Madamab Still Stupid. Sky Still Blue.

As I was surfing around the other day to some of the dimmer lights of the Pumasphere, I came across madamab’s predictably stupid site, Oooh, Nuance! I don’t know exactly where the name comes from, I’m sure it’s an esoteric Pumaism. Anyway, madamab was reaping some rhetorical vengence on that great enemy of PUMAs and feminism, Kim Gandy president of the National Organization for Women. Gandy, as some of you know, committed the cardinal sin of heading an organization that endorsed Obama/Biden rather than that most feminst of tickets, McCain/Palin.

Madamab writes

Remember how shocking it was when the allegedly non-partisan National Organization for Women endorsed the all-male ticket of Obama and Biden in the general election? They could have endorsed the all-female ticket of McKinney-Clemente. They could have endorsed the half-female ticket of McCain-Palin. In fact, never in their history had NOW endorsed a Presidential ticket without a woman on it.

We see here the fundamental inability of PUMAs to acknowledge or understand issues. You see, madamab, political advocacy organizeations like NOW-PAC advocate for policies that promote their goals. To that end, they sometimes endorse candidates that they believe will better pursue those goals than their oponents.

Such was the case in 2008. Yes, it is true that the McCain/Palin ticket was sporting one more vagina than the Obama/Biden ticket, but NOW-PAC believed, by relying on objective reality, that the goals they advocate for would be better served by Obama/Biden. What issues does NOW-PAC care about?

  • Advancing Reproductive Freedom
  • Promoting Diversity & Ending Racism
  • Stopping Violence Against Women
  • Winning Lesbian Rights
  • Achieving Constitutional Equality
  • Ensuring Economic Justice
  • Ah yes. All issues that Obama/Biden would suuport, and McCain/Palin opposed. Would a single PUMA please contact McCain’s senate office and ask if supports ratifying the ERA? Let me know if you get called a trollup.

    Oh, and NOW-PAC probably didn’t endorse McKinney-Clemente because McKinney is nutty, and they are a respected political action committee (unlike some others I know…). Either madamab was being disengenuious here, or she really isn’t a very sophisticated political observer. Perhaps both?

    Oh well. Reason has no province here. Kim Gandy must be destroyed because her organization didn’t support a Clinton write-in campiagn I suppose. And we’re the ones enthralled in a personality cult?

    9 Responses

    1. Why do PUMAs hate women so much?

    2. I’ve been knocking heads with the numbskulls at PUMA-Lite (The New Agenda) over this. I’ve apparently been kicked off the discussion threads, so I’ll post about it shortly, LOL.

    3. I saw you there, Betty – a lone voice in the wilderness.

    4. Brit, there were a couple of other people questioning their Gandy witchhunt, but they decided to just censor or delete our comments — which were totally polite if pointed. What a bunch of frauds.

    5. Madamab is my fav PUMA. She doesn’t even try to hide her insanity.

      McKinney-Clement is the PUMAs revisionist ticket of choice. Nevermind McKinney is a total loon.

    6. GAWD. We needed this blog post. THANK YOU. What sort of craziness is happening over there in post-PUMA-land? Certainly nothing the sensible Madame Secretary Clinton would endorse.

    7. And, btw, PS, New Agenda is deleting comments that disagree with their POV? What is this, Web 1.0?

    8. I wonder why no one has made a stink about the coordinated New Agenda/PUMA smear campaign against Gandy? There’s the email, marked CONFIDENTIAL, but of course isn’t.

    9. Suzanne, WrdFreak, I am working on a big New Agenda post right now. Stay tuned!

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