When The Cat’s Away…

…the PUMAs will remain clueless and retarded.

Hi everyone, you might have noticed I’ve been away from the PUMA watching scene for a few weeks. Real life got more interesting (and busy), and I admit I went a quite a few days without even thinking about PUMAs.
But today I thought to myself

“Self, I wonder if anyone is FAILing on the internet.”

Surely enough, there’s plenty of fail going on. It’s almost as though they wanted me to come back!

Thanks and love to Betty Cracker and johnd. I checked in periodically and laughed my ass off at their posts. I’ve got some posts coming up, mostl dealing with how the PUMAs are trying to cope with the reality of our ambitiously progressive president (“But he didn’t sign the Paycheck Fairness Act!!! Even though it was never passed by congress, er….”), but I just wanted to pop in and say I’m back.

2 Responses

  1. I shouldn’t be surprised that the insane cesspool post of the day goes to Madamab of NYC. Today’s post is entitled “No More Taxation with Representation.” (I’m sorry but I won’t link because that will only bring them back this way en masse.)

    The question is, what are we going to do about this situation? Are we going to sit back and take it? Are we going to watch while our new “progressive” President continues to take this country in the wrong direction for women?

    Or are we going to fight? Are we going to finally join hands and scream: “No More Taxation Without Representation?”

    Dr. Violet Socks wrote in November that she was considering a tax protest. Well, how about it, ladies and gentlemen? How about we join with other like-minded groups to organize the biggest march on Washington in the history of this country? How about we start calling our representatives in Congress and telling them that we need to see REAL CHANGE in Washington, or they won’t be getting our money on April 15th? And put our feet where our mouths are?

    Sheer brilliance. First she complains that she is being taxed without representation and then goes on to recommend that people call their representatives to demand real change. Of course this is coming from a nuicase who in an interview of Harriet Christian when they were pushing Paterson to name her to the Senate starts off with the question “How did you get involved in politics? Was it 9/11?”

  2. Welcome back PUMARubbernecker. Oh do not worry the PUMA mob have been keeping themselves busy at fail.

    Everything from showing that they are not Klan, becauise the Klan was too liberal for them, to failing to return records to the FEC.

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