You Keep Using That Word. I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means.

Astroturf. As per the infallible repository of cultural knowledge, Wikipedia, “Astroturfing is a form of propaganda whose techniques usually consist of a few people attempting to give the impression that mass numbers of enthusiasts advocate some specific cause.”

The braintrust over at The Confluence uses the term rather liberally to refer to Obama and his supporters, but they don’t seem to grasp the meaning of the word. The key to astroturfing is that it is done by a few to give the impression of a large movement. It imitates grassroots action. Now, regardless of our differing opinions of Obama, I’m sure that PUMAs would agree with me that Obama had a large number of actual grassroots supporters.

The Conflunuts acknowledge this every time they talk about the koolaid drinking Obama zombies. They just also like to turn around and pretend that the 200 Hillary Holdouts represent the true grassroots, not those 67 million people who voted for him, or the millions that donated or volunteered for him.

This is what grassroots looks like, even if these 100,000 people only .

This is what grassroots looks like.

Of course, the PUMAs are fucking insane, and those that aren’t are stupid enough that you can’t tell the difference. Right, Cinie? Right, myiq2xu?

24 Responses

  1. I think this example demonstrates the principle that is at the rotten core of the warped PUMA world view — the wellspring of PUMAtardian lack of logic, common sense and coherence. It all flows from this principle: To the PUMAtards, Obama embodies every negative trait — all at once!

    Therefore, he can be both an evil false messiah who has duped tens of millions as well as a con man who leverages a relatively small movement into an astroturf empire. He can be both a pork-shoveling spendthrift and a tightwad who won’t heed Krugman’s sage advice on the efficacy of government spending. He can be both a scary inner city black man and a foreign, exotic naif. He can be a flaming misogynist who keeps his boot on the necks of powerful women but also the husband of an assertive, accomplished woman who doesn’t know her place.

    Like toddlers who have been confronted with evidence that Mommy isn’t all powerful (Hillary didn’t win, then McCain lost too!), the PUMAs were forced to make sense of new facts that didn’t jibe with their word view. Instead of reassessing their assumptions, they’ve retreated into magical thinking. They’ve suspended reality.

    You know, there’s just got to be a business angle here. The motherlode of gullibility and credulousness represented by the 200 or so PUMAs could be tapped by savvier opportunists than Murphy. Maybe a PUMA investment fund? I volunteer to write the PUMA Prospectus!

  2. Wow, betty, you read my mind and explained my thoughts to me. I was actually about to try to articulate the point you just made above, but I had to run out.

    I’m glad I didn’t because you expressed the point so well. That PUMAs perceive Obama as all bad things simultaneously, even when those things are contradictory, is one of the most glaring examples of their derangment.

  3. IMO, the best part is that PUMA are trying to astroturf themselves.
    Of course they made the mistake of organising actual meetings (Denver anyone?), and now everyone (that has actually heard of them) knows how very few of them there are.


    Betty, if we’re going to try and swindle them, I propose we sell them bunkers they can spend the next 8 years in. We make money, they no longer have to interact with society and normal people don’t have to interact with them.
    Everybody wins!

  4. Imagine what Bernie Madoff could have done with PUMA money. Except he only bilked people who actually had money and, well, PUMAs don’t know how to raise money in the first place. Still waiting for a PUMA to explain how the Messiah-ette ended up so deep in debt if there were “18 million strong” supporters behind her. If they each just sent in a buck, that would have erased it and then some.

    It’s almost as if there AREN’T 18 million diehard Hillary-or-nobody supporters. They love her enough to whine and lie and spread hate speech in their sad little support-group blogs — but not enough to organize caucus turnout and donate money. Which is another way to tell you’re dealing with astroturf — it just sits and doesn’t do anything but collect dust.

  5. Nikki, you’ll need a marketing angle for the bunkers. May I suggest “Woman-lynching prevention structure?

    And you can increase your profit margin by selling them extended warranties with color guard: “Keep you bunker bright and the coloreds out!”

  6. Cat fight breaking out starring DWP, bmw60, KarenWI (she’s back!) and Nijma over a freeper post that bmw put up. Start here:

  7. KarenWI is one of my favorite pumapaccers, mostly because she’s just a wungnut who didn’t catch on to the subtle difference between pumas and wingnuts.

    Though, in her defense, the distinctions are certainly blurring.

  8. I can’t decide what is most full of win in that thread, but the woman who can’t figure out where to find snail mail addresses and the proper salutations for Pelosi and Clinton is awfully special, isn’t she? And why does she think the new Secretary of State wants to know about their “ERA team?” Does she perhaps think a dead constitutional amendment is an international matter? Or does she maybe think somehow Hillary Clinton is unaware that ERA never passed?

    I fear the Power of PUMA! Truly.

  9. Hey I have a weird question. On the Pumapac site there is a poorly photoshopped pic on the right (not the one of Obama w/ a The one I’m looking at says “Denver or Bust” etc. For some reason they photoshopped in a dolly w/ file boxes stacked on it. What in the hell is that in there for?

  10. There is a mountain bike in there too.

  11. Pete,

    I believe that is a badly photoshopped attempt at representing their failed time in Denver where they didn’t prevent Obama getting the nomination and didn’t draw large crowds at their rally. That picture is actually emblematic, literally, of PUMA Fail.

    Murphy is especially stupid tonight because she took bmw60’s false assumption (based on a freeper post) that the stimulus package includes $20 million to bring Palestinians over here where its actually to provide relief to Gazans via an UN agency for displaced refugees. She says, “Instead of offering Gazans haven in the United States, maybe we should stop enabling Israel to bomb the crap out of them in the first place?”

