Beep-beep! All aboard the PUMA short bus!

shortbus1Boy, the FAIL Factory is a hoot tonight, probably from the strain of ignoring Obama’s historic signing of the Ledbetter Act into law, a classic case of woman-lynching-face-slapping-hillary-bird-flipping if there ever was one. Where to begin?

First of all, can you believe Murphette had this fucking graphic up again? Not only is it executed with the skill of a hydroencephalic kerosene huffer, it’s a ginormous reminder of the PUMA FAILFest that was Denver. (Though perhaps the graphic was prophetic since it accurately predicted the teeming PUMA hordes who actually made it to Denver – all four of them.) Kind of surprising Murphette would want to remind the very people she’s currently trying to shake down for donations of how she squandered the last haul on the Magic Beans O’ Fail in Denver.

Anyway, instead of celebrating today’s victory for working women, instead of apologizing for backing a sexist troglodyte who was against the Ledbetter Act in the presidential race, the head PUMAtard posted a lame pack of lies that accuses Obama of two cardinal sins:

  1. Obama is considering making the Bush tax cuts, even those for the mega-rich, PERMANENT
  2. Obama may add MORE TAX CUTS to the Stimulus Swindle to appease Republicans there.

A person unfamiliar with the bottomless well of retardation that is PUMAPAC might wonder why they would object to policies that were advocated by the very candidates they supported in the general election. But such stupefying idiocy barely gives us veteran PUMA punters pause anymore.

No, the most FAIL-worthy feature of the post is that the articles Murphette links as evidence of Obama’s perfidy directly contradict her assertions. For example, the first link is to a blog that says the Republicans – you know, PUMA’s new party — want to force Obama to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. It quotes the PUMA’s presidential candidate – McCain – advocating for making the tax cuts for the mega-rich permanent. It doesn’t say jack shit about Obama considering anything.

The second link is to a CNN article that again quotes Republicans clamoring for more tax cuts. Here’s what it says about Obama’s position: “Obama has made it clear that he’s not willing to budge on some of the big ticket items, like how the tax cuts are structured.” It also doesn’t say shit about Obama adding tax cuts to appease Republicans.

So, double-link FAIL. Just another ride on the PUMA short bus.

12 Responses

  1. yoo hoo antifish, where are you? We are waiting patiently for your comment on this since you represent everything puma. hmmm maybe she was denied access to the puter at her mental institution. PUMA=FAIL once again.

  2. Murphy and Riverfreak are escalating to Heaven’s Gate or Branch Davidian crazy.

    Seriously those people are not well.

  3. Could someone explain what the fuck Riverchucky is saying here?

  4. Aw… it looks like Murphy thought better of the Denver-FAIL reminder, replacing it with… teabags? It’s a PUMA teabagging party, folks!

    To her credit, she did direct fives or sixes of angry emails at Dick Armey (God, what a name…) for his douchiness yesterday. Even a pithed PUMA is right once a year.

  5. Could someone explain what the fuck Riverchucky is saying here?

    I was similarly mystified when I asked the same question here (where Betty has kindly tried to illuminate me):

  6. Didn’t Puma (the company) go after Murphy for misappropriating their logo?

  7. Personally I think PUMAs have gotten their knickers in a twist because Obama didn’t wear orange during the signing of the Ledbetter act. That was an obvious snub to feminists everywhere.
    And at least one of them has decided that it’s actually a bad thing the act got passed…

    sm77, on January 29th, 2009 at 11:11 pm Said:
    RD: I have a simple request.
    The site that shall not be named linked to us today regarding a response to the Lilly Ledbetter Act.
    Because we can’t demand equal pay now, unless we sue the bastards and in this employer’s market we are living, it just made shit worse.

    Somebody help me out here, the site that shall not be named, is it rumproast or wonkette?

    Also Gagal and Fran have decide BO can NOT turn the heat on, cause it’s wasteful and Taggles gleefully claims credit for any future family planning funding…

    taggles, on January 30th, 2009 at 1:52 am Said:
    hi conflucians! If barack does get family planning funding next week, we can take full credit.
    We are the only ones who pointed out the One’s hypocrisy. His sexism, he willingness to throw women under the bus one more time for his post partisan schtick. LOSER!


    Their reality ha usurped our satire…

  8. I think Wonkette is the site that must not be named and Rumproast is “Buttburger.”

    And truly, these morons are satire’s assassins.*

    *Description stolen from The Poor Man, who first applied it to Palin.

  9. Will this site ever get a clever PUMA alias? A boy can dream!

    I wonder what it will be. I bet Pyrrhic victory (Note to angienc2, only Pyrrhic is capitalized) will be inexplicably part of it somehow. Like “The site which is Pyrrhicly stupid.”

    Any other guess?

  10. One more time. If you tried to throw the election to McCain/Palin, you have no fucking business whining about Obama’s -supposed- desire to make the tax cuts permanent, when -McCain was actually running on the promise to do so.-

    It’s such crap. How many of the bloody PUMA’s or satellites were voting for McCain precisely because they wanted to make good and sure their tax cuts stayed permanent? But the rest keep acting like Obama’s sole opponent was–well, not even Clinton, because her frigging policies -were almost the same-; like it was McKinney (how many PUMA’s actually voted for her, let alone had a clue what her/the Greens’ platform was about? talked about them at all, as opposed to how terrible Obama was and how radiant Palin is?)

  11. […] or else she counts on her dim-bulb readers’ ignorance of this principle. Why else would she so frequently provide links that either do nothing to support the point she’s trying to make or — worse […]

  12. […] to the media regarding Hillary Clinton’s debt being paid off, she lied to her followers about buses to Denver, she lied to her followers about pumapac newspaper ads, she lied to her followers about not being a […]

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