Camel’s Ass

Our pal Kevin at Rumproast is going through a tough time right now. His beloved pet is very ill, and the prognosis is not good. He posted a brief notice about it earlier this week at Rumproast by way of explanation for his infrequent posting.

Our occasional PUMA commenter Nijma apparently saw that post and was inspired to download and Photoshop a picture of the ailing pet over the word “Obey” at her blog today. The name of the image file? “kevinobeypuma2.png” Nice, huh?

I think this incident tells us all we need to know about Nijma. The curiosity around her at first was understandable because she claimed to want to engage in dialogue and has a blog that apparently wasn’t always devoted to hating on Obama.

But she quickly demonstrated that she isn’t really interested in dialogue, and this decision to Photoshop a dude’s gravely ill pet seems, well, creepy. For that reason, I intend to stop giving her the attention she craves, and I recommend that y’all do the same.

37 Responses

  1. Once again: PUMA = Piece of Shit.

    Imagine having to go through life being that pathetic.

  2. Yeah, done with her.

  3. Sick. I made a mistake thinking she wasn’t entirely taken over by hate.

  4. Yeah, and this is from the woman who so piously said:
    Pumas do try to help each other get to a place where they are feeling whole. People who feel whole do not strike out . I don’t see that kind of moral compass with the Rumpsters. They just laugh and point and think cruelty is funny.

    Eat shit and die, you miserable sack of psychotic puke.

  5. Damn, Murphy is dumb. She hasn’t filed a quarterly report with the FEC since July, but she’s willing to “prowl” the FEC about Obama’s finances:

    Hypocrisy is apparently a staple in the Murphy household.

  6. Classy, Nimja. Here’s to hoping your PUMA pals keep trashing on you and yours.

    assalamu alaikum

  7. Her life must be truly sad.

  8. It is useless to try to reason with or to understand these PUMAs. They run from right to left, linking to anyone from either direction who is critical of Obama. There is no logic to their various rants. The only commonality amongst the PUMAs is their total and senseless hatred of Obama.

  9. MyIQ=2 provides us with his latest rant:

    So Karl Rove, while being a despicable human being, is now a great guy by virtue of his opposition to Obama, and after all it was the GOP that “picked” Obama so they could take a breather and easily regain power in ’12.

    Damn, that’s crazier than usual.

  10. MyIQ=2

    FWIW, this guy strikes me as a classic old school troll, someone not only willing to be provocative for the lulz, but dedicated to playing as many readers as he can for as long as he can. I can’t say why anyone would devote so much of their life to such an activity, but I’m pretty sure MyIQ hasn’t written a sincere word yet. I suppose the comedy lies in how many of the PUMAs he’s convinced to take him seriously.

  11. FFJ – I was thinking that too. Sometimes he posts wildly sexist stuff out of the blue. It is funny to watch the rationalization that follows especially since PUMAs are the authority on all things sexist. Then he posts some more anti-Obama stuff and all is forgiven.

  12. Nimja has to be one of the saddest of them all. She seems to be one of those people who want to be loved by the PUMA bigots and so will do anything obnoxious to try it. Her continued support of PUMA groups after the real dirty bigots tore into her just amazes me.

    I think she was excited to be a member of an online group, she reminds me of the Dave Chapelle stint of the blind, black KKK member.

  13. “Hey, Darragh. I think I figured out how to keep those *bleep*s at RumpRoast and StupidPumas from mocking us all the time and start taking us seriously.”

    “Really, Nijma? Tell me more, I’m interested.”

    “Oh, it wasn’t too hard. I just had to lurk on RumpRoast until I saw one of their commenters post a pic of his pet, and then I abandoned all sense of compassion, shame and basic human decency in the name of schlepping together a crude insulting photoshop of the beastie. They’ll never be able to laugh at me again!”

    “Egads, Nijma! That’s brilliant! Can you show me how to photoshop one of their heads onto the body of the Stamford chimp?”

    “Sure thing, Darragh. Sure thing.”

