as a huge compliment.

    Any guesses as to who “They” are?
    All I know is that “They” are apparently not very smart….

  21. “They” tell me you are the Rosa Parks of the women’s movement …

    I’d love to tip off the good people at Jack & Jill Politics about that comparison, especially as they’ve been running a Women’s History Month Daily Thread featuring prominent black women.

    But then why should they be bothered what the PUMAs think? They might be amused, like us, but quite possibly not. Mocking puffed-up irrelevance is an acquired taste.

  22. YAFB, about the only good thing some of us can find to say about Dubya is that he did NOT pardon Conrad Black on his way out the door. That guy is a maggot. An arrogant unrepentant maggot who treated the Sun-Times like his personal piggy bank and seemed to think there was absolutely nothing wrong with doing so. Also, our former Republican governor, Jim Thompson, sat on the board of Hollinger while the wholesale looting was going on. I think his ass should join George Ryan’s and (eventually) Blago’s in prison.

  23. Nikki, Isn’t it funny that these bigotbots who have been going on about “Socialist France” now know Sarkosky is President. I bet they can not name the Prime Minister.

  24. The Rosa Parks of the women’s movement? Holy shit, they’re reaching new heights of delusion. The Murssiah might aspire to be the Anna Nicole Smith of the women’s movement if only she had more money, talent, scruples and self-awareness.

  25. Betty, right on. At least poor ole Anna married a rich old dude to get her money (and earned a lot in modeling, etc). She didn’t bilk anybody by stirring up race resentments and bullshit conspiracy theories.

  26. I second the creation of a permanent thread for Jenni4hillary or Jenniforhillary or whatever username Ms. Beegle uses. It would be a lot of fun.

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