Darragh Murphy Links Uncritically to Conspiratorial Bullshit. Dog Bites Man.

Murphy’s sassy black girlfriend Cinie recommends the movie “The Obama Deception,” and so naturally Murphy links to Cinie approvingly. Cinie cautions

I’m not sure I buy everything presented, or the narrative as a whole, but the film itself is worth watching.

Yes. Worth watching indeed. Frankly, though, I can’t imagine how anyone would be retarded enough to believe any of this without being gullible to believe all of it.

I made it through 40 minutes (!), but I had a hard time holding my laughter when Webster Tarpley showed up. And then when the Biderberg Group shut down the brave infowarriors by pulling a fire alarm. That was funny.

Enjoy it for yourself. Or watch 15 minutes and remind yourself what a bunch of loons these people are.

24 Responses

  1. I think it’s official that the PUMAs are now the new 9/11 Truthers (and not the new Jew, as NQ would have it). As long as something confirms their underlying prejudices, they’ll accept it, no matter the provenance.

    Alex Jones promotes insane conspiracy theories for a living, ranging from the various anti-Semetic bankers-control-the-world stories to 9/11 Truth. That the PUMAs now credibly embrace him just shows how absolutely weak their critical thinking skills are.

  2. Also, myiq1/2xu seems to have already found this post. Let the fun begin. Please, douchbag, come here and defend your complete lack of critical thinking. I beg you.

  3. No chance, Myiq doesn’t have the guts to come here.

    He’s a sanctimonious asshole and arguing with him is an exercise in futility, he tends to ‘alter’ or delete his opponents comments, use a trite and unimaginative insult and then proclaim an epic win!!!

    It’s boring, I’m done with the douchebag.

  4. Nah, Clownie doesn’t like to venture where he can’t delete or edit comments.

  5. First Rush,then Cramer, now they have a new hero:

    theamericanway 03.15.09 at 11:47 am

    “I never anticipated Dick Cheney as someone I would quote, but here’s another historic first”

    Then TAW goes on to favorably quote from Cheney’s softball CNN interview from this past Sunday. Stupid theamericanway.

  6. I’m just going to get it over with and call PUMAs what they are – whores.

    They call themselves feminists, then jump in bed with McCain. They call themselves progressives, then give figurative blowjobs to anyone who will say something nasty about Obama. It doesn’t have to be supported, factual or even partially based on reality, anything will do as long as they can link to it and claim they were “right” all along.

    Whores, every damn one of them.

  7. BillieJo 03.17.09 at 2:22 pm
    Call me a silly PUMA but I think the real comspiracy of how O’jackass got into office was primarily with the buyoff of the MSM. I don’t think it’s a considence that so many news reporters all fell in love and drank the kool-aid at the same time.
    The MSM knew Hillary could win over almost any Republican, yet they took the risk of supporting a half black, unqualified candidate just because he was the underdog or from White guilt? Or was it really as simple as Hillary is a woman????????????????
    Something smells fishy with this………

    Ok, I’ll bite, BillieJo, you are a silly, silly PUMA.
    It is a testament to the nature of your movement that this kind of racist crap is what I’ve come to expect from PUMAs. It’s kind of sad that it doesn’t bother me more…

    jenniforhillary 03.17.09 at 3:10 pm
    I say PUMA’s need to go-a-walking and let our baseball bats and pitchforks and shotguns do the talking…..
    and instead of neighborhoods let’s walk to to Washington. And knock some ’sense’ into these fuckheads.
    I find it utterly amazing that no one is revolting, rebelling, sitting in, or zoning out. It is almost as if no one is listening. except Pumas. and Conservatives.
    I will NEVER hate anyone as much as I hate the DEMOCRAPS. Fuck bitter, bitter can’t touch what I feel. Try FUCKING PISSED OFF and FULL OF RAGE. And even that does not touch my actual feelings.
    Anyone feeling ’stimulated’ yet?????

    Jenni, I may be bisexual, trust me when I say that nothing you say or do will ever stimulate me. Your particular brand of crazy turns me off faster than Larry Sinclair in your wonder woman outfit.

