Descent into Irrelevance


Always happy to help the PUMA’s become even more irrelevant, not that they really needed my help,  I am starting a web page dedicated to pumafail.  I have been away for a while taking a vacation from the whole puma thing as I was starting to look at the homeless bag ladies in an unfavorable light thinking that maybe one of them was DWP or Jenn4Hill approaching my car asking for change. What got me back in the game is the brilliant posts by yafb,  the puma eightfold path, and of course NIJMA’s reaction to it.  It is no secret that I was the one who first approached PUMA’s token muslim advocate for a private dialogue that was quickly made public by what I found out to be a crazy person. I should have known that I was going to get my hand bitten while trying to reach out to a cat lady. Anyways,  I dont want the world to forget what an epic fail that PUMA was and is so I am going to list and post as much PUMA fail that I could get my hands on and put it all up in one easy to find place called   I’m gonna need everyones help though so post your links and quotes here, if you are quoting someone like the infamous jenn4hill then please provide a link to that comment. Any content that shows fail in acceptable, including dwp’s poor attempt at photoshop. Thanks everyone, consider this an open thread also.

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  1. nice information

  2. I’ll be happy to help out where I can.

  3. OK I do have to say I thought maybe Nimja was semi reasonable until she excused the out and out racists picking on her husbands religion

    Scroll down near the bottom.

    That is one sad lonely woman, who wants to be loved by people that DETEST her.

  4. (ps this does very well as pumafail whose name is already squatted)
    And this is on my blogroll.

  5. I’m the squatter 🙂 My site will not have any comment sections, I will leave that up to this site and rumproast.

  6. No comments, John????

    That’s, that’s….heresy!

  7. Interesting insanity from the Birfer/PUMA blog Texasdarlin’ (originally PUMA, but became in my opinion, ground zero for the birfer movement having been the first to offer up the forged birth certificate issue):

    THANK YOU!!! I have been saying at TD’s blog for months that the creature calling himself Barack Obama is an imposter. I believe there was a real Barack Obama, and I believe that person is long since dead.

    This surgically altered replica who has usurped the Oval Office is not smart enough to have gone to Columbia or Harvard. And if he so charismatic, how is it that no one from Columbia remembers him?

    He has sealed his medical and academic records because even a cursory inspection of them would reveal that they are about someone who wasn’t him.

    1981 photo: eyebrows, always a telling feature, are different; shape of eyes is different; hairline is different; Chin is different; nose may be different; only the ears of the same– easy to alter surgically(/b>.

  8. And here’s a version where I didn’t mess up the quote tags, duh (oh for preview). Feel free to delete the first version, John.

    If you’re looking for outstanding PUMA irrelevance, as opposed to the common or garden type, the best example I can find right now is the supremely childish “letters” Murphy and the Kitty Kat Krew have been so proud of here. As far as I can tell, I think represent their image of “stupid voters” or something. They seem to know a lot about that:

    Dear President Obama,

    Like I sooooo voted for you tell me with all this traveling are you campaigning for 2012? I am waiting for my mortgage to be paid thank you in advance!



    Dear President Obama,

    Like, hello Obama, I so like totally love you, so um, ok, I voted for you and then I quit my job and stuff, and so, like, where is all that free stuff?!?


    Kat In Your Hat

    Dear President Obama,

    I sent you all my money and I volunteered to clean 2 parks so whatz up with Everyone in your administration not paying taxes?

    Sincerely your pal,

    FLBarbara (again!)

    Dear President Obama,

    (Me again!) I voted for you and I hear there is a list of women that want to sleep with you
    Can you please put my name on the list?

    Sincerely your pal (again, cuz you ROCK!)


    This is followed by Murphy’s selected bullet points from trolling God knows where on the web to find posts critical of Obama, including this one:

    * “Obama sounds like he is always talking to 7 year olds.”

    Maybe he reads your blog and is trying to pitch at your level, Murphy?

    Still, a tiny glimmer of self-awareness is in evidence. Sunshinelvr asks for an earlier post he or she has made to be deleted because, well, I guess, it’s a bit too revealing in retrospect (I did see it last night before it went, but didn’t copy it; it was a little pathetic, but far worse there has never been a problem before):

    Sunshinelvr 02.17.09 at 10:32 pm

    Sunshinelvr 02.17.09 at 5:53 pm Post # 58

    this post was meant as a h/t to the un-educated, bitter, racist individuals that were dissed during the election, also as by a person too young to spell very well. I just realized how it can be mis-construed and if it gets deleted post-haste, that would be great!

  9. Like, Darragh, I TOTALLY donated to PUMA because you and Will Bower told me we were gonna erase Hillary the Great’s campaign debt AND take thousands of people to Denver in busloads that would like, totally foment civil disobedience and make sure Oblahblah didn’t steal the nomination! But he like, won the general election by a much bigger margin than even, like, Mr. Hillary. What’s up with that?


    P.S. Do you have Hillary Clinton’s address? I need to write her cuz I don’t think she knows that the ERA never passed and maybe that’s why she didn’t get the nomination so she TOTALLY deserves a mulligan. But I don’t know where she is. They keep telling me she’s “secretary of state,” and like I don’t think she should have to be a secretary because thats missojinist, but then they don’t even tell me which state! I hate Oblahblah SOO MUCH!

  10. Kerry,

    Maybe it’s time to organize a “blog like a PUMA” day.

    Just a thought. Could be fun!

  11. Okay, but I get to use all the asterisks!

  12. Maybe it’s time to organize a “blog like a PUMA” day.

    Like International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    Count me in! 😀

    Maybe we could combine the two, aharrr.

  13. I’m in, but I claim KarenWI!

  14. I wanna be BMW60 so I could make fun of NIJMA and her husband.

  15. Heh. OT, but over at myiq’s personal junkyard, Zipperupus has left a little something as a comment which myiq evidently doesn’t understand or I’m sure he’d have deleted it or changed it to read “I fiddle with puppies,” or somesuch (I’m stuffed if I’m linking to that asswipe’s blog here, you’ll find it on the ludicrous “Why They Hate Us” weepfest, which is maybe a contender for John’s new blog in itself):

    zipperupus Says:
    February 15, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    O Lone Righteous!
    Lilies weeping in the storm
    Correctness is a thing white like clouds that yesterday brought no thunder.

    Ragged hands like half-kilned fractured clay
    Work American vengeance
    Jeremiads graffitied on discarded candy wrappers
    Find solace in wind swept collections of
    Like-minded rubbish
    Dancing on street corners.

    I wish I could be an island on the sea waiting for
    Fish to grow feet and walk on my shores.

    This is a lament, the Puma’s lament,
    The lament of a cat without prey,
    Chasing black shadows
    As pangs of stoccato
    Hunger devour your days.


  16. Tears of laughter are now streaming down my hobo face! Thanks!

  17. That’s brilliant

  18. wow

  19. Don’t forget the (I think by now mostly an archive) trail blazed by palinpumawatch:

  20. johnd12009, on February 18th, 2009 at 1:31 pm
    I wanna be BMW60 so I could make fun of NIJMA and her husband.

    I don’t understand the reference to my late husband.

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