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Most of the trash spoken over at the litter box is exactly that, trash, however every once in a while someone writes something so stupid and ignorant that it sinks to the bottom of the trash bin seperating itself from all the rest of the shit that currently resides there.  After reading the rant by”fucktard in your hat” over at pumapac, I really couldn’t resist posting it here so that all of you can get a shot at a response since for one, the hypocrite who wrote it will never come onto this page or Rumproast to write such a thing and two, Dumbaugh Murphy doesn’t allow comments from those being called out. So for your enjoyment, here she is in all her glory, with obvious coaching from J4H……. Since she obviously reads this page, please leave a personal response to her in the comments.

kat in your hat 03.14.09 at 2:05 am


I hope your obsession with puma and your nasty insults fill whatever voids you have in your miserable lives, if not, it’s just a total waste of time & energy to sit on your ugly asses and gossip about people you don’t even know. (Which is even more pathetic.) Keep wasting your life belittling people-keep wasting your time judging and tracking and stalking the people here-you corny fucking losers.

For as much as you consider PUMA to be a bunch of old dry pussy hags who are worthless, you sure do spend a lot of your time and energy obsessing about us worthless people. How WORTHLESS does that make YOU? You anti-pumas have a few sites devoted to criticizing us…NO ONE here has the energy to start up and devote their spare time or their LIVES to studying YOU PEOPLE with independent websites dedicated solely to you. Who’s the fuckin’ loser? You people are like the unrequited loser wannabe friends in high school…always keeping tabs on the coolest in school-you HATE them but you have NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT WITHOUT THEM because they are so much BIGGER THAN YOU.

YOU people are the losers. YOU people *only* bond through gossip. You have NO other connection. You have no fuckin’ “cause.” You have no fuckin direction. You aren’t activists. You don’t bond. You have no MEANING. You don’t fight for something better. You don’t have a unified front against wrongs. You ugly asses just sit on a blog talking shit about people. You people SUCK. Understand? You are “the people who suck.” You are “the ones” all decent and cool people say SUCK.

You fuckin people are lazy GD gossipers with no lives. You don’t do shit.

All you can think of is shitting on us and judging us. Why THE FUCK aren’t YOU angry about male violence? Why the FUCK do YOU avoid and ignore women’s inequality on this planet? Especially you WOMEN over there. Gawd, you are stuck in such an old mode. You are clueless.

None of you people ever consider statistics of violence against women? None of you people ever see that we have a right to be angry and upset? Do you people have any morals at all??

Fuckin’ hell yeah we are angry. Why the fuck aren’t YOU? YOU should be angry. Too complicated? Too much work? Too brainwashed? Too stupid? Too GD lazy? You worthless fucks-constantly trying to degrade the people here. And YOU DON’T DO SHIT. At least we are trying. You don’t do ANYTHING. Fuckin’ wastes of air. WTF are you even HERE for? GD mushes.

So you can keep thinking we are wrong for wanting to fight for justice-in whatever ways we are able, while you lazy malicious fucks try to belittle us. Keep in mind though: we are angry, but we are not breaking any laws, and we are not raping and killing people, and we are not even rioting. We are NO THREAT to society. Why THE FUCK don’t you care about the prison population and how it is mainly all men who are violent and how male violence is often aimed at women and children-from dating to war. Are you THAT detached? You don’t give a fuck about helping men and women on this planet?

How can you pieces of shit be so fucking complacent? You don’t even have a GD excuse!!! You READ ABOUT THE HORRORS HERE because you spy on us and you are obsessed with us. You have no fucking ignorance excuse-which makes you cold hearted fucks.

And QUIT your STUPID physical insults at the women and men here. I’ve seen enough of YOU folks to know: You “aint” all pretty. You aint all handsome. You aint all slim. You aint all young. NONE OF YOU look like movie stars or runway models. GOT THAT? Why don’t YOU folks look in the mirror instead of projecting your negative self images onto people here YOU have never even fuckin’ MET.

