Showing Some Judgement

teresainpa, taking one small step for a PUMA, one giant leap for PUMAkind.

immediately I thought of a caption that is somewhat obscene and could be taken as racist…so I think I will pass.

Now, if only we could get PUMAs to not immediately think racist things.

But for now, well done teresainpa! Excellent self control you’ve exhibited.

Regency, OTOH, has a ways further to go.

Why are folks still lining up to see him? I don’t understand it. He’s is black as he was last time. I’d swear to it under oath. Nothing’s changed.

That was in response, of course, to several highly pertinent questions that resident “simple peasant lay-woman” sm77 thought of to ask any Obama canvassers.

  1. Why is Obama handing out billions to the banks meanwhile NONE to us?
  2. Why does Obama ALWAYS have to speak with a damn Teleprompter? Did he recite his wedding vows with a Teleprompter?i
  3. If he’s so damn popular and loved, why is your azz out here trying to drum up support?
  4. Why do you remind me of Nazi Germany Fascist brownshirts?

I’m tempted to travel the country, from MA, to NJ, to FL, and canvass all the prominent PUMAs’ houses (or tent cities). I love all their tough talk, but you know they’re not quick enough on their feet to actually win an argument if someone knocked on their door. It would go like this. (In the spirit of PUMA one act plays…)

Obot: Hello! I’m knocking on doors today in our neighborhood to make sure people are aware of the President’s push to reform our healthcare system. Are you interested in discussing it briefly?

sm77: Why do you remind me of Hitler?

Obot: Pardon me mam?

sm77: Did you know that Obama is so stupid that he uses a teleprompter to give speeches?

Obot: Uh, I think all politicians use teleprompters mam. The President makes long public remarks many times a day, and it’s not practical to memorize everything he would want to say in advance.

sm77: No he’s stupid. Why, the Irish PM read some of Obama’s speech off a teleprompter the other day by accident!

Obot: I’m afraid I don’t follow mam. I’m really just here to discuss the state of healthcare legislation.

sm77: We need better access to more affordable healthcare in this country! The insurance companies and the Republicans have been gaming the system while tens of millions go uninsured, and the number one cause of bankruptcy is medical costs, even among the insured.

Obot: Great! So you support efforts to reduce costs, improve access, and make healthcare work better for everyone.

sm77: Why do you remind me of Hitler?

The end.

33 Responses

  1. finally…a blog that makes sense….As I told them before I was booted off,

    winners wear NIKES

  2. -Why do you remind me of Hitler?
    -Because you never paid attention during History and are now woefully unable to grasp the significance of the holocaust? Or maybe it’s because (like your imaginary obot army) you’ve embraced talking points without thinking or even considering the integrity of their source?

    They’re comparing Obama to Hitler because he has dedicated followers and is a good speaker, right?
    By those same standards one could argue he’s the second coming of Gandhi or even Christ.
    Their method of comparison is inherently flawed, focusing on cosmetics, rather than content.

    And Look what I found…

    nycvoter, on March 18th, 2009 at 11:35 am Said:
    I’m not sure I’m clear on your whole “transfer of wealth” aspect. I don’t like Obama, the man, and I don’t want to talk to a bot–ever. But how far off do you think he is from HRC. We wanted universal health care, we wanted more tax cuts for middle class while rolling back tax breaks for the most wealthy. We wanted an energy grid, and we wanted better education for everyone.

    It has logic, it embraces reality, but most of all, it causes instant PUMA meltdown by comparing their holy martyr to teh precious. I like it…

    Those poor, helpless volunteers had better be careful when they hit the streets. There be talk of tazers, pepper spray, booby-traps and the president using his overly large genitals to trick innocent little girls into voting for him, oh my!
    Newsflash WMCB, just because you vote with your vagina, doesn’t mean other women do (coughPalincough)

  3. Ooh, trouble in paradise…

    jenniforhillary 03.18.09 at 11:12 am
    Anyone see Nijima???
    For the record, dear, that most certainly fucking was me on the fucking radio. And I don’t have to justify or explain one fucking thing. And I certainly don’t have to LIST Mr. Fuckhead’s crimes against the universe to be able to call him UNpresidential and unelectable in the extreme. And NOPE this does not lend credibility to the obots and YEP you are a fucking sexist piece of shit to imply that my emotional being would allow any fucking obot to diminish me one fucking bit.
    If I was perfect, the obots would still find fault. Oh, and I did I forget to mention, I am fucking perfect because I can walk the talk. So many cannot. You especially.
    Murphy, you may punish me but I have listened to this woman for months thinking she was full of total bullshit and last night she fucking confirmed it. I don’t care who or what she is she is FULL OF SHIT.
    Three reasons Nijima is full of shit:
    1) she is sexist
    2) she thinks BO is presidential material
    3) she thinks she is better than puma
    Anytime, anyplace I will debate you or any fucking sexist piece of shit or any obot on why Mr.Fuckhead is human filth. Oh, and have a nice day.

