Stupid PUMA Commentor!

This one is a minor thing, but too funny to pass up. Over at BJ’s “Free Us Now” blog* a bedeviled PUMA left this hilarious nugget of dumb.

FreeMeNow, why is my email listed in the Leave a Reply area? I gave it when I commented on one of BJ Kling’s posts only because it was required. Is it visable to everyone who comes to this site? If so, would you please remove it?
I’m sorry, but I’m pretty dumb about how these blog sites work; it’s just that I prefer to keep my email private. I’m sorry if it actually is and I have misunderstood. I don’t mean to offend. Thanks for listening.

It took me about two seconds to realize that this paragon of PUMA must have left a comment on a wordpress blog before, with cookies enabled, and so upon loading the page her email address was already in the “email” comment field.

So this genius, who is admittedly “pretty dumb with how these blog sites work” thinks this is how everybody viewing the page finds it, with her email address on display.

I’m sorry, I realize that the Granny Brigade of the PUMA army didn’t grow up with computers, but it is two-thousand-fucking-nine. That’s almost as stupid as blaming Obama for not signing a law that hasn’t been sent to him by the congress. Almost.

*(I don’t actually consider Betty Jean fair game for mockery anymore since she is suffering quite a bit of family hardship that could almost excuse her behavior online. She really needs to get off the blog and realize that the PUMA “support” is driving her mad, but I’m leaving that whole thing alone.)

9 Responses

  1. I’ve seen this before several times. PUMA and bifers are so sure that Obama is having them spied upon that seeing their cookie-supplied info in form fields makes some sure that Blogger or WordPress is run by bots out to collect their personal information.

  2. Blogger or WordPress is run by bots out to collect their personal information.

    Shhhhh! Don’t tell them! That’s our number one resource for destroying PUMA and installing a muslim socialist Republican as president!

  3. Actually, Trying’s little apologia is rather sweet. It’s the least offensive bit of Pumidity I’ve seen in, well, perhaps ever. At least one of them knows the keystrokes for “I’m sorry”.

    Now if one of them thought to apologize for trying to deliver the country into the trembling hands of a nasty misogynist warrior hypocrite because the Hillcats were in a snit, that would be noteworthy.

  4. “Free Us Now” is just the saddest statement ever. But it’s perfect for the PUMA mindset of waiting for their knight to come and release them. They just really don’t get the concept of self-empowerment at all, do they?

  5. To be fair every PUMA knows that on the 4th day of March the blessed saint Hillary the martryr will join forces with Sarah, slayer of womanlynchers and Kirsten Gillibrand, patron-saint of teh PUMA prowl, to form the holy trinity of feminism and purge the world of all evil (cough obots cough).

    And all PUMAs shall dance in fields of daisies, worship at the altar of Darragh and live happily ever after.

    The End.

  6. Nikki, the daisy dance party may be cancelled this year, due to the “Et Tu Hillary” moment many PUMAs are experiencing after watching Real Non-Cardboard Hillary’s Real Shoulder being Really Fondled by Really Vice-President Biden. And she LIKED it!

  7. Womanlynching!!! Also.

    I’m in joyous anticipation of myiq’s next epic fail, according to Kevin at rumproast he’s going to take another stab at feminism and patriarchy, to which I say : Bring it bitch!

  8. I just wanted to say that I love what y’all are doing here. I stumbled onto the whole PUMA thing many months ago and have been making fun of them with my husband ever since.

    They are fascinating to me. So much so that I signed up to be a puma on Murphy’s site. The intent was to infiltrate those whiny bitches, gain their trust and have a super fun time fucking with them.

    Then of course, I went on living my life.

    It’s nice to know there are others out there who find the silly deficient losers entertaining.

  9. Nikki — It’s the Tranzor Z of feminism! May I live to see its day!

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