I happen to have Mr. Krugman right here…

So both Smurphy and Riverchucky are yammering on about Paul Krugman’s NYT column today, artfully snipping it to make it look like Krugman is slamming Obama.

Smurphy’s screed is particularly dishonest since she’s spent all week screeching about pork barrel spending like a regular ole wingnut and exhorting her brain-dead PUMA confederates to call their congressmen to oppose the stimulus bill.

And now she has the nerve to cite Krugman as if he were the Oracle at Delphi? Well, I happen to have Mr. Krugman right here:

A not-so-funny thing happened on the way to economic recovery. Over the last two weeks, what should have been a deadly serious debate about how to save an economy in desperate straits turned, instead, into hackneyed political theater, with Republicans spouting all the old clichés about wasteful government spending and the wonders of tax cuts…

Would the Obama economic plan, if enacted, ensure that America won’t have its own lost decade? Not necessarily: a number of economists, myself included, think the plan falls short and should be substantially bigger. But the Obama plan would certainly improve our odds. And that’s why the efforts of Republicans to make the plan smaller and less effective — to turn it into little more than another round of Bush-style tax cuts — are so destructive.

And who is one of the Republicans leading the charge Krugman finds so destructive? Why that would be PUMAs’ presidential candidate, John McCain. Interesting that Smurphy left that part out, isn’t it? She goes to make the absurd claim that “o’logo” wants to purposely “ruin the economy for an entire generation” for his own personal benefit somehow. Stupid and delusion PUMAs!

12 Responses

  1. Meh. Jenni’s mom will send Murphy a big fat check.

  2. Does anyone know WTF is up with the “o’logo” thing?

  3. I guess they got tired of “Obambi” or whatever the name was last week.

  4. Why don’t they show their usual Klass and refer to him as “Mr. Scoop Mouth?”

  5. Kerry, no worries, everything’s still normal in PUMA land:

    BillieJo 02.06.09 at 11:51 am
    Now the PorkPie is something beyond socialism. Spending for O’donkeyBalls and Lil’ Nancy is not socialism, it is stealing unearned taxes and pay to play settlements for the corruption of the bogus election.
    Not every Democratic congressman was in love with O’asshole, they were promised pork, and this is their payoff. (…)

    I do wish they’d stop crying socialism all the time, they obviously don’t understand what the term stands for TODAY, instead they fall back on blatant McCarthyism, not to mention some of the most bizarre and unlogical connections ever.

    bmw60 02.06.09 at 11:03 am
    Europe is Socialist… and the Muslims have taken over there… sooooooooo good luck!


    PUMAs are stupid. If you forget, they will remind you…

  6. It’s interesting to watch their disconnect from reality grow day by day. They have to self-censor themselves to such a degree they probably don’t watch the weather or read their horoscopes in the newspaper anymore.

  7. It’s times like this that I believe that Murphy is just a ratfucker. Nobody could possibly entertain that level of cognitive dissonance without a cranial explosion.

  8. Murphy is a Rethug. To date, there is not a single donation listed by the FEC to a Democratic candidate against her name. Not even Hillary.

  9. According to the FEC website, Darragh still hasn’t filed her Q3 report, nor her year-end report.

  10. Yet Tom, something tells me that she was screaming about Obama’s appointees not filing taxes and how arrogant they were for not “following the rules” like the “little people” have to.

    I’d love to see fraud charges against this shyster by the time this is over.

  11. I also believe Murphy is a fraud who was a GOP ratfucker prior to the election and is now just riding the gravy train, collecting funds from the hard core stupid who are left on the site. Why walk away from easy money?

    All she has to do to keep the donations flowing is to gin up rage among rage-o-holics, which is pretty easy work. As the recent posts illustrate, she doesn’t even have to make sense. Her latest claim? Obama has a diabolical plan to pass a stimulus bill that is timed to improve the economy just enough to get him reelected and then crash and burn.

    She’s just a babbling idiot spinning boogie man tales for a dwindling audience of gullible morons. It’s fascinating to watch in the same way a particularly hideous bug is hard to look away from.

  12. Yeah she doesn’t even proofread her gibberish. Her financiers don’t care.

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