Guess who needs blog moderators?

The New Agenda — also known as PUMA-Lite. Some other commenters and I recently discovered just how much The New Agenda relies on moderation to stifle even mild dissent.

They’re also looking for writers and affiliate bloggers. Do you think they’ll add non-PUMAs? Nahhhhh.

Please consider this an open thread.

13 Responses

  1. “But suffice it to say that it was unanimous (less one) amongst our Founders group who are prominent women from around the country and perhaps, through our connections, we know more information than you know. Could that be?”

    My God, this sounds like Alexander Haig!

  2. It is sad that Siskind was picked by CNN as a “voice for women”. The new agenda is simply a milder form of racist than the PUMA thus she now hangs out with. Siskind remains a “reporter” at NoQuarter and therefore associates with vile comments about the First Lady, Nancy Pelosi and any other woman who is not a card carrying hard right Rethug.

    There is absolutely nothing the President could do to not make her feel “disappointed”, because she voted for McBush.

    It (as RR Amy no longer has a gender because hate has eaten right through it) has no claim to being anything other than an extremist Republican and they do NOT speak for women.

  3. I love it when conspiracy theorists complain about conspiracy theorists:

    TheRealKim, on February 25th, 2009 at 4:50 pm Said:

    My pet peeve is when conservative, republican men think that we can get along and maybe even date. They talk about what wonderful discussions and debates we can have have, then start telling me all about Vince Foster, Whitewater and their stupid tin-foil hat theories. Drives me crazy and makes me really mean.

  4. Some poor unfortunate soul is attempting to have a rational discussion with the masses at PUMA-pac, needless to say she’s failing miserably. PUMAs aren’t very welcoming, are they?
    Then again, I’m afraid she’s not making too much sense herself, might just be a product of the lovely and encouraging environment.

    jenniforhillary 02.25.09 at 6:59 pm
    women who support obama should be ass whupped. a lot. and then some more. and then again. and again. and again.
    sickening. truly and absolutely fucking sickening.
    get some therapy. wake up. or go away.

    Also, today for the first time ever I clicked on the link to their woman lynching forum.
    As a result I would like to nominate the following photoshop picture for John’s new archive:

    Who the fuck makes those things anyway? And oh my lord, it’s titled womanlynching1. That means they have more, perish the thought…

  5. Thanks for that Nikki, I will add that to my dwp photoshop area. BTW, is now ready for viewing, everyone go and check it out and make sure you watch the whole intro at least once to see all the quotes and hear the radio interview mash up. Keep in mind that the site is always a work in progress with a bunch more content to be added, anyone have any racist photo’s or drawings from dwp or others please let me know so I could add them.

  6. Yeah, J4H, just try it. One tap on the cheek from me and she’d run crying home to Mommy like the useless permanently dependent piece of shit that she is.

    And do I even need to ask if any of the other PUMAs “gently” call her out on this? No? You mean Nijma LIED to us? How unlike a PUMA to be a lying, hypocritical, cowardly piece of puke.

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  8. Did anyone else spot this funny from the bitter bigots swimming with the swamp monster?

    myiq2xu, on February 26th, 2009 at 3:59 pm Said:

    how many blogs do they have obsessing on Pumas to date?

    I think there’s only about 5 blogs that are full time PUMA stalkers, which is funny because the anti-PUMA group is only about 10 people total, maybe less if they’re using sockpuppets.

    dakinikat, on February 26th, 2009 at 4:06 pm Said:

    they all seem to be set up and frequented by the same small group of people
    TheRealKim, on February 26th, 2009 at 4:08 pm Said:

    Maybe they are thinking that since the site we don’t talk about, won a little award (by cheating), they will be able to do the same, get some advertisers and become rich, RICH I TELL YOU!!

  9. Why yes, maybe we could get rich enough to singlehandedly pay off HRC’s campaign debt! ROAR!

  10. As the FEC is now sending Darhag warning letters for not filing the PUMAPAC annual report, maybe the FEC should also investigate the $6 million claim. Which even given Bigot Bowyers claim to have all been an “innocent” mistake because of PUMA misspeaks, it was a way of undermining a Presidential candidates campaign finances.

  11. Ever-observant Riverbottom hasn’t noticed that none of the anti-PUMA blogs ask for money, unlike PUMIMPACTED and that horrible Effluents or whatever-it-is.

  12. Well, it was the Effluencers that were all excited by misinterpreting the number of hits their bog was getting and the consequent valuation.

    Rough-and-ready, but Quantcast and Alexa stats possibly reveal what lies behind their current sense of desperation regarding “outreach”:


    Nice January blip there, which I think coincided with myassininity2xu’s thwarted attempts to drive women’s rights back into the dark ages where they belong. Maybe he needs to stage another masterstroke of fail to drive some more traffic.

    Now the fool’s screening the Ziegler/Palin Youtube, along with a hilarious disclaimer, and madamab burbling that Ziegler maybe “used to be a misogynist.”

    You couldn’t make it up. Well, maybe you could, because it’s so predictable. And it’s so gratifying to see how Kevin’s gotten under his skin, judging from the comments.

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