Are you just jealous? Are you just mean? Are you just pathetic? Are you just losers? Are you just meaningless? What’s your excuse for protesting women who are outraged by injustice? To me, it means you are FOR what we are AGAINST, and that makes you people seriously corrupt fucks. That’s worrisome. You might want to unwrap on your tin chests there to double check for a heart. I pity you people. You fuck around on a blog and you don’t do anything to help society. At the very least, we spend our time on a blog trying to learn and share and fight for justice. You have NO SUCH honor. NO such aim. Your blogs are LITERALLY just gossip blogs. Meaningless. You all can’t even ADMIT that male violence against women is a problem, which makes it such a waste because that means you will likely never fight together to stop it. You won’t even fight for anything, except for fighting against people who are against male violence and crooked politicians. WTF is the *matter* with you people? You will always be a worthless group of bullshit people. You have no power because you don’t DO anything.

You anti-pumas. You have no true *purpose*…you people suck. You don’t do anything to help society or fight for what is ethically RIGHT. Get over yourselves. Get plastic surgery or lose weight or go find the fountain of youth, or just BUY A FULL LENGTH FUCKING MIRROR so that you can please stop your pathetic need to insult pumas physically on a REGULAR basis instead of getting your GD asses to the gym and a shower.

LOOK AT YOURSELVES. WTF are you good for?

My Response;

Fuck You! You ignorant racist hypocrite, you have done nothing to further any cause.  You honestly think that calling Obama an inadequate black male while calling his wife a scoop mouth and his children little monkeys really helped your cause? You say we dont know the people at pumapac but I beg to differ, a group of people are usually identified with their leaders and public presence, just stop by youtube, typr in puma and the evidence of racism and stupidity is there for all to see, from murphy looking like a crack addict on MSNBC to Cristi Adkins screaming about Obama being a muslim on Hardball, your hypocrisy and racism is on full display. You people are idiots, every single one of you who label yourselves Puma, idiots! You wanna call us out? Next time come on over instead of hiding out where we cant respond, I promise we wont delete or edit your comment, no matter how stupid it may be.  Stupid Kat in your Hat!

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  1. Just thinking out loud, via my keyboard. Does a student body of a large multi ethnic university, with many asian and african american students and lecturers know that one of its junior lecturers posts at what is a race hate site?

    Racist lecturers are outed quite frequently in the UK.

  2. Wow, I haven’t seen anything as crazy as that since the last time Susie Essman tore into Larry David on “Curb your Enthusiasm”. And she sounds about as rational as Susie (equals: not rational at all).

    Kat in Your Hat, think about getting back on your Prozac. When that’s kicked in, and if you want to debate some of these topics rationally, come on over to Rumproast and let’s talk. But in your present state that would just be a waste of time.

  3. Out them to my blog. As long as I can connect the words they’ve posted and their names, I won’t give two fucks.

    My email is posted. I can only pray the PUMA in question is one of the PoS pro-corporate professors at my job.

  4. Let’s see.. every point of accusation could be said about them – gossip, lies, and obsession. While we may analyze them as a “movement”, they obsess over one man – Obama and will foment any lie, innuendo, or rumor about him JUST because their primary candidate lost.

    It’s funny how KitH wants to suddenly champion violence against women, poverty, sex offenders – you know, all the issues that WE on the LEFT have always been about, when the REALITY is that the pitiful movement aka PUMA and the blogs that reflect their ‘ideas’ have barely ever really dealt with these kinds of issues but have mostly attacked one person and one person only (Obama) OR have championed ONE person and ONE person only (Hilary) OR have reflected the ideals of the Right.
    I bet when Operation Rescue came to Houston, Texas during the GOP convention in ’92 (?) KitH would have been nowhere around the clinic defense lines as I’m sure would have been the same for J4H. Activists indeed.

  5. Gosh, I’d feel terrible if I didn’t know the people screaming wah wah no fair blue murder are the biggest pack of racist, sexist, homophobic sewer dwellers you’ll ever find outside (or inside) a GOP meeting.