  8. Just don’t talk the talk, Jenni Girl! What’s stopping you from crawling out of Mommy’s House of Overpriced Dead People’s Crap and starting the violent revolution all on your lonesome? Planes go from Texas to DC every day. Don’t pack the pitchfork, though — you can probably buy one when you land. And then go right up to the White House and start screaming! All 18 Million Strong of your PUMA BFFs will be right behind you! Just as they all turned out for John McCain on Election Day!

    What’s stopping you, of course, is the fact that you’re a chickenshit insane ball o’fail. Hey, you want my address? I’ll send it to you. so you can come up here and try to “ass whup” my Little House Slave Obot ass. Kicking your hateful ass bloody would be a joy. But it wouldn’t take much. You’d start blubbering as soon as I raised a little finger to you. “MOMMY! COME SAVE ME FROM THE REAL WORLD!”

    News flash, Jennikins: Nobody cares about your fee-fees. Not your parents, who obviously only support you so they can be spared the embarassment of seeing you standing on the street with a sandwich board screaming about the Rapture or the Illuminati or some such conspiracy shit. Not Darr-ugh, who only tolerates you for the Money Train you and Mommy provide. Emotionally healthy people don’t sit around spewing hate all day at a man who has never done them any harm, and who in fact is following policies nearly identical to those espoused by your Great White Political Goddess. But “White” is the key word, isn’t it?

    If they weren’t so hateful, they’d just be sad, these PUMAs.

  9. I’m delurking now to tell you all to go fuck yourselves.
    The election was stolen from Clinton and all you fucknuts want to do is award your cornholes, bodies, and what’s little left of your brains to this project mope wanna be who is a front for the bank and a communist operative! Yes, you can be both!

    Now, I see that you’re attacking Cinie, that’s the last straw! She is a good speaker who writes well and is articulate. Look at the kudos that intelligent woman gets on her site. It takes a lot of work to copy and paste the ideas of such great thinkers like Alex. They are trying to get us to see the light of this clueless huckster who is masterminding the end of money! Malls, block buster movies , homes in the suburbs, and the freedom to buy Macintoshes are in danger because this incompetent socialist who can’t sit with his legs closed, (really, brothuman, what is the deal?) is going to kill all of that! He hates women, he hats gays (Cinie says so) and he hates America!

    I’ve been monitoring this site for quite some time, and I feel that I need to break my silence once and for all to share a little about myself in order to tell you why I stand for women.

    I was the oldest and the little man of the house. My father had left us two years prior for a young tart who worked at the billiard room at the strip mall a couple of blocks from us.
    Dad became cold and distant towards us. She knew it was over but wasn’t waiting for the shoe to drop and and we’d be left destitute in our two-story home at the cul-de-sac of deluded happiness. So she kicked his ass to the curb! It was the first time I had seen a strong woman, but it was not my last. I had fallen in love since then – with strong women.

    My mother worked as an office manager and had decided to become a paralegal and that is when she met Leroi Jenkins, a classmate of hers at the community college. I had never seen a black man up close, but I’ve seen them on the local news when they’d talk about gang bangers or rappers, or when I enjoyed basketball games with dad. Anyway, Leroi was a smooth talker, charismatic, you call it, like a certain long-legged mack daddy in the oval office. Leroi charmed his way into our home. It didn’t take long for him to start dominating our home, you know how they do, with the tough talk, and that intimidating walk? Like that. The memories of his ‘ejucatin’ me on race issues in th dark whilst mom worked late some nights still bring back painful memories.

    I have to stop now. I just can’t write anymore.

    [Added by siteowner: If it isn’t obvious, this isn’t the “real” myiq2xu. Don’t know who it was, but it’s not him.]

  10. And so the original douchebag himself joins us on our little blog. Myiq on unmoderated grounds? Pinch me, I’m dreaming.

    Or no, I’m not.

    Myiq (if that’s really you), when I originally saw you had posted here I thought you’d finally grown a pair, but alas, your comment is so stock full of self-pity and woo-is-me-ness that any criticism would come across as evil and unwarranted. Call me cynical, but I’m pretty sure that was a deliberate move on your part. Nonetheless I’ll endeavour to leave you a suitable reply.

    Firstly: Fuck you too! By now you should’ve realised even the women at the confluence have higher standards than to fornicate with the likes of you, so masturbation is the way to go.

    Let’s agree to disagree on the primary issue, shall we. You’re never going to convince me to join your special little corner of lalalah-land and I couldn’t get you to embrace reality if I forcefully inserted it into your head by performing experimental brain surgery. I just don’t feel like going there today.

