Not a Word

Not a word over at  pumapac or NIJMA’s site about this offensive, racist cartoon.  Had this been Hilary’s cardboard cutout instead of a chimp and the comment cloud said , “you lost, get over it”, there would be e-mail’s, letters and faxes going out by the tens of tens and calls for NOBAMA to do something about the New York Post! I have news for you pumapac, your silence speaks wonders about your racist views. F**k the Post and the PUMA’s!


16 Responses

  1. Pretty vile. I can’t wait to see what tortured non-apology apology of the “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” variety comes out. If any. It IS the Post, after all.

  2. PUMA had nothing to say when those Staten Island hoods went on an Election night rampage, shouting “Obama!” as they beat a young black man.

    But did anyone expect them to denounce an actual, violent hate crime against a flesh and blood male-type human?

    I award them, for conspicuous blinkeredness, the Backwards B. With poison oak clusters.

  3. It’s worse than that, Kerry. They don’t even acknowledge the possibility that anyone could reasonably be offended:

    Editor-in-Chief of New York Post Col Allan said: “The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy.”

  4. Myiq=2 is defending it by pointing out that Bush was frequently compared to a chimp and Tennessee Guerrilla PUMA is comparing it to the cardboard faux-grope.

  5. Perhaps MyIQEatsPaste and Bitter Redneck Hag could point out where Bush-the-Chimp and Cardboard Hillary were shown with two fatal bullet holes in them.


  6. All that is left of PUMA are Republicans that want to moan and groan.

  7. Hello? Pelosi wrote the pork bill. The chimp in the cartoon is the one who wrote the pork bill.

    Racist? No. Only to those who somewhere in their racist minds still see balck people as chimps and assume that every political cartoon that has a chimp in it is referring to obama. So, you are the racists, not the cartoonist.

    Get a grip, whitey.

  8. I love how Confluence, not even a week ago, lambasted an editorial cartoon depicting a female donkey with octuplet piggies each labeled “stimulus package.” Yet this, where police officers are casually discussing shooting a Democratic monkey like its no big deal is defended.

    Hypocrites. A pox on all of them.

  9. Jimbo, blithering moron that you are, you are probably unaware that before Hitler appropriated the swastika as a symbol of the 3rd Reich, it was Hindu symbol of good luck. But the whole Nazi thing kinda tainted the swastika’s utility as a good luck charm, at least among sentient beings in the Western world. Any brain dead idiot American or European who sports a swastika today while telling people not to get all huffy about it because it’s just a Hindu good luck symbol would be rightly thought either a liar or too stupid to breath.

    Similarly, anyone who has even a rudimentary understanding of racism in the US and the symbolism associated with it should have known this cartoon was a bad idea. The bill was authored by numerous people, but it’s most closely associated with Obama. You don’t have to be a racist to see that juxtaposing legislation signed by our first black president with that authored by a dead chimp is in poor taste — ripe for being misconstrued if nothing else. You just need an ability to make simple connections. Oh, and an IQ slightly higher than room temperature (in an igloo), which is why is sailed over your head.

  10. Oh man, Sarah at Corrente has stooped to citing VDare to prove all Muslims are teh evil. (Link).

  11. Jimbo, I leave the reasoned explanations to Betty. I’m just dropping in to say “Get cock cancer and die in horrible miserable screaming pain while the entire universe stands around and pisses in your open sores and laughs.”

    And I came up with that all on my lonesome — I didn’t have to get my marching orders and talking points from my Stormfront overlords.

  12. “Not a word over at pumapac”

    Let me help out a little with the factchecking: while myiq2xu took a nuanced approach, the pumas on the thread last night were more unequivocal about saying it was indeed racist.

    They also correctly attribute it to the Washington Post–the same guy owns the Jerusalem Post, formerly the Israeli government’s official mouthpiece–so is anyone surprised? Making a big deal about it is just going to sell a lot of newspapers for Rupert Murdock.

  13. Nijma, this appeared in the New York Post, which is indeed owned by Rupert Murdoch. The Washington Post is owned by the Washington Post Co. (the Graham family).

  14. My sister pointed out something that hadn’t occurred to me: isn’t this cartoon also likely to piss off police organizations, inasmuch as it implicates them in an “accidental” shooting of the president? (Or even “Pelosi,” if one takes the Jimbo Moron reading of it.)

    Can’t imagine the cops are happy about this depiction.

  15. I don’t know how they manage to do it, but the PUMAPAC thread is actually quite an original take on racism.

    From the paid PUMAQUEEN Darragh herself:

    “It’s not that I’m a coward about confronting racism, and I imagine most Pumas are the same, it’s that after watching what happened in the Democratic primaries — the fraud, the backroom dealing, the misogyny — I just COULDN’T CARE LESS anymore. Which is the saddest thing of all.”

    Publicly admitting something like “I know it’s racist, but I don’t care” could be considered refreshingly honest, I suppose. And caring about two kinds of injustice at once would certainly exhaust most PUMAs’ meagre store of sentience.

    The Sullen Grievance Farmer has certainly harvested a repellant crop.

  16. No, Darragh, the saddest thing of all is you thinking anyone gives a green shit about your racism. We all know that you’re a racist GOP ratfucker liar and hypocrite. Misogyny has been around for a while. Why did it take a black man running for president for it to suddenly become so important to you?

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