A Challange to Any PUMA

Since we have a few PUMA readers now, I thought it a good time to ask the question of mine that never seems to make it through moderation at The Confluence. I ask this in good faith and with all seriousness, despite my biases. That challange/question is:

  • What is the single most compelling or damning bit of evidence that Obama’s campaign engaged in fraud during the Democratic primary?

I challange any of the PUMAs around here to try to explain it to us. I’ve looked all over Lynette Long’s site and never found anything remotely convincing.

That’s all I’m asking for. Just explain your strongest line of evidence that Obama cheated.

23 Responses

  1. Somewhat off topic, but at least one PUMA feels the Super Bowl ads full of sexism were Obama’s fault:

    Ex-DemInVA 02.02.09 at 5:27 pm

    In catching up with the posts, I have to say, that from what I saw of the Super Bowl ads (I saw three), they were the most sexist I have seen. It seems as though they are getting worse. The flower ad that Murphy posted is absolutely disgusting. It’s as if they get a thrill in treating women like sh*t. I actually witnessed a commentator on a CNN channel today complaining about the sexist content of the SB ads. He said they have crossed the line. IMHO, I think part of this is from the culture of the Obot mentality. Look at how they treated Hillary and Sarah Palin? I’m afraid it is going to get worse until more people come out against it. Since they were played during the SB, it encourages the mentality of men treating women like dirt.

  2. Oh, come on, man. Where’s the betting pool?! You’re sitting on something that’s f*cking valuable here, and you throw it all away for some sort of ‘reader appreciation’. What gives?

    Suggested odds:

    3-1: Masterminded formation of the Sekrit Evil Liberal Media Conspiracy.

    7-2: Personally stole, hid primary ballot boxes for Michigan and Florida.

    6-1: Forged fake Hawaiian birth certificate, blackmailed GOP governor of state into claiming it was real.

    8-1: Cut a super-secret deal with Howard Dean to edge Hillary out, the details of which can be found if you listen very carefully to a 4x-speed reverse playback of the Whitey Tape.

    12-1: Brainwashed the elusive 1.2% of the electorate that doesn’t religiously vote Democratic into supporting his candidacy.

    50-1: Did himself up in whiteface and a Tina Fey wig, recorded fake interview footage to replace Sarah Palin’s actual stellar performance opposite Katie Couric.

    75-1: Planted Mark Penn on Hillary’s campaign.

    1,000,000-1: Didn’t cheat at all, won the whole thing fair and square.

    Place your bets, folks…

  3. Yes, because sexist ads, especially during the Super Bowl, never showed up before Obama won.

    And because clearly the real feminist in this last election was John “At least I don’t slather on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt!” and “health of the mother!” and anti-Lily Ledbetter McCain.

    Also, who could forget this yuk-yuk from John “Friend to all Women!” McCain?:

    “Did you hear the one about the woman who is attacked on the street by a gorilla, beaten senseless, raped repeatedly and left to die? When she finally regains consciousness and tries to speak, her doctor leans over to hear her sigh contently and to feebly ask, `Where is that marvelous ape?'”

    Oh, and clearly McCain “Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father” was the only obvious choice for Hillary Cultists to choose after the TERRIBLE way Obama treated her (by daring to run against her, duh! It was HER TURN!)

    Asking for intellectual honesty from PUMAs just isn’t fair. It’s like asking a single-celled organism to juggle.

  4. They’re never going to answer – PUMAs are lazy. Cut and paste letters, etc…

    They claim FL and MI were stolen. Everyone but the most dense know that wasn’t the case at all, but that’s the dumbass puma arguement.

    Who needs proof when you have speculation and conjecture?

  5. and why the fuck does my email address keep showing on ur blog?!?! OMG zoinks

  6. pssst – “challenge”

  7. Aaaack, small typo on the above. The 12-1 odds should read “… the elusive 1.2% of the electorate that’s black but doesn’t religiously vote Democratic…”

  8. Alas, PumaRubbernecker, you made a crucial error using both the words ‘compelling’ and ‘evidence’ in a challenge to PUMAs, a more succesfull question would’ve replaced those with ’empty’ and ‘rumors’, as it is I fear you will wait in vain.

