Murphy’s misogynistic smear

As noted on Rumproast awhile back, the appointment of Samantha Power to the NSC was sure to cause some tiny PUMA brains to collapse in on themselves even further, forming a far denser mass of Stupid (thanks ACS). Well, that prediction came true. Here’s self-appointed guardian of women’s rights Darragh Murphy engaging in casual misogyny:

Especially Texas Tigress, who is livid about the news that Samantha Power, the Irish bleeding heart who for god knows what reason (well actually, she just married a very good buddy of O’logo’s, so we DO know why she) has a very big job in the obama administration, may be unofficially higher in the chain of command than Secretary of State Clinton.

Hmmm, the appointment couldn’t possibly be due to Power’s being a goddamn Pulitizer Prize-winner as well as a world-renowned expert on genocide and global leadership and public policy professor at fucking Harvard, could it? No, it must be because the silly red-head fucked one of Obama’s friends. So goes the logic of the “feminists” at PUMAPAC.

Incidentally, Power met her husband while both were working on Obama’s campaign. Obama asked Power to advise him on foreign policy because he’d read her books and was impressed with her intellect. You know, that thing PUMAs and the male chauvinist troglodytes Murphy was channeling when she wrote that post lack.

30 Responses

  1. Either none of the half-dozen regulars over there caught it, or Murphy has been busy editing the comments. My money is on the former.

  2. At least PUMA is starting to drop the “lifelong Democrat” crap.

    That’s all I want. I’ll leave them alone if they stop calling themselves liberal.

  3. THANK you, Betty!!!

    I was looking at that this morning going WTF?

    They don’t stand by their own rhetoric, they break their own rules. They have only one cohesive tenet for themselves – hatred of Obama and any one in his path.

    Movements built on hate are bound for failure and they’re the biggest fail going on the intertubes.

  4. Their comments about Caroline Kennedy were even worse.

    Bowers “renewed” just say no deal site looks like a red neck porn site.

    They are nothing but stormfront dressed as Liberals.

  5. PUMAs. The Stupidest Pieces of Fuck That Nobody Wants to Fuck.

    Is that misogynist? I don’t give a flying fuck. These Shitbird Faux Feminists haven’t done ANYTHING to help women’s lives. I have. So they can suck it.

  6. An example of PUMA Liberalism

    Comment by tek | 2009-02-06 13:35:52

    UK: you don’t know what racist is anymore than Obama. Obama is the racist. He thinks whites should give up everything for blacks. You don’t live in this country. The blacks have been getting millions of dollars from the government for 60 years and jobs and education opportunities that whites don’t have. They’ve used the money to form gangs and buy cocaine.

    Obama is racist against whites. Racism can cut more than one way.

  7. Even better – according to The Effluence, apparently Favreau only got his job because of his looks!

  8. hey up yetanotherfreakinbrit, I went looking for that quote.

    Yeugh Yeugh Yeugh.

    Swamp Creatures Flatulence is extremely foul.

  9. A-yup, Sean. For a long, long time, I refused to give it space in my Bookmarks (same with No Quarter and PUMA PAC).

    I sometimes think that having to spend extended periods there is punishment enough for any PUMA.

  10. yafb, I love the posts over at the token Muslims place. She cant stand the truth and here I thought she was slightly different.

  11. Yeah, theWatcher, I saw you posted over there.

    I’m done with this suposed “dialogue” after her last petty editing gesture.

    More power to her efforts to educate people about Islam (she isn’t a Muslim, BTW, but she has lived in the Middle East), but my vote’s just to leave her alone to get on with it, and that’s all I’m going to say about her.

  12. Just to clarify: I’ m not an “out lesbian.” But of course the Bowl o’ Fail who invited me to find a “Guy PUMA” (Ooooh! My very own MyIQEatsPaste! My panties moisten with anticipation!) had no way of knowing that and just blithely assumed.

    There’s no point trying to have dialogue with PUMAs. They are hateful conspiracy-mongering racist xenophobic pieces of retarded puke who deserve only scorn and misery. And not ONE of them has ever done anything for any real feminist cause.

    Respect is earned. They will never earn it. So again I say to any members of the Powerless Pussy Posse who may be reading this — EAT MY FUCK AND DIE, LOSERS!

  13. yeah, even before the content, “bleeding heart” is a dead giveaway. look, she’s a bloody Republican. the non-fundamentalist, pro-choice kind, sure, Murphy, anyway. there’s a fair amount of them about; it’s just they tend to value their pocketbooks and their petty personal crap more than their putative deep concern about all womens’ rights. so, my pet Republican probably isn’t gonna cut -my- right to reproductive freedom, logistically speaking? cool, I’m down. damn you, filthy Democrats I mean Obots!

  14. If it walks like a Republican, talks like a Republican and votes like a Republican, it generally is a Republican (unless of course it is Harry Reid)

  15. Kerry – My sincere apologies for any assumptions or out-of-place speaking over there.

  16. Maybe this’ll make amends. It gave me a laugh, but I’m easily amused. (I fully intend to lay off Nijma on her own blog, but after her behaviour over there, if she wants to come here and argue the toss with me where she can’t fatuously edit non-swear words out of posts to express her passive aggression, that’ll be just dandy).