  14. And she proves my point: She is no better than the least among them.

    Fuck you, Nijma, cowardly little puss that you are. She deserves whatever ridicule we can throw her way. Idiot.

  15. Sorry to hear about little Hubcap’s illness. The image is a takeoff of one in the rumproast archives. The comments there do not indicate that she is sick at all, on the contrary, the other commenters seem to be offering reassurance that there is nothing at all wrong with a cat putting out its tongue like that. She may be small, but I can see she has the heart of a Puma. I am not doing too well myself at the moment–in spite of a week of antibiotics I am not still not able to keep food down at all–so I assure you our Puma hearts beat as one. Salamtek to brave Hubcap and of course Allah Selmick.

    Since Hubcap is in everyone’s prayers today, let me offer a second image I was playing with that didn’t work out the way I had hoped. (in my URL) Perhaps the slogan will not be appreciated by certain readers, but the image is in some ways better. Anyone may feel free to use either image with or without attribution.

    BTW, I didn’t understand the comments that were left on another thread about my late husband.

  16. Nijma, the link to the cat picture was in Kevin’s description of her illness, which appeared yesterday. Your Photoshopped manipulation appeared today. You’re taking PUMA blinkeredness to unexplored depths to claim ignorance of her condition. Except that your claim is unbelievable. And what you did was vile.

    Nor has anyone here said word one about your husband, except to note that people here, unlike PUMAPAC, aren’t anti-Muslim, and that you seem to have a need to hang around with people who slam Muslims.

    I want nothing more to do with you.

  17. Speaking of idiocy, its apparently white supremecist day over at the PAC:

  18. So they’re going with “It’s racist, but we don’t care–it’s sad the way HE made us suffer so much that we don’t care about racism any more!”

  19. Nimja, if there was anyone that could even potentially be accused of referencing your husband on here, I would say you probably should point the finger at me, solely. It is simply because I had mistaken you for “Sonic Nija Kitty” who has a Muslim Husband and who frequents NoQaurter. A blog, beloved of PUMAs.

    I regret any offence so caused, so if it was me, I do offer very humble apologies.

    I would however wish to draw your attention to the comments made by the delightful people you associate with.

    Have a read of the comments to see how much your fellow “PUMAs” think of Muslims.

  20. Is the comment from the bigot HP Boston a death threat?

    HP Boston 02.19.09 at 10:29 am

    BUT, BUt the stimuloss WAS written by a bunch of MONKEY’S!!!!

    They should all be shot, or we can make it an honor thing and cut off their heads!
    Who cares if they scream racist…like the boy who called wolf…it is way overdone, who cares!

  21. And this is also somewhat worrying from the bigot jenny4hill

    “The stimulation bill is so horrid, so scary, and so terrible for this country I am getting more bitter every day. not racist, bitter. very very bitter. extremely fucking bitter. better watch out bitter. not gonna ever vote democrap again bitter. read my lips bitter. fuck you all bitter.”

  22. Nijma, if you read this, do you really want to associate with people who say this “Read my lips. Have gun will shoot anyone who comes near me with burka,”?

  23. If I may interject here, I believe Nijma is a Christian of Arabic decent.

  24. the delightful people you associate with

    Sean, you seem to have mistaken me for someone else. At least I’m going to take your statement at face value and assume it was an honest mistake and that you are not intentionally collecting fake grievances. I do not blog at the place you link to and never have. I don’t even read that blog.

    More about my name in my URL.

  25. Fair play gimmeabreak, but she is also from looking at her blog, supposedly not an arms out brigade Muslim hater, yet she still chooses to associate with the most disgusting racists seen outside of strormfront.

  26. Nijma, I refer you to an earlier link by gimmeabreak;

    If you are a Christian of Arabic origin, I really do not see how on earth you would wish to be associated with a group like that. Do not think that the “send them all back comment” just referred to African Americans.

    The comments on the PUMAPAC site are a disgrace to anyone who even pretends to have supported the Democratic Party.

  27. Should I add links to TexasDarlin, who associates with “techdude”, a poster at Stormfront, or similar posts at swampdauhgter at the flatulence?