    Also Andrew — I’ll go with the Obama is a podperson created by the society of European marxists against feminism who brainwashed the American people using a clever combination of genetically engineered arugula containing kool aid and conversational hypnosis.

  9. If there were such a thing as an honest PUMA bigot, you would probably get,

    “Who is Hillary Clinton and what is a Democratic Primary”

    “I thought PUMAs were the new klan and went looking for some new sheets. I do not believe any black people can be President, nor can any black people be related to one”

    “I have always donated to McCain, who is this Obama person is he a Communist. I of course donated lots of money to the FEC, they are just biased about not showing it”.

    “I wanted to get on Fox News, thankfully no one asked me what happened to the PUMA money I claimed was to be used to pay off the debts of Hillary Clinton”

    “I was just out to pull a choir girl, why should all the male reverends get all the fun. Of course I needed to pretend to be a Democrat”.

    “I have always liked black people on the tv but then some real ones turned up to caucus and I got scared but I am not racist and it was intimidating. They were real big too. ”

    “For national security reasons, I wont tell you why. But I will not support a Muslim. No how dare you say he is muslim. I have a blank tape I can sell you.Did you hear it might contain bad words ”

    Bonus points if people can associate the opinions to the PUMA bigots.

  10. Should be “I have always donated to McCain, who is this Obama person is he a Communist. I of course donated lots of money to the Hillary camp, (who). they are just biased about not showing it”.

  11. Riverchucky apparently just watched The DaVinci Code:


    Someone needs to pull her cable subscription before she sees The Burning Bed

  12. PUMA and Just Say No Deal were all about the opposition to sexism (supposedly). So how would you describe the Justsaynodeal.com website? Was Will Bower just wanting some female attention? Did his anti sexist credentials go the same way as the money he supposedly collected fro Hillary?

  13. Sort of related, I remember asking a few pumas last summer if they could point to any actual sexist comments(or campaign tactics) from Obama directed at HRC. I expanded the question and asked if not Obama, maybe Plouffe,Gibbs, Axelrod,Dean, someone in the campaign leadership.

    I never got anything other than BS like this link:
    So here’s another chance pumas, give us the actual proof of sexism or misogyny from Obama or his campaign last year.

  14. Short answer, Jason? He didn’t use misogyny or sexist tactics as an ingrained campaign strategy, even though Hillary Clinton and her surrogates were deliberately using racist and xenophobic dog whistles, especially in the last desperate days. (“Hardworking Americans, white Americans,” Geraldine Ferraro’s ridiculous attempts to paint him as the affirmative-action candidate, etc.)

    I think Jesse Jackson Jr., who was with his campaign, made some questionable comments about Hillary’s tearing up before the NH primary, though Obama himself didn’t say anything other than something like “I didn’t see it, I wouldn’t want to comment, this is a tough process on all of us.” John Edwards, that “true populist” (barf! Why didn’t he ever VOTE like a populist in the Senate?) made some snarky comments about that incident. But did Obama ever suggest that John McCain was more qualified to be president than Hillary Clinton, as HRC did with her “commander in chief” threshold comments? Did he ever suggest that only he and McCain really loved America, as Bill did with his “wouldn’t it be nice to have a race between two people who really love this country” speech during the Wright controversy? (Gee, that speech was to a group of white veterans in the South. Coinky-dink?) Nope.

    The sexism the Hillary Clinton supporters perceived was simply in the fact that he, “an inadequate black male,” would DARE to run when everyone knew it was “her turn!” Though if experience was so important, why her thin resume should be allowed to trump the longer careers of Biden, Richardson, Dodd, and Kucinich was never addressed by the Hillary Cultists who were so quick to denounce Obama’s “inexperience,” and they also ignored the fact that he had many more years of legislative experience than Clinton.

    Simply put, they were enraged, to paraphrase Elizabeth Cady Stanton, that “Sambo” was going ahead of “sister.” So they just flat-out lied about Obama’s sexism, as in Taylor “I was a Reagan Democrat so I know more about progressivism and feminism than people who never voted for the GOP” Marsh’s bullshit story about Obama’s team playing Jay-Z’s “99 Problems” at a victory party in Iowa.

