Super Scientific Poll of American Opinion

While we’re all waiting for bettycracker’s post about that lame PUMA-lite “The New Agenda,” I thought I should point out this poll. According to this poll, 100% of Americans believe that PUMAs are the “stupidest fucking group in American politics.” Wow! It’s amazing the kinds of things you can find with online polls! Right murphy? (Seroiusly, how lame was that? Doesn’t murphy understand anything?)

10 Responses

  1. Any way we can persuade the PUMAs to try to freep this one? (I was torn – I wanted to vote for both.)

  2. LOL, I had to choose Yes Duh!. And yeah, I wish I could have voted for both buttons as well.

  3. I followed the link to Pumapac, noticed that she had some quote from Geithner about bailing out banks to support bitching about the stimulus bill; which are of course not the same things. But worse, I followed some of her links to a “cinnie” and then to Larry fucking Johnson dispensing with some decidely bizarre economic analysis and prescriptions. Plus all this stuff about never specifically identified “obots” and shit., barely makes any sense, and reads a like child screaming at imaginary creatures under its bed in their own idiosynchratic imaginary language. I can’t handle the uncut PUMA stuff, and need a filter like this one.

  4. Hmmm, NewAgenda (PUMA-lite) is having some meet-ups:

    MyIQ will undoubtedly be cruising.

  5. I think we can add “villagers” and “creative class” to the list of words Goldberry does not understand.

    She keeps claiming to be a “scientist.” Does anybody believe that? Most of the nerds I know are logical and coherent. What kind a person that cares about science could vote for McCain and Palin? Does not compute.

    Now back to my Obot day job: throwing women under my bus while laying down astroturf. You know, another day, another dollar from Soros.

  6. Damn, now I have to find a perl hacker to cheat on the poll.

  7. Thank you, we have already counted your vote.

    Curses. Foiled.

  8. YAFB, have you tried unplugging your modem for exactly 7 minutes and then plugging it back in? Pretty sure you can vote over and over again that way.

  9. Yes, dammit. And I just put in a new motherboard and hard disk too.

  10. […] enough to draw conclusions about the state of American opinion; one is an online gimmick that only an idiot would use to buttress their […]

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