Stupid angienc2! Stupid madamab!

Over at The Confluence in sm77’s bamboozle-palooza thread, angienc2 adds this cryptic “thought” to the conversation.

What women need to realize is that the ONLY Constitutional right that we have is the right to vote. What the f*ck is NOW doing about that? Nothing — all they care about is Roe. Well you know what? Let them have Roe. Meanwhile, the rest of us women with a tiny bit of sense in our heads need to work together, regardless of “party” (note, all the female Republican woman voted FOR Ledbetter & I bet $1000 cash money they would have voted FOR the Paycheck Act) to fix the root problem — the patriarchy.

Did I miss the penis clause in the first amendment? Or the second? Or any of them? What does this even mean?

It’s so obvious that the rights of the constitution are extended to women that it seems nit-picky to point it out, but then again, angienc2 capitalized “only.” Furthermore, “Roe” is not a right enumerated in the constitution. It is a right derived from the constitution by the supreme court, correctly in my view. It is also a right that is constantly under threat from one of the two major political parties in this country. I’ll give the PUMAs two guesses which one.

Right below, madamb demonstrates her research skills with this.

Downticket – I must have been confusing the Paycheck Fairness Act with a different one.

You are right – I can’t find any evidence that Obama was ever a co-sponsor of HR 12.

More lies from the NY Times.

This one is brilliant, really. Not to be missed stupid.

Ok. H.R.12 is the house version of the Paycheck Fairness Act that was introduced this year, on 1/6/09 to be precise. S.766 was the senate version that was introduced by Hillary Clinton in 2007 and co-sponsored by Barack Obama.

Notice anything? If you’re a PUMA, you might not have noticed that Obama only co-sponsored the version that was around when he was in the fucking senate. I know they’ve mostly blocked the election from their memories, but Obama resigned from the senate in November after he won the election, and as such it would be pretty hard for him to co-sponsor a bill introduced two months later in the house.

So, to summarize, when Obama was in the senate he co-sponsored the legislation. After he left the senate, he was unable to co-sponsor any new legislation. Was that really so hard?

Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t notice anybody at The Confluence correcting this eggregiously stupid mistake by madamab. Paging angienc2…

44 Responses

  1. Here are what I won’t do:

    I won’t attack PUMAs personally

    Looks like you threw that one to the wind.

    It’s not nice to call people stupid.

  2. Wait — you really are too stupid to follow. The use of “Furthermore” in this sentence:

    It’s so obvious that the rights of the constitution are extended to women that it seems nit-picky to point it out, but then again, angienc2 capitalized “only.” Furthermore, “Roe” is not a right enumerated in the constitution.

    So, you think I’m wrong when I say that the only Constitutional right women have is the right to vote, but then you turn around and say I am wrong to assert that Roe is a Constitutional right. You can’t have it both ways — did I say the right to vote was the ONLY constitutional right a woman has or did I say Roe was a constitutional right.

    Oh, and those “so obvious” things about women having Constitutional rights — are those rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution, but derived from the Constitution? Be careful how you answer, because if your answer is “yes” than you are proving my point that the ONLY Constitutional right women have is the right to vote.

  3. Fredster, perhaps I should have been more specific. I meant, and thought I implied, that I wouldn’t se seeking out and publicizing personal details about the PUMAs, or mocking them for personal issues. I also wrote on that page

    Being overweight, transgendered, mentally ill or whatever else won’t get me to make fun of you. Being phenomenally stupid and demonstrating it online, however, will.

    I thought that was clear. The whole point of this site is to point out how stupid you all are. I also don’t try to link that to your real life identities where it isn’t already (ie Darragh and Kim).

  4. angienc may actually be a lawyer. Of course, Orly and Berg are nominally lawyers, so I shouldn’t have been so shocked. Yesterday angie was complaining about the MCP treatment she recieved from male opposing counsel, who would wait for her to finish talking, then turn to her male co-counsel and continue as if she hadn’t spoken.

    Of course, she probably doesn’t notice that the women do that to her too.

  5. Angie, I’ll type this very slowly for you. The right to choice and the right to privacy are not enumerated in the constitution. They are not explicit. They are interpreted by the court.

    Oh, and those “so obvious” things about women having Constitutional rights — are those rights that are not enumerated in the Constitution, but derived from the Constitution?

    Women have the right of free speech, free assembly, right to bear arms, right to due process. These are all explicit in the text of the constitution as amended today.

  6. I’ll type even slower for you. Show me were is the clause in the Constitution that applies all those things to women. Or is that just your “reading it in?”

  7. Show me were is the clause in the Constitution that applies all those things to women. Or is that just your “reading it in?”

    Wow, she really is that stupid.

    I typed that really fast!

  8. Shit all this time I thought my wife had the same rights as me. Thanks Angie!

  9. There’s nothing in the rule book that says an elephant can’t pitch.

  10. Honestly, Obama could walk across the Potomac and the PUMAs would rag on him for not taking public transportation.

  11. Let’s give the PUMAs a little help, here, you patriarchal womanlynching pistachio-encrusted (sounds delicious, btw) boiz—

    Counselor Angie, Madam AB, and all you resolute researchers: why do you suppose the Senate version of the bill begins with an “S” and the House version begins with an “H”?

