“At that rate Obama will be under 50% by Christmas”

Myiq2xu is one of the more odious PUMAs out there. He is as clueless and stupid as any PUMA, but where he really excells is undeserved smugness and hypocrisy. On Friday he wrote a post, between 30 of his youtube posts, where he “debunked” Obama’s recent poll strength. He tries to mock the MyDD crowd for acknowledging the fact.

He writes;

While Todd is having an obagasm over an alleged 8 point jump in Teh Precious’ approval rating, he glosses over the part that shows Obama has dropped two points in just one month. At that rate Obama will be under 50% by Christmas. He also ignores the fact that the poll shows that Obama’s “support” is extremely volatile.

This is probably the biggest piece of PUMA stupid involving statistics since the election. Let’s begin!

First, the 8 point bump is alleged? Sorry clownboy, 8 points is a statistically significant swing. That you feel the need to add the qualifier alleged really displays how deeply in denial you are. Second, Todd doesn’t “gloss over” the fact that Obama’s rating is down 2 points from the January 25th. Rather, he didn’t say that at all because it would be a tremendously idiotic observation. To begin with, 2 points isn’t a very statistically significant movement, but rather well within expected variance of such a poll. Second, the 69% approval was from immediatley after his historic inauguration. Using that as a starting point is intentionally obtuse. It’s true that after the inauguration Obama’s poll number went down 5-10 points. Of course, if myiq2xu were a bit more skilled with teh google, he may have realized that this drop was due to a 14 point drop in support amongst conservative Republicans, while he actually gained ground amongst Democrats and Independents. Of course, that would conflict with the PUMA truth that Obama has been governing as a conservative Republican. Myiq2xu just kind of glosses over that bit. Oops.

Next, the assertian that “at that rate Obama will be under 50% by Christmas.” This is my single favorite bit of PUMA math ever. As long as he’s picking trendlines based on 2 data points, why didn’t myiq2xu pick Jan 25th and Feb 23? Obama had dropped 10 points in a month at that point, and if you ignore the internals and extrapolate linearly (which is apparently the extent of myiq2xu’s mathematical prowess), Obama will have a 0% approval rating by August. 0%!
Wow! PUMAs were right all along! In 8 months literally nobody in America will approve of Obama. And “at that rate” Obama will never get reelected, because he will have a -380% approval rating by November 2012! Even Sarah Palin could get elected against an opponent with a -380% approval rating (maybe)!

Myiq2xu’s swipe at Todd for “ignore[ing] the fact that the poll shows that Obama’s “support” is extremely volatile” is also laughable. Not only is myiq2xu not in any position to critique anybody elses poll analysis, but he’s pretty much wrong here as well. A 10 point drop and rebound in 1 month would be unusual, if not for reality. Obama’s spike in support amongst people who won’t actually aupport his policies around inauguration was as predictable as sunrise, as was losing some of that support once the actual politics started. There’s nothing about the volatility of public opinion here that prevents of from drawing conclusions, such as Obama got a really nice bounce from his speech, and clearly convinced some people.

Myiq2xu continues

Personally, I don’t pay much attention to polls at any time, but right now they are meaningless. Obama’s approval rating won’t matter until the November 2010 mid-term election, and even then they aren’t an indicator of what will happen in 2012. At the two-year mark George H. W. Bush had a 90% approval rating but he lost when he ran for reelection. Bill Clinton’s approval rating was low in 1994 but he was reelected in 1996.

Here he goes again, drawing trends from 2 cherrypicked data points. If he doesn’t understand how Presidents use their approval numbers and bully pulpit to push their legislative agenda, well, then I guess he’d be a clueless fucking PUMA.

I do agree wih myiq2xu about one thing though. Anything this stupid should hurt.

Oh, PS, whats with that stupid picture? “Animatronic is what they do with teleprompter jesus in between speeches?” Maybe if you’re trying to be snarky and criticize somebody as being so uncomfortable with language that they’re lost without a teleprompter you should, oh, I don’t know, use proper fucking grammer. Animatronic is an adjective fucknuts.

UPDATE: Please note that the comments contained a couple of references to a PUMAtard by her real-life name. Although this person may have done a crappy job of hiding her identity, I don’t think she’s “out” online, so I edited the comments to remove the name. If she is out, my apologies for the heavy-handedness. Let’s just be careful about revealing people’s identities — even if they are fuckheads. Several PUMAs use their real names online (Darragh Murphy, for example), and it’s okay to refer to them as such. But let’s make sure before we use real names, okay? Thanks! [bettycrackerfl]

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  1. All I can say is that PUMAs deserve a pat on the back for being able to read or write anything. You can’t expect anyone that stupid to have even a rudimentary understanding of math or statistics.

    I think “myiqisverylow” is a master troll.