    This one must be difficult for Murphy, does she side with the shrill nutcase that sends money, or the semi-sane Nijma…
    Btw, does anyone know if there’s a comment from Nijma stuck in our spam filter? Her whining is starting to piss me off…

  4. Starting?!

  5. Stateofdisbelief, on March 18th, 2009 at 4:08 pm Said:

    Oh God…imagine a world where Hillary was president and this was all just a horrific nightmare.

    Right because if Hillary were President, the economy wouldn’t be imploding nor would the GOP be obstructing.

  6. Jmac, on March 18th, 2009 at 4:11 pm Said:

    Someone wrote this is Obama’s Katrina. I have a feeling we are in for a lot more Katrina’s in the next four years.

    I so hate to watch him read the teleprompter, I’m hoping that will be his Katrina moment – surely everyone will be as sick of it as we are as the years go by.

    sm77, on March 18th, 2009 at 4:18 pm Said:

    And he’s not even in 100 days yet.
    dakinikat, on March 18th, 2009 at 4:19 pm Said:

    only thing is Katrina impacted us down here in the Gulf Coast, the financial disaster is world wide

    And it’s all Obama’s fault.

  7. “Btw, does anyone know if there’s a comment from Nijma stuck in our spam filter? Her whining is starting to piss me off…”

    I’ll take a look (I’m not sure I have spam release powers, but I’ll check). However, I told her at the time that all she had to do was repost without a long link and/or multiple links and it would go through. If she’s accusing us of stifling dialogue, she’s completely full of shit.

    Personally, I have no interest in conversing with someone who Photoshops people’s gravely ill pets to score blogwar points. But anyone else who wants to talk to her is free to do so unfettered as far as I’m concerned…

    UPDATE: I checked and didn’t see anything from her in the spam filter.

  8. Is J4H still terrorizing the radio waves again? Is she rightly quoted as saying she was on the radio? If so, is she referring to her disasterous, sad, and comedic appearance on KPFT or did she recently appear on one of the many PUMA radio shows on Blogtalk Radio? I’m asking because you see, a very close friend of mine (godfather to my oldest actually) is a volunteer at KPFT and was there at the station on that fateful day when J4H came to the studio to:

    1. Attack volunteerism as proposed by the then Presidential candidate, Barack Obama (a new Americorp program whichby the way, I am an Americorp alum)

    2. Attack leftist ideals as ‘naive idealism’

    3. Waved the banner of American imperialism and the unjust war in Iraq (yeah, I listened to the mp3 file over and over and still to this day cannot believe that this subhuman was even allowed to walk into KPFT).

    4. And finally, talked over and shouted down anyone who got on the air who tried to present the undeniable fact that J4H’s ‘guest’, Darragh Murphy did indeed donate $500 to John McCain’s primary campaign which btw, was stolen by Bush.

    And now some history: I was a volunteer programmer at KPFT for five years in the ’90s and before then a volunteer at the station years prior and a contributing listener throughout my teens. I have always known the history of the station well; especially the bit of history where the right-wingers bombed the station’s transformer in the 70s.
    Oh, and those right-wingers? The Klan.
    So in November of ’08 you had J4H another fringe right-winger whose xenophobic rants can be found easily on the Internet and can be easily compared to The Klan’s outlook, graciously and generously allowed to burn up the air waves with hot rhetoric and and host a one-sided conversation with her buddy Murphy on the air to only give ‘their side’. You know, the way the average PUMA blog is ran.
    If J4H is allowed to touch a microphone again to address or ‘debate’ with the public, it’ll be too soon and if it happens, I better not know about it before hand, ‘cuz I’ll have a monitor full of open windows from the StupidPUMAS blog all ready to be quoted over the air to point back to her crazy rants.

    Who’s the one idiot PUMA who always ends a comment with “PUMAS and BUBBAS and those people RULE”? Yeah, those people rule alright – on the Right spectrum where insanity and hatred lies.