    We’ll wait. Don’t feel pressured to guess.

  12. I can’t believe anyone, especially a lawyer, believes that women have no guaranteed Constitutional rights.

  13. Angienc2 — Honestly *rolls eyes*

    Amendment 1
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
    prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or
    of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition
    the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Amendment 2
    A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the
    right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    There, I looked it up for you!
    Please take note of the use of the word PEOPLE as opposed to the word MEN.
    Unless you want to argue that women are not human, but instead a lower (or perhaps higher…) lifeform the constitution of the US gives ALL the same rights to women as it does to men.
    Satisfied, or shall I go and find you some more evidence, it’s not that difficult, you just have to google US constitution…

  14. What’s most hilarious are the PUMA attempts to pretend that they’ve been all about Lily Ledbetter and equal pay and violence against women and ERA and the whole laundry list of feminist causes all along. When of course the whole world knows that the reason for PUMA’s formation and ongoing existence is an idiotic self-serving vindictive reaction to an “inadequate black male” outsmarting and out-organizing the Inevitable Hillary, Who They Thought Had All the Answers So They Wouldn’t Have to Do Any Work.

    No real feminist would ever entertain the notion of voting for the McCain/Palin ticket. Period.

    When they’re not pretending to be longtime feminists (rather than Hillaryists), they also pretend to be really concerned about electoral reform. Which I’m sure would have been the case even if Hillary had won those “unfair” caucuses which “discriminate against working moms” in huge numbers. Riiiigght.

    Yeah. PUMAs, you think you’re slick. But you’re just . . . wait for it . . . STUPID!

  15. PUMAs having just discovered that the ERA didn’t pass, believe that women must therefore have NO rights at all. And PUMAs are going to do what a hundred feminist organizations have failed to do, because they are not the awesome PUMAs: get that ERA passed. If they can figure out which is the House and which the Senate.

  16. I hope angienc2 is back to normal typing speed. She says some really goofy things when she’s typing slow.

    Tom65, you’ve got me thinking about the elephant pitching. I’m wondering if because he’s both on the pitcher’s mound and outside of the pitcher’s mound (because he’s bigger than a puma convention) he would technically be violating the rules of baseball.

    I’m also wondering what makes the pumas so nasty. Maybe that’s what happens when you type slowly.

  17. That thread at Riverchucky is full of win.

    First, they acknowledge coming over here and reading about their stupidity, but haven’t uttered a word about how a Senator can’t vote on a House bill, nor about how Obama co-sponsored the Senate version with Clinton

    Then it appears that they have no idea what the term “birther” means. They then give it a misogynistic assignation and blithely go tripping down the path assuming that we are somehow “hatched” as opposed to being “birthed”.

    The mind boggles.

  18. Meanwhile over at No Quarter they’re attempting to gain credibility as feminists by calling out the media for saying Jessica Simpson gained weight.

    Comment by NoBamaNoWay | 2009-01-30 05:34:24
    you’re right ani, what these women are doing is letting the “guys” know that they’re on their side. the patriarchy is still alive and well, especially at the highest levels of industry, and these women know which side their bread is buttered on. or, you could just say they’re whores. that’s about the size of it.

    Comment by Northwest rain | 2009-01-29 22:54:57
    Old story —
    These stupid, ignorant, self involved females are acting this way in order to get or keep the attention of males — but in the long run they are harming themselves — they are acting like CRABS.


  19. Really? Does Jessica Simpson possess some hidden talent, completely unrelated to her looks?

  20. Well, I for one am happy that the “stupid, ignorant, self involved females” at PUMA got the attention of one particular man: John McCain. Without them, would he have put Palin on the ticket? I think Obama would have won anyway, but that boneheaded appeal to the mythical “18 million” disgruntled Hillary voters certainly helped seal the deal.

    Oh, and remind me again how Hillary Clinton rose to political power? I believe it had to do with the nasty patriarchal institution of marriage and the connections forged therein, right?

    Oh, and to those PUMAs who think they own feminism more than someone like me, who has been walking the walk for 30 years? I have one thing to say. Listen carefully, because I’m using invective even a stupid PUMA can understand!

    Eat My Fuck, You Miserable Loser Harpies of FAIL!

  21. Ok, she doesn’t, still I’m not sure any woman’s weight should be frontpage news though …

    Honestly, the basis of their article isn’t bad, but they just had to drag Hillary and Palin into it and we all know what happens when they do that.

    IMO the only thing that could make that thread better would be an impromptu visit from hisiq1/10EveryOtherMammalIncludingGuinneaPigs.

  22. Checking on PUMAPac: I like how Darragh declared Dick Armey to be Pig of the Day yesterday (with an interesting h/t) and then organizes a prowl to denounce him. But she sets her typing/faxing minions on Chris Matthews. It’s his fault because he let Armey on the show and so Matthews has to demand that Armey apologize to America. Maybe they’re afraid of Armey?

