Democratic Primary Explained

In the thread below (where we have yet to hear from any PUMAs), Kerry Reid provided a brief summary of racism, sexism, and PUMA in the Democratic primary. Though I’m sure we’re all familiar, Kerry’s comment was so spot on that I thought it deserved its own post. Hell, maybe a PUMA will read it.

Short answer, Jason? He didn’t use misogyny or sexist tactics as an ingrained campaign strategy, even though Hillary Clinton and her surrogates were deliberately using racist and xenophobic dog whistles, especially in the last desperate days. (”Hardworking Americans, white Americans,” Geraldine Ferraro’s ridiculous attempts to paint him as the affirmative-action candidate, etc.)

I think Jesse Jackson Jr., who was with his campaign, made some questionable comments about Hillary’s tearing up before the NH primary, though Obama himself didn’t say anything other than something like “I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t want to comment, this is a tough process on all of us.” John Edwards, that “true populist” (barf! Why didn’t he ever VOTE like a populist in the Senate?) made some snarky comments about that incident. But did Obama ever suggest that John McCain was more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton, as HRC did with her “commander in chief” threshold comments? Did he ever suggest that only he and McCain really loved America, as Bill did with his “wouldn’t it be nice to have a race between two people who really love this country” speech during the Wright controversy? (Gee, that speech was to a group of white veterans in the South. Coinky-dink?) Nope.

The sexism the Hillary Clinton supporters perceived was simply in the fact that he, “an inadequate black male,” would DARE to run when everyone knew it was “her turn!” Though if experience was so important, why her thin resume should be allowed to trump the longer careers of Biden, Richardson, Dodd, and Kucinich was never addressed by the Hillary Cultists who were so quick to denounce Obama’s “inexperience,” and they also ignored the fact that he had many more years of legislative experience than Clinton.

Simply put, they were enraged, to paraphrase Elizabeth Cady Stanton, that “Sambo” was going ahead of “sister.” So they just flat-out lied about Obama’s sexism, as in Taylor “I was a Reagan Democrat so I know more about progressivism and feminism than people who never voted for the GOP” Marsh’s bullshit story about Obama’s team playing Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” at a victory party in Iowa.

The other argument, of course, was that Obama didn’t do enough to speak out against the misogyny in the media. Well, considering that Hillary Clinton, particularly in that disgraceful ABC debate, couldn’t get her hands dirty enough in trying to associate Obama with Farrakhan, Wright, Bill Ayers, and the other suspects, even as he refused to make hay out of her ridiculous Bosnia lies, I don’t think he had any moral obligation to defend her. Let her defend herself. Isn’t it sexist to expect the men to ride to the defense of the Poor Widdle Woman, especially when said Poor Widdle Woman is basing her entire campaign strategy on being such a tough, vetted, experienced fighter? And do we think that his trying to defend her would have changed anything in PUMAland? No. Because PUMAs are all about one sheet away from being Klanswomen.

Oh, further proof of the misogynist plot against her? Hillary also had to answer the first question in the debates all the time! Except that A) she didn’t always get the first question and B) So the fuck what? You’re tougher than the rest, right? Answer the fucking question and stop whining.

4 Responses

  1. They are just unwittingly racist. Well some are just plain racist.

    Harvard has a cool study online –

  2. Bravo, Kerry! Spot the fuck ON.

    I hate it when strong women are supposed to be rescued by the men they’re supposed to be stronger than. I hate that Obama was supposed to defend Hillary to the bitter end, but when we called her out on her racism we were “race baiting” and “using the race card”. Blah. Hillary was strong enough to run, she should have been strong enough to stand up for herself.

    Politicians know that the other guy/gal is going to play dirty. That’s the name of the game. The rules were set by the party of PUMA patron saint, John “Who wants to bid on my wife?” McCain. HRC played that game with the best of ’em (what the hell was she doing in the back of that fucking pickup while speaking in that fake “midwestern” accent?) but she lost. Just like all the other people who were running in the Democratic primary.

    Boo flippin’ hoo.

    My man, Dennis Kucinich, really got the short end of the stick (no pun intended) when they wouldn’t even let him join in the damned debates. Who was defending him when he was going to court trying to get the Dems and the networks to allow him in on the big debates? Where were the defenders of democracy ™ then? Pfft.

  3. Hillary is a practiced hand at the Criticism Equals Sexism angle. Remember this now-infamous comment from the 1992 campaign?

    “You know, I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was to fulfill my profession, which I entered before my husband was in public life.”

    Now, if she was responding to charges that practicing law was wrong for a political wife, she would have been justified. But what is forgotten is that she was trying to deflect very specific charges, from Jerry Brown, for one, that the way in which Arkansas state business was being funneled to the Rose Law Firm, in which Hillary Rodham Clinton was a partner, raised the spectre of impropriety. So it had nothing to do with beating up on a girl, and everything to do with holding a politician responsible for creating at least the appearance of favoritism and patronage.

    Do I think there was a lot of sexism in the campaign coverage? Of course. There was also a lot of racism and xenophobia (Rev. Wright on cable nonstop for two weeks, Rod Parsley and John Hagee barely mentioned). But why was only ONE candidate in the Democratic primary expected to decry the media treatment of his opponent, while said opponent was given a pass?

  4. I also feel compelled to point out that, as much as the racebaiting from the Clinton camp made me bug-shit crazy during the primaries, I absolutely wouldn’t have voted for McCain over Clinton in the general if she’d been the Dem nominee, and I absolutely hope she’ll be awesome as Secretary of State. Indeed, she is obviously a very smart person who, with rare exceptions (not reading the NIE before the AUMF vote, lying about the Bosnia sniper fire, hiring Mark Penn) rightly prides herself on her ability to absorb a lot of complex information and come up with coherent policy positions. So I fully expect that she’ll be a fine SoS.

    See, that’s the difference between PUMAs and members of the reality-based community — we’re capable of adapting to shifting scenarios and accepting the limitations and possibilities of human frailty, rather than viewing the entire world in childish terms of absolute good and absolute evil.

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