  2. MyIqis2 deserves some credit fr trying to get the basics of electoral mathematics. Of course, how was the Saint that is Bill the beloved Clinton doing after his first Xmas?

    Not so well from what I remember.

  3. Good to have you back, Mr. Pumarubbernecker.

    I saw that post too. I’m 100% certain that myiq will defend it as snark.

    Just as I’m 100% certain that if one extrapolates from TheEffluence’s current trends via Quantcast or Alexa, not only will nobody at all be reading their excremental bog by this time next month, but anyone who does try to log in there will actually bump up Rumproast and Stupid PUMA’s site views, though a combination of quantum physics and artful cheating.


  4. … and heeeeeeere’s Alexa:


    I probably don’t need to point out to people who suffer through my comments regularly that “though a combination” above should read “trhough a combination.” I can edit, but I can’t type for pumapoo.

  5. Erm …

    ““trhough a combination.”

    [gives up]

  6. LOL @ YAFB. I was given a DeNivio Edge for my birthday. Stunning keyboard, but my typing on it is atrocious. I keep going back to my old one.

    (I feel guilty as it is a £100 k/b).

    Anyway swampthings Alexa numbers both sadden and amuse me. I of course am happy to see the PUMA bigots become extinct, but they are such an easy target to poke fun at.

  7. The only people who want the President to fail are Rush Limbaugh and the Pumas. You are the company you keep. They are constantly pushing memes found on Free Republic, Townhall and Red State. It’s bizarre.

    The cesspool should do humanity a favour and take their little sewing circle to a private bulletin board. But since they suffer delusions of grandeur, they won’t. They really do believe that they are the guardians of liberalism (read my credo as riverscum is wont of noting) and the nation will turn its lonely eyes to them when Obama fails. That’s how crazy they are.

    It is really amusing to read such utter dingbattiness.

  8. That quantcast link is pretty interesting. 5% of the visitors generate 58% of the traffic.

  9. Have a look at Nothalfbigoted.


    They all show the same trend. The Rethugs had a common interest up until the election. They lost and now they are disappearing in to the same non entities that the other GOP front, the swiftboaters became. Their purpose ended in November.

  10. And this from their resident economist, dakinikat:

    One of the primary reasons that I listen to Martin Wolf is that he is English so he has no political dogs in the hunt for a return to global prosperity. His focus is purely on getting out of this mess. That is why I’m listening to him even more than Paul Krugman. Krugman may have tenure at Princeton and a Noble prize, but much of his column has to do with maintaining popularity here at home. After all, he won’t get invited to all those sexy parties if he criticizes the home team too shrilly. Brit Wolf gives the Obama economic team an English B for a grade. That would translate roughly to a D here in the United States. He says that it’s not that the talent isn’t there because it is very much there. Wolf says that there is a time that calls for bold action. This was a time when bold action could be taken. He also says what we have gotten is basically carefully parsed politics as usual which is anything but bold.

    Yeah, Paul is worried about not getting invited to parties. That’s foremost on his mind. And apparently, we are now seeing grade deflation across the Atlantic.

  11. LOL. An English B would be equivalent to a US D? I do not even want to go there.

    How much more ignorance can be displayed?

  12. I assume the spike in January at PUMA pages was from all of us checking in to see if they were going to flame out in a mass cult suicide around the inauguration. No such luck.

  13. lol Kerry. I was wondering what that spike was. Did they get a link from a real blog? I imagine it was a DKos midday link. Probably just one word; “Haha.”

  14. LOL. An English B would be equivalent to a US D?

    Yeah, not wanting to sound partisan, but WTF is that?! Oh, it’s a dakinikat article. Whole-cloth exceptionalism. Nuff said.

  15. puma=Irrelevant.

  16. The spike in January was due to a blog war with Wonkette.

  17. Oh, it’s a dakinikat article.

    And she is the one with the degree.

    They are a cult, the cult of Clinton but what’s really bizarre is how cut off they are from reality. Freepers are more in tune with reality than the Pumas.

  18. lol Kerry. I was wondering what that spike was.

    Weren’t the weblog awards in January?

  19. I totally forgot about the wonkette blogwar/weblog awards. That was hilarious.

  20. Charles, when Obama’s grandmother died, the Freeper comments wavered between 1/3 to 2/3 respectful and humane.

    PUMAs? Nothing near! 99.999999% vile, speculating on whether he killed her, etc.

    PUMA was completely outclassed by Freepers.

  21. PUMA was completely outclassed by Freepers.

    It’s pretty tough to sink lower than that without venturing into St0rmfr0nt territory.

  22. I did an experiment and googled “Obama’s grandmother, rest in peace/Free Republic” and got plenty of comments like this:
    To: ari-freedom
    let’s not get too crazy. Not everything in the world is about politics
    I agree. May she rest in peace. I’m sure she was very proud of her grandson, even though I am freaked out by him! RIP.