  23. marindenver — Nah, that just seems to be their strategy. When a democrat says something stupid, it’s the democrat’s fault.
    When republicans (like say Palin) say stupid things it must be the MSM’s fault.

    It all makes sense! (NOT)

  24. You smug, juvenile Lump Toast loosers are pissing me off so bad I don’t know which of my 93 chromosomes wants to beat the shit out of you first.

    If I were a man, I’d — Oh, wait. Never mind.

  25. Ok, MountainDong, I realise we’ve all felt the temptation, but that’s not cool.

    The PUMAs give us more than enough ammunition without resorting to immature, offensive attacks.
    We’re better than that, or at least I like to think we are.

  26. … I like how Darragh declared Dick Armey to be Pig of the Day …

    When they choose myiq2xu to be Pig of the Day (I believe it’s been a close-run thing), I’ll niw my work is done. (Yeah, right.)

    And MountainDong, I lived with and shared space with some people who were transgender in my youth. You’ve offended me, and that takes some doing.

  27. Oh, I see what mountaindong is doing.

    Violation of my comment policy! Bye!

  28. pumarubbernecker: I don’t want to single ot the individual PUMA that post’s directed at, but I think it contravenes the general principles you set out when you set up this blog.

  29. Ah! I think we’re both up to speed now! 😀

  30. This blog has smileys!!! Who knew :~

  31. Thanks YAFB. I removed said post.

  32. All I know is that it’s a slap to the face to shove this down our throats while throwing us under the bus.

  33. Angie, you gave up any moral high ground on when you voted for McPalin:

    angienc2, on December 19th, 2008 at 7:46 pm Said:

    Do you think it’s too early to put a “Don’t blame me, I voted for McCain” bumper sticker on my car? I’ve got the perfect place for it — right next to my Hillary sticker.
    McCain opposed the Lily Ledbetter act that Hillary co-sponsored. Why does angienc2 hate Hillary?

  34. JasonM: Say it loud, say it proud.

    angienc2 – Foul-mouthed and a hypocrite. What a combo.

  35. All I know is that it’s a slap to the face to shove this down our throats while throwing us under the bus.

    Sinister Forces fell into the PUMA Comment Generator 3000 again. Somebody fish him out and clean up the mess!

  36. So, late to the party, I know. But I’m just curious – since angie has realized that the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment, Eighth Amendment, et al rights don’t apply to women because they use gender-neutral language, does that also mean that the “No person except a natural born citizen…” gender-neutral language in Article II, Section 1 also bars women from the Presidency?

    Because if that really is the case, this is DEFINITELY something the PUMAs should be putting their full weight behind posthaste.

  37. Fallacy ad pumum – The misconception that rational thought, conviction, or consistency lies behind anything written or said by a PUMA.
    See: angienc2; kat in your hat …

  38. Yes, that terrible slacker NOW, only (“only”) concerned with Roe; I got this alert in the mail from them, p.s. wrt the dumped provision:

    Promote Economic Recovery, Support Family Planning

    Tell Congress and President Obama that the Economic Recovery package may be “shovel ready,” but poor women got the axe.

    As you may have heard, an important family planning provision was
    unceremoniously dumped from the economic recovery package this week, after Republican leaders and conservative pundits complained about it all weekend.

    Take Action NOW!..

    (more at site)

  39. dumped provision from the stimulus package, that should’ve read.

  40. ACS: Excellent point.

    Belledame: I’m hoping the family planning bucks get added back into the package in the Senate version of the bill. The wingnuts are going to accuse the Dems of funding gay alien muslim welfare babies no matter what, so trying to appease them is pointless.

  41. Because if that really is the case, this is DEFINITELY something the PUMAs should be putting their full weight behind posthaste.

    If angienc2 ever visits again and I’m not around, I suggest asking her what she’s done about any of these issues that have been discussed, other than venting for hours every day on The Effluence (leaving aside voting for McCain/Palin, of course …).

  42. angiec….What more can I add except: Mwahahaha!!!

    Oh, and shouldn’t you be stroking a certain clown boy’s ego instead of bothering with Butt-tards (the hyphen is there so that there won’t be any misspellings when the kitties decide they like that word).

    Good fucking lord (and no, I didn’t put an asterisk on that), but if this is the brains in the PUMA comment section I finally understand their penchant for utter FAIL.


    Can someone please start a movement– perhaps a PAC– where I can fight to get some damned Constitutional rights? All this freely speaking shit is just not doing much for me. 😉

  43. Interestingly, PUMA heroine Sarah Palin stated her opposition to the Ledbetter Act during her VP campaign: “The Ledbetter pay act–it was gonna turn into a boon for trial lawyers who, I believe, could have taken advantage of women who [would] allege discrimination many, many years ago.” (Pretty standard Republican cant; no surprise there.)

  44. While we’re on the subject of Palin, remember “There’s a place in Hell reserved for women who don’t support other women”? Apparently, not so much:

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