Dear PUMAs,

President Barack Hussein Obama. That is all.

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  1. And his trusted adviser — Hillary Rodham Clinton. Yeah, she’s on Nobama’s team, bitter deadend losers! I mean, she has to work, right? None of the PUMAs did shit to pay off her campaign debt, after all.

  2. Barry SOTERO Hussein Obama Bildergerg, to you.

  3. (Psst, he’s still a negro too)

  4. humboldt– No he’s not! Berg and his fellow patriots have proven time and again he’s actually only 1/16 black.

    And he’s an undercover Marxist planted by the organisation of European communists against feminism.

    Also. Too.

  5. Poor, poor Gillibrand, see, so good can come from attracting the attention of PUMAs…

    jenniforhillary 03.19.09 at 12:40 pm
    First, K. Gillibrand WILL NOT respond to my emails and faxes asking her whether or not she supports Nobama. I have told her that I cannot send money or lend my assistance until I know. I will NOT support Democraps–and that means anyone supporting Nobama because they are HORRID. Talk to me and explain why supporting obots is good for Pumas or America????
    Second, we can get rid of the entire federal government with a 2/3 majority vote of American citizens. Sounds good to me.
    Finally, GOD BLESS GOV. RICK PERRY of Texas who told Nobama where he could stick that stimulation money and it isn’t in a Texas bank…

    Oh and this is just too precious:

    jenniforhillary 03.19.09 at 12:41 pm
    oh, and for the record, I prefer to think of my speak as “reasoned discourse” rather than emotional outbursts as others have described them….

    Uhm, her understanding of the term “reasoned discourse” may be somewhat flawed 😉

  6. not so good –> no good… sigh

  7. At this point, I’m guessing every congress-critter has a filter that sends all emails containing the word “PUMA” directly to the trash file.

    It’ll be interesting to see how much “reasoned discourse” the paid PUMA queen will countenance to keep the payments rolling in. Apparently, her level of tolerance is pretty high as long as the payments are correspondingly large.

  8. You missed out on mentioning Orly Taitz who appeared on Betty Jean Kling’s blogtalk radio show a few days ago. What fun, I thought Betty Jean had moved on to more productive things such as the ERA but I guess not. Harriet Christian called in too. By Orly Taitz logic, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, and my niece cannot be president as both their parents were not born in the United States or always citizens of the United States.

  9. You guys should really lay off jenni4hilary. Maybe if you were nicer to her you’d learn what I already know. She’s a puma, alright, a puma in the sack.

  10. “You guys should really lay off jenni4hilary. Maybe if you were nicer to her you’d learn what I already know. She’s a puma, alright, a puma in the sack”

    To quote Chistopher Marlowe: “Why, this is hell, nor am I out of it.”

  11. This is funny and all, but c’mon guys, sockpuppetry is weak.

  12. Nope, you’re going to have to try harder I’m afraid. Once bitten and all that…
    Oh and if you must use sockpuppets, can you use them in a way that doesn’t give credibilityto the argument that all of us are immature, sexist retards?
    Much obliged!

  13. Well, however will Gillibrand survive if she doesn’t kow tow to crazy Mommy-dependent chicks from Texas who think Rick Perry is the cat’s ass?

  14. Jangles, on March 19th, 2009 at 6:42 pm Said:

    And Obama is in CA playing the crowds. When in the hell is the election ever going to be over. I am so tired of this fuctard running around organizing fans to love him. When do people get it that a few thousand people at a rally is just smoke and mirrors. How many people are their in the US of 57 states Obo? The scene with Obama and this congress is just unbelieveable. OMG I thought it would be bad. I had no idea it would be a disaster of this size. We are doomed by the mediocrity of affirmative action.

    ah pumas.

  15. Because using connections forged in matrimony doesn’t have any tinge of affirmative action to it, of course.

  16. Also, did J4H not get the memo explaining that Gillibrand is, how you say, a Democrat? So why would the good Senator or her minions pay any attention to some insane woman from Texas who can’t vote for her in the first place and has said she hates the head of the Democratic Party with a homicidal passion? That she honestly expected a response in the first place is just one more link in the Jacob Marleyesque Chain o’ Crazy. But keep faxing, Jenni Girl! Those birds need some humorous material to read while they’re taking a crap.

  17. It’s so fun to see them backtracking for stated positions. Here is more hilarity of them fighting, allegedly even though they are on the same side…

    I thought that ANY WOMAN would do in the land of 51 percent…

  18. I see the stupid PUMAs and their Rethug allies are still spinning the DVD crap. Multi region DVD players are common in the UK. Almost every player is multi region, with a remote control hack. NTSC DVDs convert on the fly to PAL, as do tvs.

    Stupid PUMAs are they that backward?

  19. Funnily enough, I just posted about that on RR, Sean. What’s more, if you have a cheapo Sharp DVD player like we have, they’re multi-region even without a hack!

    And what is this bilge about Brown not watching films because he’s got only one eye?! If it’s true he doesn’t watch films, I’d expect it’s because (a) he’s pretty busy, and (b) he’s arguably a miserable sod. His vision’s certainly good enough to read speeches at the dispatch box.

  20. Here is more hilarity of them fighting, allegedly even though they are on the same side…

    Good grief, Steve. If there’s a less tactful, more pig- (that word!) headed bloghead in the whole of the interwebs than Riverdaughter, please post a link here, as I can always use the laughter.

    I think if RD wants to keep that blog going (I suspect she’s fast losing interest), she needs to look at the demographics of those who give it hits, where the trends are: older (likely baby boomers), no kids at home, a surprisingly large proportion of males versus females, and pretty well off.

  21. If you want more good reading, then the split between great thinkers over Israel/Palestine

    the slow explosion is completely mesmerizing. It is the reason my commute is so long when accidents happen, because people are rubbernecking the violence. “Disaster Pornography ” is the term that Baudrillard uses…its impossible to take your eyes off the wreck…

    I posted about one of the CON writers taking his ball and going home and then coming back and now leaving again. Its all too funny and a great way to end the work week with…

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