  9. Is she rightly quoted as saying she was on the radio?

    Yes, they’re still just whingeing about that KPFT debacle, Bruce. I’m not aware of her having featured in any blog radio shows since (surprise). She currently claims to be working 18-hour days (selling off dead people’s stuff for their families).

    Thanks for the background on KPFT. It makes it even plainer why her show would have, er, grated on the audience!

    The particularly idiot PUMA would be helen, or helenk, and the full blurb is:



  10. Wow which post was it where J4H attacked poor little Nijima like that? I knew this sort of thing was going to happen sooner or later. Do you think they are really falling apart or is this just a period of the purification of the idealogical unclean vs. the die hards?

  11. If you go to PUMA PAC right now, the conflict’s been spread across the top three posts or so.

    Falling apart? Who knows. In some ways they cling to one another like drunks in a storm-tossed raft, and blow-ups like this aren’t uncommon – I think some of them thrive on the angsty drama.

    Their site visits have declined steadily over the months, though. In the end, the FEC may have some say in whether PUMA PAC itself continues!

  12. lol nikki, I didn’t see your comment before I posted my latest, I think it’s funny that Nijma always tries to bring up rumproast when she gets in trouble at the pac.

  13. YAFB her stupid slogan has been enlarged now.



    Someone, no idea who posted as Helen Ka with the revised slogan



    Much better I think. As for J4H now very seriously going after Nijma, I wonder if Nijma will now apologise to those RRs she attacked when they warned her about how dangerous and extreme J4H is.

  14. YAFB her stupid slogan has been enlarged now.

    So it has, Sean. I must have fallen asleep halway through it. I boggle that since she posts at places that don’t have sigs, she must painstakingly copy and paste it in each time she posts.

    I wonder if Nijma will now apologise …

    Since she’s currently trying desperately to curry favor with the PUMA PACers by rewriting recent history wholesale, I can’t see that happening.

    For someone who tries to portray herself as so high-minded, the truth is a stranger to her. I could handle the general nuttiness to an extent. Outright lies that anyone can check and disprove in a couple of minutes – along with a refusal to face facts when they’re staring her in the face – just make her look like some sort of sad fantasist.

  15. Or, as is common with the bigotbots at Pumaville, someone who needs to be loved. She appears to be a craven attention seeker, who would shy away from it in the real world (another example being the huffy katshatinherpants).

  16. Good Lord. They’re all watching the NWO Bilderberger “The Obama Deception” over at PUMA Pac.

    A few had already taken the turn.

    mountainsong 03.18.09 at 10:13 pm

    BJ, I’ve been talkin about the Bilderbergers and the CFR connection for months, now. The info has been available for the last 20 years.
    Every POTUS back to I don’t know who has beedn a member of the CFR and their plots.>/blockquote>

    mountainsong 03.18.09 at 10:30 pm

    But, it all flew under the radar because most “average” americans never even heard of them or the Illuminati, CFR and the overall Globalization conspiracy.
    Thank GOD people are starting to become educated about all this. It’s the main reason we are losing everything we’ve been taught to believe about america and our “democracy.
    Also, if Kennedy was a “plant” then Obama is just as much a plant. and it explains how a seeming idiot with no discernible history can have obtained such high office and be getting away with destroying America, which is the main obstacle to creating to NWO globalized society of the world, that establishes a world currency,and economy, completely manipulated and controlled by this select organization. Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University are a part of the “initiation’ rites. Google it, or check them out on Wiki and be horrified to learn how many members of out politics and economics are Rhodes Scholars.

    And, yes, I believe it about JF Kennedy. He was the ‘Mafia’s” first president. Two of his Dad’s (Joseph Kennedy) best pals were Sam Giancana ( head of Chicago Cosa Nostra, Salvatore (Lucky) Luciano, head of the 5 families in NYC. From the Prohibition days when they made all their fortunes off illicit booze.

    Shit, it was on the news back before the election that Bill and Hillary and BO met together with many others for a discussion of strategy, by the Bilderbergers, at a private meeting in Virginia.

    I wonder how accusing the Clinton’s of being part of the NWO in cahoots with Obama will fly with the herd.

  17. Yeah, how many fucking times have PUMAs been asked to provide proof of caucus fraud from independent sources, links to Obama’s “use of misogyny” in the prrimary, proof that some of us here have “secret PUMA leanings” (one of Nijma’s delusions for a spell), and proof that Obama “split” the Democrats from their female base (a laughable lie that Nijma tried to spread here and for which she was promptly smacked down — but then, facts have a well-known woman-lynching bias).

