Oh stewardess, she speaks jive…

You know the most awful thing Obama did last year? I mean, aside from casting every single woman in the US into a pit of patriarchal pessimism from which we will not emerge for 10,000 generations?

He robbed us of a brave phalanx of freedom fighters who were actively confronting and resolving race relations — a group that indeed may have been on the very brink of realizing Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream — when their activities on behalf of  Teh Colored were cruelly terminated by the conduct of the Democratic primary.

I speak, of course, of the PUMAs, those noted civil rights stalwarts who contributed so much to the betterment of race relations until last year. More in sorrow than anger, Boss Murphy assessed Attorney General Eric Holder’s controversial speech on the topic, in which he accused Americans of cowardice on the race issue. Her sad lament:

It’s not that I’m a coward about confronting racism, and I imagine most Pumas are the same, it’s that after watching what happened in the Democratic primaries — the fraud, the backroom dealing, the misogyny — I just COULDN’T CARE LESS anymore. Which is the saddest thing of all.

Yes, it’s sadder than you may realize, because Boss Murphy has amazing powers that allow her to interpret Negro speech for white audiences. She has the ability to divine opposite meanings from identical words spoken by Teh Colored, abilities that are rare in pallid little flounders such as herself. Behold:

Now who is this “we” he’s talking about, this “we” who must “be able to accept criticism”? Is he referring to white people? Doesn’t seem likely as Holder is black. Maybe he means ALL Americans, that all of us must be able to accept criticism? My hunch is that he was talking to black listeners in that line (unconsciously betraying an “us versus them” mentality that we are all susceptible to). He was reminding black people that discussion of racism is a two-way street. THOSE white people are the cowards, but WE black people also have to be willing to hear some criticism if we want to talk honestly with white people about racism.

So according to Murphy, when Holder said “we have always been and I believe continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards,” the “we” referred to WHITE people. But when he said “we have to be able to accept criticism,” the “we” referred to BLACK people.

Sadly, we’re likely to be deprived of such stunning insights in the future, as Murphy “COULDN’T CARE LESS anymore” and will probably leave the dusky hordes tragically uninterpreted. I hope you’re happy, Obambi and Axelrove.

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  1. In Murphy’s mind, racism only exists to minimize sexism and misogyny. How dare the negros usurp her victimhood.

  2. And if only Hillary Clinton had been elected, then sexism and misogyny would have magically disappeared and the PUMAs wouldn’t have had anything to worry about. /snark

    The PUMAs are in the same category of numbnuts who screech that “the blacks” were being “racist” for voting in overwhelming numbers for Obama — ignoring the fact that historically black voters have supported, in large percentages, the Democratic candidate, regardless of said candidate’s race. And hey, seems like the Dem every other year has been a white dude, so are black voters racist? Um, not really. Unlike PUMAs, most black voters don’t seem interested in wasting their vote in counterproductive vindictiveness.

    Whereas, if you are white and refuse to support a black candidate whose positions are nearly identical to those that you claim to espouse (Murphy is still a GOP ratfucker as far as I am concerned, given her demonstrated financial support for McCain but none for Dem candidates), and indeed support the ticket that opposes everything your preferred candidate stands for, then I think it’s fair to assume that racial bias is the key to understanding your behavior.

    But who really wants to understand PUMAs? So much better to point, laugh, and be thankful not to be such an idiotic impotent sad sack.

  3. “The PUMAs are in the same category of numbnuts who screech that “the blacks” were being “racist” for voting in overwhelming numbers for Obama…”

    Of course, that meme did come up in the comment thread. And Boss Murphy offered this gem as well:

    “…10 times out of 10 when a black politician claims to want to have a 2-way conversation about race (which as I said above is WAAY too limited) what he really means is a one-way street. One way: blacks express anger (no matter how exaggerated, half-baked, justified, or one-sided) and whites listen.

    Nuance, context and an open mind are required of white people when they listen to black people who say angry things, express bitterness or rage, or see the world in a black/white fashion because of their personal experiences, but by that same token, white people are ALSO supposed to speak and think with a nuanced understanding of history, context, and social dynamics and IGNORE their own personal experiences.

    I guess that would be TOO HONEST for people like Holder.

    Not fair.

    I’m glad they’re finally abandoning all pretenses.

  4. Good to see this featured, Betty. I’d been minded to nominate the whole thread – including a few bravura performances from jenniforhillary, to widespread applause – for John’s new website.

    Never in the history of conflict has so much self-justificatory racist claptrap been uttered by so few.


    Perhaps it’s time to tell Rumproast special agent Darragh that his work is done and he can come home with the money. The NY crew can either give it to a charity or buy a round of drinks.