    If memory serves (and it usually does) some of these defenders of women’s rights have been screaming for the blood of women who don’t follow the 12 Principles of PUMAdom. Right. Fine. Keep up the purity purges, we’ll be behind the spatter shields.

  6. The P.U.M.A.s are united in one thing only and that is their hatred of Obama. Their activism is a laugh. These women go on “prowls” and think they are doing something? If they were ever to become “real” activists for women’s issues they would have to find themselves rubbing elbows with people who support Obama and that is the ultimate “no no”. I have tried to leave comments on the “pumpac” site, but never made it out of “moderation”. I was simply and respectfully attempting to point out some of their illogical, contradictory, and nonsensical positions. They are not to be reasoned with. I have noticed that their group is getting smaller and smaller.

  7. HumboldtBlue! What is he good for? Absolutely Nuthin’! I said? hunh, HumboldtBlue, What is he good for? absolutely nuthin’

    So now this crankshaft thinks all this time they have been defending women by allowing their deep-seated fears of an all-black planet to come to the surface and we’re supposed to take them seriously?

    Hambeast this, you twittering guttersnipes. You watched as a drunken fool of a woman with the last name of Christian get up in front of a national audience and make a complete as of herself and you all collectively thought .. “hmm, she’s on to something there, maybe we can run with it.”

    Well you ran with it all right, directly back into whatever fevered swamp of emotional soup that has you concocting all sorts of nonsensical fables, falsehoods and outright fuckheadedness that see you sending money to a swindler, composing hysterical (yeah bitch, I used hysterical) and incomprehensible blogposts and you expect to be given the respect we give to, say a 4-year old when they discuss the thorniest political and social issues. Uh-huh.

    At least you were worth mocking after having dredged up some faux outrage over the great “rape of a paper doll,” now you’re just pitiful, but not enough for the finger pointing and laughter to die down. Keep it up dipsticks, soon you’ll all be living in paradise with Jenni’s family, sharing her cans of beans and fantasizing about castration. Don’t forget the mini sausages either!

  8. If PUMA had been around before the 2008 primaries ended, and if it had adopted fighting violence against women as its primary mission, then fine. But it exists only for Failed Females who had invested all their widdle hopes and dreams in Mamma Hillary to make it all better for them to have a place to rant against that shiftless n-word who “stole” the election from their Vicarious Goddess Healer.

    What do I do for feminist activism, you pieces of racist clueless hatemongering shit? I donate to several organizations, including one that helps defend women who kill abusive partners. And what does hating black people in general and Barack Obama in particular have to do with feminism? Fuck-all nothing. Which is why Hillary is on his team, you Fucktard Failure Females! You couldn’t even come up with enough money to retire Hillary’s debt, despite all your claims of being “18 million strong.” NOT ONE of your leaders has any kind of record as a policy advocate for women’s issues, and suppoting John “health of the mother/rape jokes/calls his wife a cunt/Chelsea slurs” McCain over Obama is all the proof we need that PUMAs are self-loathing, self-defeating bags of failure, hatred, and idiocy worthy only of scorn.

  9. You willful ignoramuses were, thank God, not eighteen million, nor even eighty thousand, strong. But you tried to bring us McCain/Palin in your spite. Thank goodness he believed you were actually numerous and picked her: you helped elect Obama, so I’m somewhat grateful.You haven’t considered the numbers of Iranian widows and orphans you’d have created, out of your spite. You think McCain wouldn’t have bombed Iran at the slightest provocation?

    And you Great Feminists:

    a. voted for a man who called his own wife a cunt, repeatedly made rape jokes (as soon as she opened her eyes, she said, “where is that wonderful ape?”) voted to impeach Hillary’s husband on a trumped-up, bogus charge that paled in comparison to his own behavior, would not have signed the Lilly Ledbetter act, and is anti-choice.
    b. supported Sarah Palin, an ignorant, indifferent scholar and corrupt governor of a whopping 600,000 people (google “Mat Maid Dairy Scandal”. You haven’t even heard of that one, have you? Because you don’t want to know.) who was no substitute for Hillary Clinton. I may think Hillary has the ethics of a Borgia, but I respect her elite (yes, that’s good, actually) education, grasp of detail, and toughness. And I’d have voted for her if she’d won the nomination, although I thought she ran a dirty campaign. Because her policies were more likely to coincide with my beliefs. It’s about policy, stupid.