    For Betty:

    Nijma 01.20.09 at 1:05 pm

    Does anyone know what is a “bitchslap”? and is it sexist?

    Nijma 01.20.09 at 1:29 pm

    No comment on “bitchslap” yet? I’m arguing with a rumpette on another thread.

    *crickets* (possible reason for this in my next post)

    Then, here’s why Urban Dictionary is suddenly a reliable authority (bear in mind they let Obots like me be editors there, not that I have done):

    catsden 01.20.09 at 2:01 pm

    Nijma: Urban dictionary “bitchslap” lots of meanings.

    [Urban Dictionary definition URL]

    Nijma 01.20.09 at 3:02 pm

    ipotter, thanks, I personally find the phrase to be vicious and offensive, but I am being told it is “slang”–by a woman who used it in a blog post title. I don’t expect her to agree with me right now, since she will want to defend what she wrote in some way, and she’s already rather defensive. But if I can talk about it the right way, I daresay she will not write that again. That is what we want–to make that kind of language unacceptable, even for political adversaries. I suppose I will link to Murphy’s edgy piece comparing the hate words for women with those for blacks.

    catsden, Thanks, I have the urban dictionary toolbar–it’s hard to find, way back in Mozilla’s Mycroft experimental pages. The urban dictionary I think is concerned with common usage. My question is more about Puma usage and the level of offensiveness perceived by Pumas. The language was shifted in the 70’s and IMHO it needs to be shifted again. I will try to shift it back one blogger at a time if that’s what I need to do.

    Yeah, right Nijma. See the next post.

    Meanwhile, even your supposedly enlightened credentials regarding Islam seem to slip in the heat of the moment when you’re trying to “fit in” with the buch of clost races you hang out with:

    Nijma 01.20.09 at 1:29 pm

    Oh, so now it’s Barack H. Obama

    All from:

  17. I don’t expect her to agree with me right now, since she will want to defend what she wrote in some way, and she’s already rather defensive. But if I can talk about it the right way, I daresay she will not write that again.


    And the above has been yet another episode of PUMA EPIC FAIL! But thanks for playing! 😉

    You know, I’d rather deal with straight-up mean, insulting boors than mealy-mouthed hypocrites like Nijma. I don’t set myself up as a paragon of civility and crusader for elevated discourse. However, she does, and then she turns around and uses language about others that she and her fellow PUMAs would hyperventilate over if it were applied to any of them or their idol, SoS Clinton.

    She sticks her fingers in her ears and sings LALALALALALA at the top of her voice when confronted with copious evidence of PUMAs engaging in the very behavior she decries — or much worse. And she edits comments too?

    Well, fuck her then. I could tell immediately that it was pointless to try to have a meaningful dialogue with someone with her head so firmly wedged up her ass. But people that selectively edit comments in a self-serving manner are dishonorable scum, in my opinion.

  18. I have no intention of going off on one with her directly (one reason I’ve given up on her blog), but there is one thing I cannot abide from anyone, and that is passive aggression.

    In her case, Betty, the only way she edits posts as far as I know is to replace letters in certain words with asterisks, in case my posts above were confusing.

    I see it as a syndrome along with other features such as distrustfulness, being unable to express hostility or anger openly, blaming others while being unable to accept blame, lying, and compulsiveness in attention to detail coupled with an overbearing need for control, manifested by that asterisk fixation.

    Of course, if you read up about passive aggression, it covers more than 90% of PUMA behavior!

  19. Ah, I get it now. I thought maybe she was engaging in wholesale comment editing à la fellow PUMA mypeepee<.000001″. My bad.

    Passive aggression, yes, you’ve got them pegged. With a healthy dose of borderline personality disorder thrown in for good measure!

  20. Well, what finally did if for me (the “petty editing gesture” I referred to above) is when her only response (last time I bothered looking, and I won’t be checking back) to one of my exquisitely argued (*ahem*), direct, fairly lengthy, but strictly non-abusive screeds over there was to edit my screen name thus:


    ** Edited for double entendre.

    LOL, as they say. 😀

  21. Hey YAFB, no harm, no foul! I did mention reading the gay press in my previous Gandy comment. But I only do that for the interesting articles, I swear! 😉 (As a theater critic, I sometimes feel like an honorary gay man. One of Louise Brooks’ gay male dancer friends from her Follies days told her once “Louise, everyone thinks you’re a dyke. But what you really are is a pansy.” I understand that!)

    No PUMA has ANY right to criticize the tenor of discourse used elsewhere until they start making it clear that racist hate speech (Scoop Mouth, anyone?) and violent fantasies directed at men and women they disagree with aren’t cool. But that’s all they’ve got — hate and violence and bitter rage. They certainly don’t know anything about the legislative process or the constitution, and the sad thing is that they aren’t turning their outrage into a chance to really learn how to do organizing right and make partnerships with organizations who HAVE been working on job equality, domestic violence, healthcare, and all the other things these faux-feminists pretend to care about. (Again, if you only recently figured out that the ERA never passed, you might want to do a little more research on the history of feminist activism before shooting your mouth off. Not that I think ERA is the be-all and end-all of the movement, but if it all of a sudden is your big cause and you NEVER talked about it before, that’s highly suspect. And stupid.)

