Stupid Murphy: Not aware of all internet traditions or dishonest hack?

Did you know all-powerful Arch-Villain Barack Obama took advantage of a well-placed ice storm to kill a few dozen bitter Caucasians in Kentucky because he hates white devils so much?

And speaking of the Obama National Press Corps, how come we haven’t heard all about the 42 American citizens who have died in Kentucky as a result of the ice storms?

Is it because obama hates white people? Or maybe it’s because all the white people in Kentucky are bitterly clinging to their guns and won’t let the no-show FEMA workers into town?

Lots of linkage there, but it appears La Murphy uses links the way Ann Coulter uses footnotes — to bamboozle a drooling idiot target audience. See, if readers don’t click links or check footnotes, they give dishonest people like Murphy and Coulter an opportunity to lend an imprimatur of truthiness to a pack of lies.

Either Murphy herself doesn’t get that links are supposed to amplify or support the content in which they appear, or else she counts on her dim-bulb readers’ ignorance of this principle. Why else would she so frequently provide links that either do nothing to support the point she’s trying to make or — worse yet — directly contradict it?

The above snippet is no exception: If you click the first link she provides, you’ll learn that 11 people died in Kentucky; the 42 figure is the nationwide death toll from the massive storm, and it includes deaths from causes ranging from hypothermia to car accidents to carbon monoxide poisoning. The AP doesn’t break the dead down by race. And none of the actual news articles in any of the links say shit about FEMA.

The only mention of FEMA is an unsubstantiated claim from a deranged wingnut site that is the object of Murphy’s second link. How credible is this wingnut site Murphy links? Well, here’s that site’s take on Hillary Clinton:

Hillary’s ideology is an amalgam of New Left marxism and grievance feminism, the kind of unwholesome stew that is commonplace on elite college campuses.

Yep, that’s a source all PUMAs and “feminists” should embrace uncritically. The third link is to some faded PUMA scent mark from last April condemning then-candidate Obama’s “bitter” comment.

So, in summary, Murphy provides three links in two paragraphs, and not a single one supports what she says. Either she doesn’t understand the purpose of links, or she’s betting on PUMA Stooopid to get away with it. Which admittedly is a pretty safe bet.

You know, criticizing the president of a country as fucked up as this one currently is shouldn’t be hard — even a president who hasn’t been on the job two weeks yet. Maybe FEMA really did fuck up in this ice storm scenario. Maybe Obama appointed an incompetent boob from the International Arabian Horse Association to run FEMA last week, and that dude is responsible for storm-related car accidents in Oklahoma.

The thing is, even if that were the case, you wouldn’t know it from reading Obama’s self-appointed critics at the PUMA sites. Those clowns are so monumentally incompetent that they are incapable of substantiating their claims or providing credible analysis of fairly straightforward legislation. It’s all FAIL, all the time with the hairball-horkers, so I guess the answer to the title question is: both. The president certainly is fortunate in his enemies.

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  1. Judging from the fact that not a single commenter touched the claim (at least not anyone who made it through Murphy’s hear-no-evil filter), I’d say that they probably all took it as gospel.

    Here’s a question that would probably make their heads explode: what Constitutional rights, exactly, are afforded only to men?

  2. The problem with Murphy is that she only views right wing site and not actual news.

    President Obama did issue emergency declaration and FEMA is on the scene.

    Maybe she should try local news where the problem is happening for better information.

    The winter storm started Tuesday and got worse by Thursday. FEMA and the National Guard was there by Friday. That sounds like a big improvement from FEMA watch under Bush’s care that took weeks to get help to Katrina victims.

  3. My favorite example of murphy’s unimpressive linking was from right after the inauguration, which I wrote about here. I concluded:

    Let me summarize that: Iran’s state controlled news agency says 100,000 students signed up to be suicide bombers (I would tend to be skeptical of such a claim, but then I’m not a fucking idiot). So GatewayPundit picks up this “news,” which catches the Eye of Uppity Woman, which makes it onto PUMA PACs front page (after fucking up the original number by 2 orders of magnitude), with the weak caveat “reportedly.”

    I think their slogan should be “PUMA PAC: Creduously misreporting claims from Iran’s state controlled media arm, as long as it can be done in such a way to circuitously attack Obama, since 2008.