    Your idiotic outrage-a-day whiners have nothing in common besides Obama hatred, as witness the bloodbath on the Confluence. River “It’s time to move on and stop using the Holocaust as a crutch” Bottom certainly has her priorities straight.

    The great world of womens’ rights, human rights, and justice in general barely notices you. I’d like to be a fly on the wall when you jerks walk into your local NOW office and say to the women who’ve been working their asses off for decades, “We voted for McCain/Palin, and we’re here to change NOW !

    Your “activism” consists of Spamming whomever your paid Pumaqueen decides deserves it. She, BTW, is CEO, clerk, treasurer, recorder, PUMAPAC’s all-in-all. When’s the last time you saw a treasurer’s report? When’s the last time the FEC saw a treasurer’s report? This is the classic way a cult leader is born.

    All your sites censor comments like Stalinists, and beg for money. Notice something about Rumproast, and Stupid Pumas, and Yes To Democracy? No begging. Nobody’s in it for money. You’ll notice Rumproast spends a lot of time ignoring you. But your motley collection of petty outrage-farmers and Ellen Jamesians is so inadvertantly funny, so much of the time, and so outrageous the rest of the time, Charles Dickens himself wouldn’t be able to avert his eyes at your antics.

  10. All your sites censor comments like Stalinists, and beg for money.

    Apart from the Confluence, that’s so f-true. I hadn’t picked up on that aspect.

  11. “Fuckin’ hell yeah we are angry. Why the fuck aren’t YOU? YOU should be angry. Too complicated?”

    There’s nothing complicated about being angry. Anger doesn’t require effort, or intelligence. SUSTAINING anger indefinitely requires effort, though. And the effort to sustain anger will invariably divert energy from more constructive expenditures. Having spent substantial time with PUMAs, I realize that what united you all in the beginning was shared pain and frustration, and that has the making of a very powerful bond. But the mere voicing of outrage, day in and day out, accomplishes nothing but to inure those you would like to win over to the very sound of your lamentations. After a while, it just becomes noise.

    What do WE do, then? Some of us volunteer time to work with disadvantaged children, teaching reading and math or the arts; some of us rescue animals, some of us donate money and effort to worthy causes. I’ve done all the above and have also helped dispense food to the hungry. And once upon a time I spent six months of my life making a film about the very movement you’re so invested in.

    By the way, I never heard heard the phrase “old dry pussy” until Darragh Murphy used it in front of my Canon XL-2 just outside of Nassau Hall on the Princeton University campus last July. And now here you are using it as well. That’s twice I’ve heard the phrase and both times I heard it from PUMAs.

  12. I’m a bit late to the party, aren’t I? Oh well…

    Dear Kat in the hat,

    damn honey, you must be pretty obsessed with us rumpdumps (btw WIN for most awesomest PUMA invented insult evah!) to dedicate such a lengthy rant to us. Considering the intellectual capacity of the average PUMA, that must have taken you quite some time, so kudos for spending several hours calling us out for not being cool. Of course you then posted it at the litter box, where censorship is more heavy-handed than in the Obama-led socialist dystopia you’ve created in your minds. A wasted opportunity if ever I saw one…

    However, courtesy of John, we now have an unprecedented chance to have a real, honest to God dialogue, or at least a screaming match (if you have the guts to show up here, that is). Although I’ll refrain from typing in all caps as I find that it never really ads anything to any discussion and always gives your correspondence partner the impression that he/she/it is conversing with an immature brat (just my personal opinion, of course).