    Seeding the idea in his post that it’s now fine to say that you don’t give a fig about racism without having to encode the message, as long as you claim that once upon a time you did, just took it too far for credibility to survive. Our other “in deep” agents obviously misread the cue and went for it big time.

    I probably don’t need to remind you, Betty, that in Phase 3 the idea was that they were supposed to concern troll at strategic points to offer variants on, “No, Darragh, opposition to oppression is so entrenched in me that as a PUMA I can’t just discard those values because some guy in power says something. LOLOL”

    As it was, once Darragh boobed by including the “don’t care” in his post (the attempted cover-up in his first comment was quick thinking, but too late), they all panicked at this sudden jump to Phase 9 and went with the flow, so the game’s up. We need a conference call ASAP.

    It’s a shame to see such a seasoned operative jumping the shark so blatantly, but I’m sure we’ve all made fatal missteps while on lengthy undercover assignments, so I won’t be pointing fingers. [/secretroom]

  5. Um, Betty – there seems to be a “tag problem” in my above post. For obvious reasons, I’d be grateful if you’d sort it out ASAP!!!

  6. Hilarious, thanks Betty.

  7. Aw jeez, I decided to check out PP before I leave the office and Murph done went and upped the crazy. I guess when all you have is outrage, people become desensitized and you have to keep going farther.


    I love how she qualifies her fear mongering. Anyone with a 6th grade education should see through that crap. How are there really people that believe her gibberish? Where are these people, West Virginia? (Apologies to non-dumb, non-racist West Virginians)

  8. Any attempt at a meaningful observation from me is probably even more redundant than normal, except that (a) I doubt The Clash have given her permission to use that video for right-wing propaganda purposes, and (b) she wouldn’t have survived two minutes in a moshpit debate on economics in any era, even if the other participants were completely off their heads on alcohol, poppers, downers, psychedelics, and food poisoning from the meat pies at half-time, all the while lobbing spitballs onto the stage as they reached for the next in a long line of Embassy Regal.

    Hey, times are hard. She needs the money.

  9. The Paid Pumaqueen made the mistake of wallowing in some schadenfreude about the fuss kicked up by Scatelli’s I’m Not My Neighbor’s Keeper mortgage rant this morning.

    Ur-Puma Taggles did not like, though she didn’t, of course, directly attack Murphy. I do know that at least one PUMA has said online that she lost her house, one she’d been living in for 25 years. So Murphy’s lazy opportunism seems meaner than usual. I think it hit a little close to home for Taggles:

    taggles1 02.20.09 at 4:13 pm
    Rant on:
    Santelli is a scum sucking piece of shit.
    To blame the homeowner for this is the biggest bunch of bullshit ever to hit the airwaves. It is insulting. He is the LOSER. Not the American who lost a job and can’t afford their mortage because fuckin assholes on wall street bought insurance policies on mortgages in hopes they would fail increasing exponentially the loss to banks and investors on wall street who were high on the hog when the market was good. Speculator were allowed to buy Credit Default Swaps (insurance) on mortgages they held no risk in. Each failed mortgage in turn was not the one initial loss, it was spread tens, hundreds of times over to assholes who hoped you wouldn’t be able to pay. So they could collect on an insurance policy.
    That is like every one in town being allowed to buy a million dollar insurance policy on 90 year old Hank and hoping that the old coot would die sooner rather than later because what you paid into premiums was a good risk. You knew you would never pay 1M for the policy. But the insurance company and bank would be on the hook for it.
    Fuck off Santelli.
    I am angry because fuckers like this get americans to blame their neighbors, when its shits like him who caused this nightmare.
    Credit Default Swaps explained in 5 easy minutes:

    Rant off.

    I suppose those PUMAs who get to stay in their homes thanks to help from the mortgage bill will not trumpet their gratitude on PUMAPAC.

  10. You people (and I use that term very loosely) really hate America, don’t you?

  11. HumboldtBlue, on February 20th, 2009 at 6:32 pm Said:

    You people (and I use that term very loosely) really hate America, don’t you?

    No just the hard right Republicans and their stupid front, PUMA. So glad to see them keep failing.

    It is teh far right that hates America and has done everything to destroy it. While they were at it, they took the World with them.

  12. I never thought I’d say this, but go Taggles!

  13. I don’t know how much PUMA PAC kitties are paying for their server plan, but the site’s been down overnight. Where do they all go when they can’t get on? (They do have their old blog site as a bolthole, but even that’s tumbleweed city at the moment.)

    Meanwhile, at The Effluence, myiq jumps in on the Santelli debacle, focusing on ex-PUMA Charles Lemos’s MyDD article. I offer this as a prime example of the tortuous, dishonest “logic” that passes for debate over there: http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/charles-lemos-poisons-the-well/

    Even when we disregard the factual inaccuracies (Nixon pursued a “southern strategy” and the Boston busing riots took place during the Ford administration) there is a major problem with Chuckie’s argument: Santelli didn’t say anything remotely racist.

