Something I Forgot to Mention

Did anyone notice this from last Saturday? I meant to write about it at the time, but I was safely ensconced in the real world. The New Agenda (aka PUMA-lite) had a confidential scoop.

a confidential source,who is “in the know,” informed us that the reason that Matthews did not run for the PA senate seat was as follows: his advisors were concerned that he would get smoked by two strong opponents: TNA (womens group) and the PUMAs – yes this is true. So, if you think that our work together isn’t making an impact, think again!

And if you believe this I have some mortgage backed securities to sell you.

I have a friend who has done some work for NARAL/Pro-Choice America and I mentioned this “scoop.” Her response? “The New Agenda? Never heard of them.” After I explained they were an anti-woman-lynching (not anti-woman, pro-lynching, but anti-[woman-lynching]) PUMA offshoot, she looked it up and we had a good laugh. I kept my ear to the ground here in PA about the senate seat and the Matthews run, and nobody ever even mentioned the PUMAs. They are quite assuredly a non-factor.

Did they think Matthews was intimidated by there 20-woman mega-protest in Denver? The self-delusion would be remarkable if it weren’t a hallmark of the PUMAs.

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  1. I was gonna write about that but I remembered I addressed the Chris Mathews thing in the Delusional Puma open thread. It is a proven fact that Mathews was using the possibility of him running as leverage for a new contract. It’s done in the business all the time. If the pumas where at all effective instead of a steaming bag of fail, then Chris would have been let go from NBC and there wouldn’t have been a contract negotiation. It just shows how blind and stupid they all are to whats happening in the real world….idiots.

  2. You’re absolutely right about The New Agenda being PUMA-lite. I called them out for it in comments on their site and on my blog ages ago, pointing out that their entire blogroll was hard-core PUMA and practically every post is anti-Obama, so it was absurd to pretend to be nonpartisan.

    They posted some lame-ass response about eventually adding some non-PUMA blogs and exploring issues that don’t boil down to “waaaaahhh Hillary lost and Obama won.” But calling themselves TNA is just an attempt to put lipstick on the stinky pig that is PUMA. Hell, they even trumpeted deranged race-baiter Harriet Christian as a founding member, for godz sake!

    I think at least a few of the PUMAs were media savvy enough to realize they had to disassociate themselves from Murphette and Bower after that pair of buffoons made such asses of themselves on TV over the issue of paying down Hillary’s debt. Hence, TNA, which has the same old agenda.

  3. TNA wants PUMA without the stink.

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