    Whilst I’m grateful you can find it in your generous, kind heart to hope that Stupid PUMAs! fills a void in my life, I feel obligated to point out that there is no such void. I know that this is hard to understand for someone who’s completely disavowed reality and has instead embraced life on the intertubes, but it is in fact possible to have a full, exiting and even fulfilling life in the real world. As such, where you use internet to give your life a purpose and even create the illusion that you are an important person with lots of friends, to me it is simply entertainment. You are therefore correct when you point out that this is a gossip blog (though the same cannot be said about rumproast). Perez Hilton has a gossip blog too and he has more political influence than the PUMA-movement will ever have.

    According to you I should feel bad about visiting a blog that only exists to amuse a select audience by mocking, well, you.
    I don’t, sorry about that. If you want us to stop, maybe you should stop wallowing in self-pity, bitterness and hatred, that way we’ll lose interest and you could continue your spectacular journey towards enlightenment and failure in peace.

    I find it absolutely hilarious that you think I would somehow define myself and the importance of my life by my being part of the anti-pumas, as you put it. It speaks volumes about how strongly you identify with PUMA and provides quite a bit of insight in what an empty, lonely and generally pathetic life you must lead. Honestly, I almost feel sorry for you.

    But then I recall your little rant and I remember that you implied that I’m a subservient house slave that doesn’t do anything but sit on her ugly fat ass all day long. Not to mention that you dared to imply that all the cool kids think I suck, do you know how much that hurt?

    Well, not that much actually, considering that I’m a very social 21 year old, one that happens to be rather active in causes much more important than you self-important PUMAs.

    Do I care about violence against women? Yes, that’s why I spend my Wednesday evenings teaching English and Dutch and/or French (I live in Belgium) to victims of human trafficking (most of them women, some of them men). I like teaching, you see, I hope to one day make it my profession, and they are such dedicated students!
    You should try doing something like that, it’ll make you feel happy and that, in turn will make you live longer.

    Am I angry? Sometimes and sometimes I’m so sad I can’t do anything but cry. However, crying and screaming has never helped anyone, so, in general, I find both to be a complete waste of time, kind of like your internet ‘revolution’. I have more important things to do than throw a hissy fit.

    By your own admission, kat in the hat, you don’t do anything. Sure, you are trying and at least you visit a blog where you can learn (please excuse me for laughing), but the fact remains that PUMAs have accomplished nothing. Rumproast on the other hand has at least managed to win a weblog award (score!)

    Although I could make a wonderful pun involving certain members of your blog and the words “bigger than me” I shall resist temptation. But I would like to point out that I’ve consistently called out anyone on this blog who made such personal attacks, unlike the PUMAs, who apparently see nothing wrong with telling me I should get plastic surgery or suggesting all men are evil mutants.

    I wish you PUMAs would get it through your heads that you are not important. I’m not jealous of you, I’m not obsessed with you, you’re not important to me and you don’t have anything I want. You are the “Days of our lives” of the internet, so pathetic, stupid and far-fetched that somehow you become comedy gold. The only thing you’re good for is making me laugh, that is the sole purpose of this site and your miserable existence. Deal with it.

    Lots of hugs (you sound like you need them)


  13. I wonder how many quarts of cheap wine went into producing that self-aggrandizing fantasy piece? How deluded must this person be to imagine that only she and her band of disgruntled Hillary dead-enders are concerned about violence against women or women’s rights?

    One of the most absurd conceits of the PUMA “movement” is that it is somehow about women’s rights. Bullshit, you pretentious, hypocritical dilettantes. It’s about you and your hurt feelings and your obsessive hatred of Obama and nothing else. Your non-Obama-bashing “prowls” and the so-called women’s rights groups that have sprung up (with so very little effect) around PUMA are fig leafs meant to conceal the truth: that you are animated solely by your hatred of the president.

    Well, that’s your right. But you know what? Your absurd circle jerk is fucking hilarious. In the same way Freepers and 9-11 Troofers and other raving loons are comedic. Hence the laughter and ridicule.

    Now, if you want to imagine that the sound of laughter echoing around you only validates your status as brave freedom fighters, be our guests. Anything that keeps you idiots off the streets and out of the Democratic party is a plus. So wank on, brave sisters. We’ll keep laughing.