    She at no point corrects herself, even after her BFF DWP, while trouncing KarenWI and bmw60, corrects the error repeatedly.

  12. Oh, dear. Murphy truly steps in it:

    I thought the PUMAs were knee-jerkingly pro-Israel (except Nijma, who’s a masochist), so I have no idea why she did this. It can’t be good for the bottom line.

    Nikki — Exactly. I immediately noticed that in Will Bower’s little “don’t blame poor little ol’ me” comment that he spammed everywhere, each PUMA mentioned had started several of these groups with silly names like “Just Say No Deal,” “I Own My Vote,” and “waaah!”

  13. Catch this classic from J4H?

    jenniforhillary 02.07.09 at 8:07 pm
    Pumas…I feel like I have lost a year of information–I was so busy the last 10 days I only logged on a few times.

    That being said, here is my two cents because I am supposed to be meditating (yes, that is what I said–it is supposed to make me nicer), the big difference between Israel and Palestine is Palestine wants to DESTROY Israel, and Israel just wants to live. I think that the bad guy is NOT Israel. Not by a long shot. Israel reminds me of me, because if you pick on me long enough I will go postal on you.

  14. I wonder if DWP gets it…

    DancesWithPumas 02.08.09 at 12:22 am
    (…) It all balances out in the end. We’re all equal here…well, except for Murphy, she’s more equal… and that’s a goo…great thing!

    Hey PUMAs, when trying to compliment someone, don’t paraphrase Orwell, it’s counterproductive.

    And J4H is her usual insane self. Personally I have very little sympathy for ANY country that uses white phosphorus or steals people’s water.
    I honestly don’t blame the Palestinians for fighting back, I’d do the same.

  15. Also, riverdaughter posted a comparison between conflucians and Limbaugh. As per usual it needs some serious corrections.

    Particularly the ‘ruthlessly snarky’, ‘liberal bloggers’ and ‘not really into character assassinations’ parts.

    Perhaps an idea for the next post?

  16. I saw the thing about J4H meditating and just couldn’t begin to wrap my mind around it. Going postal I can see with her, though.

  17. Also, just wondering how many house parties on the economy the PUMAs managed to hold this weekend.

  18. It looks like all that meditation’s working.

    WARNING: Do not attempt to imbibe any fluid while reading the final paragraph quoted below.

    jenniforhillary 02.08.09 at 12:45 pm


    I quoted what he said in his own words. You are in denial. Big time.

    And I am sad that Murphy chose to take the side of Palestine. Very sad. very very sad.

    Israel is PUMA, and Palestine is Obama…and the real ones suffering are children, women, and men who think like smart, good women…

  19. “And I am sad that Murphy chose to take the side of Palestine. Very sad. very very sad.”

    Uh-oh. Smurphy better do some serious walking back or the spring fundraising drive is gonna be a big fat bust.

    Israel is PUMA, and Palestine is Obama…and the real ones suffering are children, women, and men who think like smart, good women…

    Hasn’t Israel actually won a couple of wars?

  20. Holy fark, here’s a new gem from J4H:

    jenniforhillary 02.08.09 at 12:55 pm


    Happy Birthday from the meanest lil’ puma ever! May this year be your best year ever…

    And to all PUMAS everywhere remember this thought, that just to have dared to fight was miraculous, but to actually have fought–and continue to fight–well that is a real live miracle. Hillary is all of us, but most of all she is that woman beaten down, penniless, without a friend or hope in the world, who stands up, lets the door slam behind her, and walks away and with each step she is proving that miracles do happen. Hillary is that woman and she is all women and once we realize that and band together her victory will be our victory and with that a new world will be here. A world where a woman president is the norm, where a person like Mr. Obama is in jail, and every child–even the girl children–can not only dream but realize their dreams. This is what we owe her and what we owe ourselves. Hillary is our battle cry, PUMA is our name….onward to victory!!!

    C’mon guys, fess up — is J4H really a spoof character invented by one of us PUMA punters to fuck with their heads? Because if she’s for real…damn.

  21. Another Edition of….PUMA FAIL:

    Wherein Murphy castigates a female Obama nominee solely for the sin of having opposed Hillary.

    What was that about there being a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women?

  22. Here’s the funny thing about the anti-Gandy jihad — Gandy DID support Hillary! They’re just pissed off because after Obama won the goddamn primary, Gandy and NOW endorsed him (they don’t usually make endorsements) rather than the hideously anti-woman McCain-Palin ticket. That’s their beef! And the “PUMA-lite” New Agenda is all over this with an astroturfing dealio. I’ll be posting about it at some point today on my blog and cross-posted here.

  23. In fact, Gandy supported Hillary to the point where she guaranteed that NOW will never get another fucking dime out of me for the rest of my life. To cite one example, she was writing letters to the editors (I saw them in the Chicago gay press, and I assume they appeared elsewhere) insisting that Michigan and Florida HAD to count for the good of all women and democracy!

    When you start blatantly advocating breaking the rules solely to benefit the political aspirations of one woman alone — a woman who is well-heeled and well-connected-via-matrimony — particularly when that woman has not been such a good friend to women elsewhere (Wal-Mart workers, women in Iraq), you are no longer about empowerment and justice. You are about blind heroine worship. And I see no reason to nourish that kind of cult of personality with my dollars when there are plenty of more important women’s organizations out there who will use it more wisely and for the benefit of women who aren’t named “Hillary Rodham Clinton.” Because contrary to what J4H thinks, HRC is NOT every woman!

  24. “I believe that once a person shows a capacity for major betrayal – in public or private life – that person cannot be safely relied upon to act in a reasonably trustworthy way again”

    From Heidi Li? I guess that she should consider very carefully those very words.

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