Worth 10,000 words

woman-lynching1This is the illustration for PUMAPAC’s “Woman Lynching Forum.” (H/T to Nikki in comments here for pointing it out.) Some brainless PUMA* took an old photo of an actual lynching and superimposed two cocktail-sipping cartoon ladies over the images of the dead African Americans depicted in the original.

Ladies and gentlemen, I submit that this illustration tells us more about the PUMA mindset than 10,000 words could. It perfectly encapsulates their unseriousness and utter cluelessness about the violent history of racism in the US, the struggle for womens’ equality and the scourge of domestic violence.

As someone who actually cares about curtailing domestic violence, as a person who has done more than whine about it on the Internet and make stupid, offensive comparisons to non-analogous situations, I can see how harmful such stunning ignorance as PUMAPAC displays here could be — its potential for trivializing political terrorism and domestic violence and its capacity for sowing the seeds of discord between natural allies. But then I remember it’s only PUMAPAC, for fuck’s sake, so it’ll come to naught as usual. Sometimes FAIL is a good thing. With PUMAPAC, it always is. Good thing they produce it in such abundance.

*Correction: Per Pistachios in comments, a brainless PUMA misappropriated a satirical image that was created by someone else.  Without apparent irony. The point still stands regardless of who actually created the image.

8 Responses

  1. And speaking of fail, Mountainsong is going to secede.

    mountainsong 02.25.09 at 10:53 pm
    I’m really having a hard time with humor tonight. I was deadly serious about my earlier post. I’m not going to let it fade away~~~it’s life a fire burning in my veins and heart.
    We have talked about a third party. How about a SECOND GOVERNMENT?
    During the Civil War there were two governments in America.
    The men dominate the present one. We could appoint Murphy and others to lead the alternate Government. One that represents and upholds our values and ideals.

    Is she serious? Why yes she is:

    mountainsong 02.25.09 at 10:55 pm
    We could utilize passive resistance to achieve our goals. Incorporate principles of mental martial arts using this present governments enrgy against itself.

    mountainsong 02.25.09 at 11:39 pm
    I nominate Murphy. Maybe, someday, we can convince Sarah and Hillary to come to work for her and for us.

    All hail the president Murphy, leader of the republic of dumbfuckinstan, capital: New Bitterz, population: 53

  2. I’ll never find it, but that image wasn’t made by a PUMA. It was appropriated from an old Democratic Underground thread by Murphy. The person who created it meant it as satire, but I guess that was lost on Murphy (what a surprise). I’m sure if you search back to the origins of the term “women lynching” at PUMA Pac, you can find a link to the DU thread.

  3. Oh look – the FEC just sent Murphy another nasty-gram:


    I think we should do a “prowl” of our own and demand that the FEC actually start fining her ass.

  4. Sigh…Dakinikat was: “…multi-napping and watching the Dow go down in response to the the State of the Union Address.”


    Well maybe it went down, after closing mind you, because of Obama’s speech that was widely applauded….or maybe it went down in response to fact that over 5 million people are now collecting unemployment you fucking moron. I’m no economist and Dakinikat isn’t either no matter what she claims she tells her “students.” Bullshit.


    There is nothing that PUMAs or Republicans would love more than for Geithner and Obama to announce that they are going to “nationalize” the banks.


    Earth to Riverdaughter: Obama is not stupid.

    Ok, thanks for letting me rant. 🙂

  5. There are two types of racists in the world: There are the stereotypical KKK, cross-burning, go-back-to-Africa racists that you see in specials on the History Channel; and then there’s the less-publicized but more-common type, the racists who have no idea they’re racists, who often even get offended when you call them racists, because they’re so stupid they think all racists are Type 1.

    The PUMAs are emphatically the latter. They’re the people who will tell you that hey, we don’t have a problem with black people, we love black people, we have black friends, but honestly, why do black people get so many special privileges? Why do we have to suffer when blacks get so many things handed to them? Nothing against them, of course, we love them, but really, those black people have it made — it’s so unfair that we don’t get what they get.

    The PUMAs are just the same old covert racists who have been around since the Civil War, but their great innovation is pitting blacks against women, a bizarre leap in logic predicated on the false assumptions that half of black people aren’t women and that the interests of blacks and women never intersect. So we get terms like “women-lynching,” calculated to minimize the crimes against black people throughout history because nobody ever talks about the problems that women have dealt with, and patently offensive posts where sexist epithets are crossed out and replaced with racist epithets, to show how the kind of language considered unacceptable when used against blacks is perfectly acceptable by society when used against women, even though, of course, it’s not.

    Frankly, their desire to be the most persecuted group of all suggests a deep masochism and self-hatred, which is actually a happy place for them to be considering they always lose at everything.

  6. A-Plus, Steve! It’s maddening when “feminists” do nothing but engage in sad little “can you top this” games of oppression, real or imagined — even as they criticize “inadequate black males” for playing the “race card.”

    Good lord, if black people had decided to throw a giant hissy fit when Jesse Jackson didn’t get the nomination and leave the Democratic party in a huff (or a minute and a huff), there would have been outcries over how “ungrateful” they were.

  7. Wow, Steve. That comment’s worthy of being front-paged.

  8. Murph also seems to have missed the WOMEN prominently in the foreground, obviously enjoying a night out at a lynching.

    Because victims can’t be victimizers. No, no, no, no. Never.

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