  14. Wow, that’s a perfect storm of projection, paranoia, self-aggrandizement and Ernest & Gallo’s finest.

    Look lady, you and the rest of the PUMA nutters are notable only for the comedic value. Some folks are concerned about the potential for your little knitting circle of hatred to expand to something more sinister, but not me – you ladies couldn’t organize a piss-up in a brewery.

    The only thing funnier than watching your useless email prowls and Jenni’s rape/castration fantasies is the ease with which Darragh manipulates your fears and prejudices for her own personal gain. She hasn’t filed a quarterly report for PUMA PAC in two quarters now, despite three warning letters from the FEC, yet she continues to milk the regulars (most notably Jenni and/or Jenni’s mom) for donations. All she has to do is give you a focal point for your hatred – in this case Obama – and regurgitate any talking point she can find.

    So yes, we point and laugh. It’s nothing more than you deserve.

  15. I made my feelings about the rabid one’s diatribe known on an earlier post here.

    Meanwhile, this is what the laughably hypocritical, pathologically lying birfer idiot is currently spending her day doing:


    Lots of furthering of the “feminist” agenda there. Note the radical, authoritative sources of information she relies on – so far, the thoroughly discredited wingnut backwater No Quarter and paleoconservative David Koresh-loving Republithug Alex Jones!

    She’s a hater, pure and simple.

  16. Now watch how the frauds reacted when a relatively sane person called indigogo wandered in a while back, attracted by their “feminist rhetoric”:

    indigogo 02.25.09 at 5:12 pm

    DancesWithPumas 02.25.09 at 5:05 pm

    I am drawn to PUMAs because of your pro-woman world view; I don’t think that is incompatible with liking Obama.
    Except that obama isn’t pro-women, and this is a NOBAMA blog.


    I think Obama is pro-women; I know this is a NOBAMA blog. I am not out to convert you to a pro-BAMA point of view.

    I do think that by limiting yourself to only people who are pro-women, NOBAMA is, well, limiting!

    I enjoy the discussion.


    Over the course of the rest of the thread, the unfortunate visitor is repeatedly abused by the assembled pro-women types and effectively told to get lost (only not so politely).

    Way to build coalitions, huh? Good luck with converting the crazy Alex Jones fans and bitter Republicans to your “pro-woman” agenda, losers.

  17. I’ve dealt with idiots like PUMA my whole life. Beyond the racism and xenophobia, what defines them most is sheer utter passivity. There are women (and some men) like them all over the place (it’s easier for women to get through life playing passive victim, though). They are convinced that someday, someone will show up and make everything better for them! A husband, a rich friend, Hillary — someone else will do the heavy lifting. If Brad’s story about their inability to order pizza in Denver is correct (and I have no reason to doubt him), then that’s illustrative of how little agency the PUMAs take for themselves in any day-to-day transaction.

    Magic thinking (i.e., “If Hillary is president no one can shove women around anymore!”) can be fun. For a while. But it’s ultimately self-defeating. I’ve said before and I’ll say again that if black Americans had crawled into a little ball of hate and grievance because Jesse Jackson didn’t get the nomination, then Obama (and a lot of other candidates of color) would never have happened. But black voters tend not to be utterly idiotic and self-defeating (heck, they even vote for white people more often than not!) They understand that the fight for justice is a long one, and it doesn’t come down to one person and one election, no matter how much the idiots mewl about “Teh Precious.”

    And while we’re on the topic, could the PUMAs and assorted other idiots make up their fucking minds? If Obama supporters think he’s the Messiah, then why are we the ones who understand that he can’t turn the Cheney/Bush economy around in a matter of months? Yet the PUMAs deride him for not doing that. I mean, to honestly believe anyone has those kinds of powers, you’d have to have a Messiah complex, right? Of course, the PUMAs do — they are looking for a quick-fix Messiah-ette, and since they couldn’t get Hillary, they’ll settle for Darr-ugh.