    They can never fight on level ground, which is why they have to filter comments. Seriously, they can’t even provide proof of ONE achievement that PUMA has accomplished since its formation. Even the lamest grassroots group would have held a successful bake sale or something by now.

    I really hope Darragh has to pay a massive fine for her FEC shenanigans, J4H’s mommy decides to stop underwriting PUMA PAC, and J4H quits working for Mommy in a huff (or a minute and a huff) to SHOW THE WORLD! just how awesome she is — and ends up as the meanest plasma donor in all of Texas.

  18. Kerry –

    I’m not looking for a fight, but I do think Michell Thomas and John West assembling the 300 name petition was a fine accomplishment in and of itself. It took long hours, organizational skills, and quite a bit of tenacity to get it done.

    While the petition did not achieve the desired outcome, I respect the work of those involved.

  19. Is John “West” the same person as this joker?;jsessionid=0650FF73FB29C34FFB0A2BC580C248AB?personId=9

    If so, then I’m sorry, but “long hours, organizational skills, and… tenacity” can do lots of things, but they can’t generate respect for stupidity.

  20. Brad, what has PUMA done for women? Where is the history of feminist activism from Darragh and Kim or any of the others? They scorn the women here and at Rumproast as “house slaves,” but as I’ve said repeatedly, I’ll put my years working for and donating to women’s and human rights organizations up against these clowns any day. And the minute they decided to support McCain, they became self-defeating lunatic fools. I don’t care how many names somebody got on a petition.

    Hell, they probably used ACORN! 😉

  21. Sean –

    No. That’s a different John.

    Kerry –

    Not making any grandiose claims here. All I’m saying is that there were a few people who saw something that needed doing and they did it, without drama. And make spiffy work of it, I might add.

  22. I think we’re talking about two different entities, Brad, and your example probably actually does sort of prove my point: PUMA isn’t a feminist activism movement, but a pro-Hillary group that lost its raison d’etre after HRC made it clear she was on the Obama team at the convention. So that’s why being lectured about feminism from women (and I suppose some men, if we must include MyIQEatsPaste with that gender) who had no discernible interest in institutional sexism, violence against women, equal pay, or any of the rest of the Old Country Buffet of Oppression that the PUMAs recently discovered sticks in my craw. They were interested in promoting the interests of ONE woman only, and have been flailing ever since she blew them off for reality.

  23. Kerry –

    Point well taken, of course. Except that I’m not sure it’s fair to throw myiq2xu in with any group. For me, he stands virtually alone in the realm of sanctimonious, self-aggrandizing assholery.

    No second thought, no he doesn’t.

  24. “On” second thought, of course.

  25. Brad, did you ever actually meet him? I can’t remember.

  26. Brad — Thanks for clearing that up. What with “Pacific” being close to “West” and his consistently mewling on a “300” site, it seemed likely.

  27. Kerry –

    Meet whom? If you mean myiq2xu, no, I haven’t. Too bad – I’d love to have footage of that creep.

  28. Yeah, Brad, I meant The Clownie Boy, sorry. It is too bad your paths never crossed. Well, maybe not, because I can’t imagine it would have been pleasant for you, but the stories you could tell!

  29. Kerry –

    Oh, I would relish a one-on-one with Bozo, Esq. No fucking contest.

  30. Brad,

    I read you over at The CON-fluence and I thought that you are the reason that the PUMAS are a complete and total joke. I read them for fun and to see if they were as delusional as I thought that they were.

    For someone like you to attempt rationale debate with them and to watch how fast they turned when you wouldn’t accept the talking points full force was hilarious. Now, you must be branded with a big red O now over there…

  31. Steve –

    Both my wife Lorenda and I were labeled as “internet vermin” by myiq2xu. I’ve given semi-serious thought to posting the lengthy e-mails of reprimand I received from Riverdaughter during those frolicsome weeks.

  32. Oh go on. After all; they can not assume emails are confidential.

  33. The sad fact is that you were trying to show their side rather impartially but because you would not dive in head first, they went after you. I saw it all happening and attempted to comment a few times when i was struck for not diving in…

    I would love to dive in….

    O/T I was following the scuttlebutt about PUMAs and John Coale and the usual PUMA banter is going on about who great that John Coale is and a little leg work shows how great he is.

    Who can I email to cross post or to get on the blogroll? ( I don’t only blog about vermin, we blog about whatever we are thinking about, so it is not totally anti PUMA, but we have a CON-fluence link about things that they say and we answer… The Coale issue is here that we talk about and PUMAS who are overjoyed…

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