    We’ll criticise Cinie all we want, I know she’s one of the more gifted writers in PUMA-land, that doesn’t stop her from being completely insane though. You should really check out some birther blogs, you wouldn’t believe the kind of support Orly Taitz and Berg are getting and they’re crazier than, well, you.
    So while PUMAs regularly tell her she’s the greatest, such praise means very little in the real world.

    Look, Obama’s not gansta, he’s not a communist and he’s not the Antichrist, he’s a politician. Nobody here is sitting on their knees in front of him, though if your obsession with his opened legs is anything to go by, you apparently wouldn’t mind sucking off “Oblowme”. (haha, I called the president of the US Oblowme, ZOMG, I’m “cool” in teh PUMA-sphere now, right?)

    I’ll end by saying that although you have at least some semblance of a reason for being an ignorant, racist, misogynistic piece of shit, that doesn’t change the fact that you’re an ignorant, racist, misogynistic piece of shit

    Sorry about your past, abuse, if that’s what happened, is a terrible thing and no child should have to suffer from it. However, you’re a big boy now, build a bridge and get over it.

  11. Okay, is somebody sock puppeting MyIQEatsPaste? Because that was just a litttle too good!

  12. I think if one of us was sock puppeting, he’d be less coherent, if that makes any sense.

  13. No fucking way was that the real miq2xu. As much as I would love to see this match, it ain’t happening here tonight.

  14. myiq, I am REALLY going to miss the malls. You’re right, this is the end of Spencer Gifts and strawberry-scented candles and Budweiser mirrors, of Sunglass Huts and Purplicious, where everything you could buy was purple. I LOVED that store!

    Did you know purple was the color of individualism and creativity? I dressed in purple head to foot from that store, and the Odepression just took them down. Now I just write in my journal and cry, but of course I did that before. But before, I did it at Beans n’ Things, and now I have to do it at home.

    You think YOU have problems.

  15. BTW, YAFB, are you having us on?

    1. “Whilst”
    2. “tart”
    3. Writing style not as choppy as if composed while riding a frisky mountain goat.

  16. “I have to stop now. I just can’t write anymore.”

    That one sentence gave it away, there is no way in hell that this assclown couldn’t write anymore. Nice try though!

  17. I don’t know who posted that, but it definitey wan’t myiq2xu.

    He’s way too afraid to venture out on uncensored comment threads.

  18. BTW, YAFB, are you having us on?

    Not guilty! 😀

    The screed above is about 481 words too long for a myiq post. A true myiq post would look something like this:

    go fuck yourselves

    or indeed

    ‹^› ‹(•¿•)› ‹^›

  19. Erm, and that was me, BTW (forgot I’d cleared my cache of PUMAcookies).

  20. There’s a certain other person whose whereabouts at the hour of 8:19 PM have yet to be determined. I had hoped it was not he, since he had once said he would not yell “Cobra!” in a cage full of mongooses (and yes, the temptation to write “mongeese” was there. I steeled myself).

    But the earth turns, the stars move on their courses, the seasons fly, and promises grow cold.

  21. Reading between the lines, I think I share your suspicions, Ms. Ulla.

    … the temptation to write “mongeese” was there. I steeled myself …

    Lynne Truss and I thank you for that consideration. I offer this article for general edification. Apart from a gratuitous slight on Irish Travelers,* I find it to be accurate, and to offer some uncanny parallels with the natural history of PUMAs:


    * I would attempt to edit that out, but the Revision history already shows “13:52, 18 January 2009 (Talk) (5 bytes) (←Replaced page with ‘Penis’) (undo)”, so I think it best to let sleeping mongooses lie.

  22. Ulla, if that wasn’t Strange up there I’ll eat my, well not my hat, but maybe a fig newton. Does anyone remember when a certain SandiCooter got a few Roasters going? And that last paragraph is priceless.

  23. YAFB, you notice how you never see a Puma and a mongoose in the same room at the same time?

  24. Mar, I was one of the ‘roasters taken in by that Sandy Cooter! Er, I mean — once bitten, twice shy. Er, I mean …oh hell.

    You are all so amusing that it’s taking away from my day job (making paid Obot posts on other blogs, duh!)

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