    Activism takes work. It takes mental effort. It takes emotional commitment (and Nikki, big big thanks to you for your efforts in a critical, but painful field). That’s why it cracks me up when the PUMAs try to school us on feminism and activism. Because they so clearly, painfully, haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about.

  18. sistermoon3 03.17.09 at 11:58 am

    I wonder what color these door knockers will be…well, i guess they do think the Jehovah’s Witness gave them this creepy idea…go sell your goods at the stoplights and short stops
    and malls…please…leave people to sleep in and rest from their hard week’s work….how tacky

    Yeah, nothing racist about that…

  19. Reading this thread is quite enjoyable. Nikki, I’ve always admired your writing, and now we know you do something absolutely wonderful; I can’t think of anything more worthwhile. My hat’s off to you.

    Brad’s perspective on PUMA is informed as nobody else’s could be. He started out with every sympathy for that organization, and Pumas’ own actions drove him out and away, and believe me, when he first showed up at Rumproast, we were civil, but it was a pretty feisty debate. You could say we met cute.

    Finally, as to namecalling, I’ve noticed that we call Pumas by their chosen term (with some excursions into “Powerless Pussy Patrol” , which I love but which is not in general use).

    Pumas use “Obot” constantly. They use it as a curse, and they use it to dehumanize anyone who doesn’t toe the PUMA line. It’s a convenient way to short-circuit any argument without actually addressing it: “Well, that came from an Obot paper.” We don’t want Obots around here.”

    Any movement that uses a perjorative like that to disqualify the humanity of all outside it is questionable. And childish. And worthy of mocking into the ground.

  20. I use Powerless Pussy Posse advisedly, and yeah, it’s in response to their “Obot/Kool-Aid” bullshit. I actually think anyone who uses the phrase “drank the Kool-Aid’ without acknowledging the horrendous — and racially charged — history behind the term (i.e., a white megalomaniac exerting dictatorial and deadly control over vulnerable people, many of them poor and black) is a gigantic tool. Kinda like people who use “lynching” and “rape” outside of any context but the original meaning.

    PUMAs hate themselves, first and foremost. They know that they have failed to take agency and control of their lives, and unlike the women that Nikki works with, most of them haven’t been truly victimized, so they felt no personal reason to get involved in feminism until their Toy Symbolic Candidate’s campaign blew up. Then they felt they had received permission to unleash all their racially based grievances and hatred upon the world. But yeah, I think we do owe them some backhanded thanks in with the scorn, since they managed to fool Brainiac McCain into thinking that all those people who voted for Hillary Clinton in the primary were angry white females who would run into the GOP’s arms once Sarah Palin and Her Girl Bits strode upon the stage.

  21. Oh my, people, you’re going to make me blush. Honestly, I don’t think what I’m doing is that special, important yes, extraordinary, no.
    It’s something I love, something I do well (I hope…) and a way for me to give back to a world that has given me so much. It is draining and discouraging at times, but then it’s also inspiring and humbling…

    We have a saying around here: ‘He who gives what he has, is worth that he lives.’ I’m a college student, I’m dirt poor, but I also have a bit of time to spare. Might as well do something productive with it. And that’s the root of my problem with PUMA, I have never seen them give back anything.
    Take Jenniforhillary for example, she’s well-off, (reasonably) healthy, doesn’t have to worry about losing her job, or worse, her home, and obviously has too much time on her hands (see involvement in PUMA) and yet she chooses to spend that time moaning and bitching about how the ebil Obambi is victimising her.
    They’re like the bratty toddlers at the supermarket screaming “I want candy! Give me! I hate you!”

    Fuck that!

    If you see someone that’s hungry, buy them lunch.
    If you are concerned about domestic violence, volunteer at a local shelter.
    If you are outraged about extremists executing women, go and write letters for amnesty.
    And if you think Hillary was cheated, start a petition to reform the primaries.
    It’s not rocket science, you know.

