Riverchucky’s Sexual Hangups

Could Riverdaughter possibly write something about Obama without bizarre and gratuitous sexual imagery? As if everything she objects to being viewed as forced fellatio wasn’t bad enough, she brings us this.

So, in the picture, he’s sitting with his legs spread like he’s practicing for some cheerleader split, junk dangling over the edge of the chair. I’m sorry but he just looks stupid.

Ah yes, those dumb black men with their slovenly posture and junk hanging all over everything. Nice touch, Kim. I’ll bet anybody that Riverchucky is the lonely author of volumes of Hillary Clinton slash fiction.

5 Responses

  1. The PUMAs are generally channeling Victoria Price and Ruby Bates, the accusers in the Scottsboro case. They live in constant fear of black men with oversized Mandingo junk violating their lily-white virtuous womanhood by “shoving it down their throats” — which is totally how black dudes spend their days. When they’re not collecting welfare and/or depriving “hardworking Americans, white Americans” their birthright

    Also: Obama’s administration doesn’t look like America? Hmmm — Janet Napolitano, Hilda Solis, Eric Holder, Steven Chu, Hillary Clinton, and oh yeah — A BLACK PRESIDENT! You know, one who is actually black, instead of just one who plays sax on Arsenio’s show.

  2. Kerry, Obama’s cabinet doesn’t look like the PUMAs’ America. The PUMAs’ America doesn’t much appreciate all these swarthy men with their junk hanging all over everything.

  3. My junk is dangling over my chair, but it’s encrusted with pistachios.

  4. Kerry — Obama may have a Kenian father, he’s really only 6% black.
    Berg’s followers have spoken!

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