    40 posted on Monday, November 03, 2008 6:15:02 PM by Wonderama Mama (Socialism is great until you run out of someone elses money – Margaret Thatcher)

    The moderator removed about half the comments. They are Freepers, after all.

    I did the same thing with Pumapac–nuthin. I tried again using “Madelyn Dunham” and got one “I’m sorry Granny’s dead but BO is a liar.”

    Yep, Freepers take the humanitarian award, far and away. Stupid, Nasty Pumas!

  23. You say “Obama will have a 0% approval rating by August” as if the PUMAs wouldn’t actually claim that. They’re probably reading this post right now and thinking, So? Obama WILL have a 0% approval rating! Remember, these are the people who claimed quite seriously, as he was set to lock up the Democratic nomination, that Obama wouldn’t just lose the general election, he’d lose in “a 50-state landslide,” as in one where he loses Illinois and Hawaii.

  24. Remember, these are the people who claimed quite seriously, as he was set to lock up the Democratic nomination, that Obama wouldn’t just lose the general election, he’d lose in “a 50-state landslide,” as in one where he loses Illinois and Hawaii.

    Yup. I am surprised that they haven’t as yet launched an impeachment drive.

  25. I hadn’t seen this in a while, [Name Redacted] (dakinikat) brings back the ‘paid Obama blogger’ bullshit:
    dakinikat, on March 3rd, 2009 at 11:22 am Said:

    I’d just like to say that since this Cramer video came out, I’m seeing increased action on similar threads making me think Axelrove’s paid bloggers are out again on this point . If you go to the UTUBE link, you’ll see similar tactics ! This must be hitting home. I understand Obama’s popularity is freefalling too at the moment. I think we’re back in Axelrove’s blogzkrieg mode again!

  26. LOL @ the mathematically illiterate puma / bigot. His support is “free falling” amongst the far right conservative GOP, who of course ythe PUMA bigots now happily associate themselves with. With every other category it is increasing.

    Shatincup, can you point me to one link that suggests bloggers who support Obama are paid. I would so love to find out if I could get paid for laughing at you most perfect examples of fail.

    Do you have to practice to be so stupid or is it all part of the Great Rethug plan that those acting as PUMAs must donate their brain to the GOP via the Great Murfette?

    How is Party unity at your new found home? Are you enjoying have that dirtbag Rush as your leader?

  27. apols – @ board – I thought Dakinkat had actually posted here?

    Kind of disappointed now>

    (Mod please delete these two)


  28. Well it’s been two days. Obama’s approval rating is negative eleventy percent. Now will you all admit mydumbass is right and think before you vote?

  29. Sean M wrote:

    apols – @ board – I thought Dakinkat had actually posted here?

    Sorry, I should have made it clearer that I was pasting dakinikat’s comments.

    They’ve been pushing the “paid Obama blogger” stuff after the primaries, but this was the first time I’d seen it since the general election.
    As for opinion polls, it’s funny to see myiq or any Efflucien dissing polls. During the election, any poll that showed Obama trailing anywhere was celebrated on the Confluence as proof that McCain had the election all wrapped up.

  30. My fault – I jumped the gun, when I saw the stupidity of her name.

  31. The stupid du jour courtesy of the resident “economist” Dakinikat

    Every time Geithner opens his mouth or the President does something, the markets crash.

    Yeah, that’s what driving markets. How stupid can one be ?

  32. In the magical universe of PUMA Obama can and will be blamed for everything starting with and including the extinction of dinosaurs.

    One of the more interesting contradictions in PUMA world has always been their simultaneous heckling of Obots for thinking Obama is the messiah and insistence that he’s some kind of super villain who’s responsible for all the wrongs in the world.
    I mean either he’s an incompetent buffoon or a criminal mastermind, you can’t have it both ways.

    But then, logic has never been their strongest suit…

  33. Jangles, on March 3rd, 2009 at 1:44 pm Said:

    Why is it that PUMAs seem to be about the only ones who see these things clearly. The CPAC blowback is so clearly a diversion. It was attended by only 8500 people!!! Obots, get a life. You have just given life, hope and fame to the dead and dying.

    Another stupid du jour comment. This CPAC was the largest ever. New groups were formed including one called Youth for Western Civilization, some sort of white nationalist group. But the PUMAs think such things aren’t worth paying attention to.

  34. myiq2xu, on March 3rd, 2009 at 3:42 pm Said:

    Attacking Limbaugh won’t hurt him with his audience – it will raise his stature.

    If you want to give him what he deserves then you should ignore him

    Tying the GOP to Limbaugh hurts the GOP. That’s pretty evident. Ignoring myiq2xu on the other hand is probably sound advice.

  35. [Name Redacted] is not a professor of economics. She is an instructor and has a masters but no doctorate. So sayeth the google:

    [link removed]

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