    I’m not defending Santelli, I’m criticizing Chuckie for using a right-wing tactic to delegitimize opponents. That tactic is called “poisoning the well“.

    I see. He rambles on:

    Rather than address Santelli on the merits, Chuckie accuses him of racism, thereby rendering anything Santelli says invalid. To support this accusation Chuckie relates his own alleged experience with “white ethnics” …

    He then gives a quote from Lemos describing his experiences on Wall Street, followed by:

    Notice that Chuckie says they were foul mouthed rabid conservatives, but he doesn’t actually say they were racists. However it’s obvious that we’re just supposed to infer that they are. Poisoning the well is the same tactic used by right wingers when they accuse liberals of hating America. Do we really want to be like them?

    OK. So – let me check this – “he doesn’t actually say” that they were racist, but you insist on saying that he said that they were …?

    I believe that is a classic specimen of the “straw man” – “A straw man argument is an informal fallacy based on misrepresentation of an opponent’s position.” – I know that myiq is familiar with the tactic since he accuses others of doing it all the time.

    The penultimate stab:

    This isn’t the first time Chuckie has made false allegations of racism. When he left the PUMA movement he falsely accused us of racism too. But the real reason Chuckie left us was he concluded from polling data that Obama was going to defeat McCain and he wanted to jump on the bandwagon before it was too late. (we still have the emails he sent)

    And, of course, this isn’t the first time that myiq has made false accusations of false accusations of racism as a rhetorical device.

    The coup de grace:

    But the only racism I see is Charles Lemos’ bigoted statements about “white ethnics.”

    Yes, myiq, I’m pretty sure that is the only racism you see. I can’t imagine why anyone would call you racist and decide to disassociate themselves from you. There obviously must be an ulterior motive.

  14. And fans of blatant hypocrisy my enjoy this:


    Chuckie is now deleting comments at MyDD challenging his factual inaccuracies, including some by Dakinkat, our Conflucian Professor of Economics. Copies of some of the deleted comments can be found here.

  15. “Conflucian Professor of Economics.” That’s priceless! I’m thinking the full title is “Conflucian Professor of Economics at the University of Failure.”

    I think Lemos is correct when he argues that my!iq, dakattack, and the other puma commenters, are engaged in the politics of destruction. It’s not hard to understand why they look like Republicans to the world-wide non-puma community.

  16. “Conflucian Professor of Economics at the University of Failure.”

    Heh. I asked this at Rumproast: Is she the same person who has a weird fixation on being discriminated against because she’s “shanty Irish”?

  17. Betty, the very same. After she said that “you probably think I won’t understand unless you yell at me in an Irish brogue”, what could Iwe do but yell at her in an irish brogue?

    There are more than a few PUMA academics, which really is causing me to question lowered standards at our universities and grading on the curve. There’s also a saying my friend’s grandmother used to quote at him: “As smart as you are, that’s as dumb as you are.”

  18. This is classic MyIQ=2.


    …says the man who ruthlessly edits or erases any comments not supporting his narrow world view.

    What a fucktard.

  19. “…says the man who ruthlessly edits or erases any comments not supporting his narrow world view.”

    Not to mention the man who told my wife to go fuck herself right there on The Confluence back in November, with no recriminations of any kind from ANYONE on that blog.

    I wonder is he is also one of the “finest legal minds…as front pagers and contributors to this blog” that RD refers to in today’s post.

  20. What, MyIQ2, the great feminist? And, by the way, victim of the patriarchy. He was trying to convince Egalia of the Tennessee Woodswomen or whatever that blog is, of his victimhood as he simultaneously bashed and slavered over Jon Favreau’s girlfriend, whose long Italian name I disremember.

    The woodswomen riddled him with buckshot, followed him to the Effluents, or whatever that awful place is called, and continued to pepper him until he could get his finger on the delete button.

  21. Classic Riverdaughter, lol:

    I suspect the reason that Obama won’t nationalize, or won’t until the second before Armageddon, is because the bankers hold his junk in their hands.

    Unsubstantiated conspiracy theory – check
    Exaggerated imagery – check
    Graphic sexual innuendo re: Obama – check.

  22. And there you have it, brilliant summation, Pete. I remember after I think it was the first Presidential debate, RD’s searing, incisive commentary: “Well, his cock didn’t fall off, so they’ll say he won.”

  23. So MyIQEatsPaste gets all haughty about people using “STFU” as a debating tactic, and less than 24 hours later we have this on Effluence:


    note the embedded youtube.

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