    That’s why the faux outrage at PUMApac pisses me of. Day after day they post these stories about women being hurt and scream about the injustice of it all, and then they go home feeling quite content, because they are fighting misogyny.
    It reminds me of a lawyer that lives near me. The guy’s filthy rich, takes on any case, no matter how questionable and every Christmas he buys of his guilt buy donating 30 Euro to charity. It’s pathetic.

  22. Why anyone would like my writing is beyond me, I keep making the stupidest mistakes.

    that’s ‘by donating’ obviously…

  23. What a strange paranoid world the bigotbot Katshatinyour hat is. The bigotbots latest rant is so stupid that I wonder how on earth it could ever be a lecturer of any economic related subject.

    I wonder when Oblow was running for president, and you know, he finally got his planet gods to decide that he should be the president–what it is they had to say to get everyone who wasn’t already owned to follow.

    Listen, we’ll pay you back for getting him to win later on. We gotta do the whole economic crisis thing in October, cause the whole anti-war schpeel is wearing off now that McCain and ‘em keep blabbing about the surge working. So, we’ll do the whole economic crisis thing to win, and then we’ll pay you back through the economic crisis recovery gimmick. Actually, this is better than we could’ve dreamed. Get the taxpayers to pay back all you crooked big wigs and then we’ll also implement all the “changes” we want for America and the rest of the world.

    Cool thing is that if America’s economic power declines, so does every other nations, so it’s like wayyyy easier to control rest of planet. Being a planet god is fun. Oh, and after I swim in my oil lagoon, could you please draw me a bath of fresh human tears, thank you.

  24. Other than the fact that I doubt how this bigotball knows how to fire anything off other than an overly pungent fart, I would guess that Murpohy may have to start making warnings about not issuing death threats against Politicians, just as the Free Republic and NoQuarter were forced to.

    jenniforhillary 03.17.09 at 3:10 pm

    I say PUMA’s need to go-a-walking and let our baseball bats and pitchforks and shotguns do the talking…..

    and instead of neighborhoods let’s walk to to Washington. And knock some ’sense’ into these fuckheads.

    I find it utterly amazing that no one is revolting, rebelling, sitting in, or zoning out. It is almost as if no one is listening. except Pumas. and Conservatives.

    I will NEVER hate anyone as much as I hate the DEMOCRAPS. Fuck bitter, bitter can’t touch what I feel. Try FUCKING PISSED OFF and FULL OF RAGE. And even that does not touch my actual feelings.

    Anyone feeling ’stimulated’ yet?????

    Hopefully some men in sharp suits may visit this dirty bigot scum. I’m sure its mother would be proud.

  25. Why anyone would like my writing is beyond me …

    This sort of clarity of expression is one reason:

    If you see someone that’s hungry, buy them lunch.
    If you are concerned about domestic violence, volunteer at a local shelter.
    If you are outraged about extremists executing women, go and write letters for amnesty.
    And if you think Hillary was cheated, start a petition to reform the primaries.
    It’s not rocket science, you know.

    You do write well, Nikki (from someone who’s read more than enough authors in his time!). You’re not alone in that around here, but you do have a unique, strong voice.

  26. Nikki, I think people who give time are the best, because while we all have varying amounts of money at various times in our life, time is the one thing that we can never replenish, and we never know how much of it we’ve got left. So when you give time to causes, you’re giving the most precious commodity, IMO. I do a little bit of volunteering these days (mentoring high school girls in a writing program, mostly), but I’m definitely more in the “write a check/write a letter” camp right now. Stories like yours, however, inspire me to think about ways to get back to where I was ten or fifteen years ago when I was much more hands-on (in part, because I had less money!)

    I’ve done volunteer coordination for arts groups and pro-choice organizations, and I can honestly say that without volunteers, nonprofits in America (and I assume elsewhere in the world) would be dead in the water. And yeah, you’re an excellent writer, to boot!

  27. […] attacked try to change the subject to Kat and her Stupid rant that I addressed the other day in the Our Response… post. None of it works and once again it shows how Stupid these Pumas are. Since Nijma loves to […]

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