    Or should I just quote what one of the chief PUMA bigots, SusanUnPc, said of PUMAs?

    “What’s going on? Are some of the more rigidly hard-core going a little nutso because he really is going to be president and they’re incapable of coping with that fact? Must be. ”

    “I shied away from the Puma groups long ago. Some loose coalitions can be alright, but this one was too loose. I saw hardcore rightwingers getting a pass, and that was not for me. “

  28. my last comment went in the spam filter

  29. Gee, let’s see, J4H — you all didn’t vote “Democrap” in November, right? What a disaster that turned out to be for Nobama, what with his 52% of the popular vote (Mr. Hillary never broke 50%) and his 365 electoral votes, plus those sweeping victories in the House and Senate.

    Also, if you live in Texas, your alleged Dem vote is probably going to be erased by two GOP vote anyway. So yeah, keep making those empty threats, PUMAs! We all know how powerful you pussies are! We don’t WANT you Dixiecrat trashy pieces of shit on our side, okay? Go join the Klan so you can all finally feel at home.

    But then, I guess I’d be pretty bitter, too, if I had to go through life as a stupid, evil, racist, lying, hypocritical piece of fail dependent upon the goodwill of my parents for my material support.

  30. try again nijma; the only spam filter on here is try not to put two urls in. This is NOT A PUMA BIGOT site.

  31. No, I’m truly sick now, maybe one of your moderator can take it out.

    The WordPress spam filter can be very aggressive for unknown reasons.

  32. I am a lowly poster; I have had one awaiting moderation so i reposted, without URLs and it worked.

  33. REGARDING POSTS IN SPAM FILTER: I’m not an expert on WordPress, but I think posts with more than one URL or posts with extremely long or suspicious (to WordPress) URLs get automatically routed to the spam file. I don’t think anyone but the blog owner (not me) can take them out. I have not edited or deleted comments and will not do so except under extreme circumstances, e.g., posts that reveal people’s personal information or something of that nature.

  34. No, I’m truly sick now

    Now? Nijma, you’ve been “truly sick” ever since you decided to throw in your lot with the Klanswomen in the PUMAs

    Let me break it down for you: No one here likes you. No one here respects you. No one here has “secret PUMA leanings” that you can bring out through your awesome Buddha powers of compassion or insight or whatever-the-fuck you flatter yourself that you possess. We’re all a lot smarter than you, in case you hadn’t noticed, Shitbrain.

    But unlike the horrifying racist sack-of-shit psychos you hang out with whose approval you pathetically crave, we’re at least polite enough to point out that we have no use for your lying, sniveling, hypocritical impotent ass. Maybe because we’re not seeking donations, unlike Darragh the Ratfucking GOP Fraud, so we don’t have to pretend that your shit doesn’t stink.

    You fucking knew that Kevin’s cat was ill when you posted that crap, and you thought, pathetic piece of ass-fuck that you are, that you could score some cheap points with your xenophobic hateful vindictive harpie moronic PUMA “friends” by mocking somebody else’s pain. And I would point out — again — that the Rumproasters have made a policy of not going after PUMAs when it’s made public that they have a lot of personal shit going on.

    So… once again: we win. You lose.

    I don’t care if you go away angry. Just go the fuck away. Nobody here cares about your delusional loser PUMA life.

  35. What, three days and my comment is still in moderation? The WordPress spam filter is not at all difficult to use. I guess I can draw my own conclusions.

  36. RE: SPAM FILTER: Like I said, only the blog owner can take comments out of moderation, and the blog owner has not been around for the past few days. As hilarious as it is to listen to a PUMA whining about moderation, you can easily get around it: Just repost without multiple and/or lengthy URLs, and it should go through instantly. Or just fuck off. I don’t really care one way or another.


    What Betty said about “fuck off.” I’d just add “and die.” Then you can interpret it as a “death threat” and feed your fucked-up pathetic “I’m a vulnerable widdle victim of vaginahood!” psychosis.

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