    The other argument, of course, was that Obama didn’t do enough to speak out against the misogyny in the media. Well, considering that Hillary Clinton, particularly in that disgraceful ABC debate, couldn’t get her hands dirty enough in trying to associate Obama with Farrakhan, Wright, Bill Ayers, and the other suspects, even as he refused to make hay out of her ridiculous Bosnia lies, I don’t think he had any moral obligation to defend her. Let her defend herself. Isn’t it sexist to expect the men to ride to the defense of the Poor Widdle Woman, especially when said Poor Widdle Woman is basing her entire campaign strategy on being such a tough, vetted, experienced fighter? And do we think that his trying to defend her would have changed anything in PUMAland? No. Because PUMAs are all about one sheet away from being Klanswomen.

    Oh, further proof of the misogynist plot against her? Hillary also had to answer the first question in the debates all the time! Except that A) she didn’t always get the first question and B) So the fuck what? You’re tougher than the rest, right? Answer the fucking question and stop whining.

  15. “Oh but but he stole the votes off two states. They will never vote for him as a result”.


  16. […] racism, sexism, and PUMA in the Democratic primary. Though I’m sure we’re all familiar, Kerry’s comment was so spot on that I thought it deserved its own post. Hell, maybe a PUMA will read […]

  17. Heh. Guess that wasn’t a short answer! But yeah, few things get on my tits as much as the notion that strong, empowered women are incapable of speaking up for themselves without the support of the men. And really, Obama was in a bind. If he had said anything about the misogyny, he would have got it in the teeth from those Hillary supporters who flat-out hated his very existence — they would have screamed that he was being patronizing in trying to defend her.

    And I never heard any of those who were so upset about his perceived silence on misogyny EVER take Hillary Clinton to task for her use of the Farrakhan strategy (how fucking tired is that albatross now, anyhow?) or any of her other dogwhistles. Did she not have at least an equal responsibility to decry the use of those fake “he’s a Muslim!” rumors with something a bit stronger than saying that the rumors were false “as far as I know?”

  18. Hey there, other Sean. You had me very confused for a bit.

  19. Fair play sean from RR – I sent you an email earlier!

  20. My bad — That address was (I had hoped clearly) fake. I don’t distrust you or anything, but it’s just habit for me to enter a fake address on random web forms.

  21. WTF is a Lynette Long?

  22. According to her own bio, she is a licensed therapist in Maryland. So naturally she is a foremost authority in analyzing “caucus fraud” in Texas!

    Here is an excerpt from the beginning of her brilliant ANALysis about Idaho:

    “Idaho is surrounded by six states.

    * Washington and Oregon to the West.
    * Montana and Wyoming to the East.
    * Nevada and Utah to the South.”


    “Younger voters and male voters are more likely to caucus. Both of these groups key parts of Obama’s base. In addition, there is ONE REPORT of voter intimidation of Clinton supporters by Obama supporters which resulted in the voters leaving. A review of photos of the Idaho caucus portrayed an extremely young and enthusiastic crowd. Older voters were noticeably a smaller percentage of the crowd even though they traditionally have a high voter participation rate.”

    OK…so where is the widespread “fraud”. Obama won Idaho 80-17% with one report of voter “intimidation” in the entire state. And this is considered a conspiracy by PUMA?

    On the other hand, this lady sure knows her geography.

  23. “You Obamanuts will do everything to hide the truth about Obama’s birth certificate! We all know that this is a conspiracy between the minions of the evil Dr. Soros working through his proxies , The Knights of Templar, The Illuminati, the Masons and of course the vast left wing conspiracy. Why don’t you tell the truth about how the wicked Elders of Zion forged Obama’s birth certificate with assistance from the One Worlders at the Trilateral Commission? And how Obama’s really the 2nd shooter on the grassy knoll. Yeah, I know you’ll say how could he be in Dallas that day when he was only 3 years old but you conveniently hide the secret of how he transported back in time through an anomaly in the space time continuum that was created by the Hadron Supercollider being run by the Gnomes of Zurich. Obama said nothing in opposition to that project though he knows that a black hole was created by that machine and that is where the original drummer from Spinal Tap really is and that he didn’t die in the ridiculous “bizarre gardening accident” , which is nonsense spouted by that fat Hollywood crypto-Marxist film director, Rob Reiner.

    How much longer will this conspiracy continue? When will America wake up? Oh the hannity! “

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