    How is she so obtuse to not realize that making stupid mistakes like this only help to undermine her credibility further? I mean, her critics often don’t even need to engage her larger claims because those claims are ensconsed in so many layers of easily refutable stupid.

    The name Darragh Murphy will forever be Google linked to “ignominy.”

  4. Murphy just posted this :

    murphy 02.01.09 at 2:24 pm
    thanks dwp, hiya tec1965 — great to see you!
    heads-up here: the NEW Era Team has been working like dogs, I mean cats, the past 3 weeks. They have 2 exciting projects they’ll be unveiling this week — one having to do with the Alice Paul Congressional Gold Medal, and the other with a local, hands-on effort to raise awareness and finally pass the ERA.
    stay tuned.
    Also, the Senate starts debate on the Stimulus Muddle tomorrow — we’ll be prowling big time of course.
    Also, this week our New Jersey colleagues will be meeting with the head of the NJ domestic violence division to hammer out the details of Louisa’s Law.
    Also, the Revive Women’s Curriculum Team is working on a blueprint for action for every Puma member to participate in during Women’s History Month in March.
    AND, we now have 2 active Puma PAC meetup groups organized and getting ready to roll. In the San Francisco Bay Area and the NY/NJ Tri-State Area.
    So, in addition to re-imagining matriarchy and rewriting our own history, Puma PAC is also making America safe for democracy again and re-igniting citizen activism.

    Must stop laughing at them… Can’t breathe…

  5. Can someone PLEASE TELL ME why my email address is showing up for all the world to see? HUH? WTF?

    Oh… You mean I have cookies? A cache even? That only I and blog admins can see my addy? Um, well….

    Ok, I was sucked into Real Life all weekend, so I missed some pretty damned hilarious threads here. I was just making up for some lost time there. Please be patient with me.

    Judging from the fact that not a single commenter touched the claim (at least not anyone who made it through Murphy’s hear-no-evil filter)

    If there are any surviving PUMA brain cells left, they probably didn’t make it through the filter. Can you imagine if the litter actually clicked the links and found Daaaarrrraaagh to be as full of shit as she truly is? Well, the flippin’ well would run dry and who would pay Queen Kitty’s new salary? Tsk, tsk, better they be blind and uber-stupid as to allow Our Leading Lady of Cult Stoopidity to continue to collect her monies.

    Also, has anyone wondered what RiverChucky’s cut is in all of this? Or is she fanning the flames of mass delusion just for the hell of it?

  6. They’re going to create a password protected women-only thread called The Secret Matriarchy Club. According to dances it will be a ‘survivors’ group for women who have survived the patriarchy.

    This cannot be tolerated, it will spoil all our fun. *pouts*

    Do we have any undercover PUMAs, or shall we inform the hacker division of obots-R-us?

    jennyjinx — I have long since given up on finding the motivation for any actions taken by PUMA.
    Once I start understanding them, I’ll let you know, right after I’ve checked myself into the local asylum.

  7. lol, when I saw this commercial last night I knew there would be a “puma post” forthwith.

  8. “…that cruel and insane ad, the only purpose of which is to make you feel: LONELY, FAT, UGLY, ANNOYING, BORING, PREDICTABLE, OLD, and FRUSTRATED…”

    Project much, PUMAs? Holy shit, they can’t even properly analyze a commercial that was designed to appeal to 8th grade literacy levels.

  9. Projecting indeed. I think Murphy’s list is really telling.

    The abnormal psychology is why I like watching PUMA. It’s interesting.

  10. Way more interesting than my job anyway.

  11. Stupid PUMAs think that the interflora ad was against them.

    Could they get any more bitter?

    DancesWithPumas 02.02.09 at 8:47 am

    Is “fat smelly cat” a euphemism?

  12. PUMA must have properly joined up with the KKK.

    Over at NoQuarter, HelenK, who posts at the Confluence and thinks PUMA is in charge, wrote this nugget of stupid race hate. So now lets blame the foreigners who work for the banks for the recession:-

    Comment by helenk | 2009-02-03 18:49:39

    I just read somewhere that the banks used the bailout money to try to hire more foreign workers. The loyalty to the American people that are stuck with paying this bill is underwhelming.
    As I was writing this a tv ad came on for the american worker .com



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