    I wasn’t temperate in my language with people who suggested that being anti-war made me un-American. I wasn’t polite in hearing lectures on patriotism from the GOP. So I sure as shit am not gonna play nice with clueless hateful women (and their occasional male mascot) who not only question my feminist commitment, but whose actions (voting McCain, for one), if they were ever successful, would undermine what I’ve worked on for decades.

  22. Kerry – I think I took an earlier snark post of yours on Rumproast seriously, which is where my misconception arose!

    Still, if it serves to confuse and confound PUMAs, it’s all gravy. 😉

  23. Oh, and BTW, it looks like the delightful, if two-faced, Nijma has been at it again:

    I think I’ve gone right off her.

    Still, it’s great that she’s found a community of supportive friends to hang out with (the very next post!) …

    bmw60 01.03.09 at 10:49 pm

    Islam God is Allah….. and their religion is one of hatred.

    Jesus taught love and forgiveness. Islam teached to “kill the Infidel”… not love the Infidel.

    Women are nothing but slaves and chatel to the Muslims… what do you mean the same God???

  24. Ah, thanks for digging out that thread, Brit (but I’m frankly a little puzzled by your “two-faced” dig). That was three weeks ago on the day the ground war started in Gaza and there were three of them at once on that thread. BrainH I’m pretty sure is Jewish since he uses the G-D thing, KarenWI is right-wing Christian, but I can’t figure out what flavor, and bmw60 for a long time I thought was Israeli, but now I don’t know. Now there’s Luckyseven too, also with Israeli sources.

    Fortunately some other Pumas have found their voices and have started injecting some reason into the discussion.

    I thought the Middle East discussion on the threads would die down after the cease-fire, or at least after the inauguration–but perhaps they will now that the Israeli elections are over.

    Personally I can’t see anything besides a two-state solution. Anything else is an invitation to genocide for one group or the other.

    There must be a declaration of Palestinian statehood and I hope this will be the immediate agenda of our new President and Secretary of State. The one group that can scuttle that deal is the American right wing interest groups, mostly Jewish but some Christian end-times fundies as well. Very powerful groups, but don’t they depend on their followers for agreement as well?

    I truly believe statehood can happen for the Palestinians. As a Puma insider I do what I can to change the minds of Pumas who do not agree with me, but I can’t be on all the threads all the time. I know some of you have secret Puma leanings, and I ask you to channel your Inner Puma and support me with this on the threads if you possibly can. I suspect this may be one of the few areas where Pumas and Rumpsters may be able to make for strange bedfellows.

  25. Hi Nijma

    Ah, thanks for digging out that thread, Brit (but I’m frankly a little puzzled by your “two-faced” dig).

    Really? I’m just a little old-fashioned in some ways.

    Since the idea of the “dialogue” that was supposed to be happening over at your blog occurred, I hadn’t seen anyone from Rumproast or here who’d posted at your blog say anything about you that was particularly negative, nor display an attitude that was different to the one they conveyed when posting on your blog.

    I contrasted that with posts of yours I found on PUMA PAC during that period (You’ll have gathered that I’m done with the idea of continuing my participation on your blog, not that I imagine you’re any more heartbroken than I am!)

    The “Obot” thing (used so frequently by you) is tired and laughable, but still disrespectful (you choose to call yourself a PUMA, we only call ourselves Obots ironically, if at all). And the rest is documented above.

    It seems hypocritical to be having a supposed “dialogue” with people when at the same time you’re disrespecting them elsewhere. I’d characterize that as “two-faced” (a synonym), as I did above. So I decided not to waste any more of my time and energy.

    I will say, as you’ll see above, that I was annoyed when you responded to my last post on your blog in the way you did. It’s not a big deal in the great scheme of things, but it was belittling, in no sense contributed to a dialogue, and was the last straw. So we didn’t need to continue it. Easy.

    As for anyone here or at Rumproast being able to help with your agenda on Israel/Palestine at PUMA PAC, I’m afraid I think you’re taking snark too seriously and barking (roaring?) up the wrong tree. I think you’re on your own over there as far as outside help goes.

    It’s a brave effort. I don’t believe some of the bigots over there are persuadable (I know others there don’t all share their views, they just tend to be less vocal). They have their own agendas they want to promote (probably none more blatant than bmw60).

  26. When did I ever call you an Obot, Brit? I didn’t. But if the shoe fits….

    Whether or not the hard-core repeaters-of-talking-points will ever be weaned away from the handlers they trust is anybody’s guess. Irregardless, there are many others reading and lurking.

    Think Matthew 13, the parable of the sower:;&version=72;

  27. Okay, I can’t let this one pass without comment: “Irregardless” is NOT A FUCKING WORD!

    You mean “regardless,” okay?

  28. Also, how on earth do you figure some of us have “secret PUMA leanings?” Did you come across pictures of us in orange pantsuits, perchance?

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