As fast as you can from everything named PUMA, If you want to get elected in 2010 then you will do the only smart thing and send all money coming from PUMApac back to where it came from. If you want to be added to the list of Epic Fail candidates that they have supported then go ahead and cash those checks.

For those of you who don’t know, Dumbaugh Murphy has issued a call to all PUMA’s for donations to Gillibrands campaign, you know the one that THEY helped win the seat that Hillary left vacant. As a starting donation Dumbaugh has promised to donate $100 dollars!!!! Yes you heard it here first, they are breaking the bank with a $100 dollar donation!! but wait! there is a catch! She will only give up the cash if 10 other members donate money first! WTF?  If this doesn’t tell you that pumapac is a scam to make Dumbaugh Murphy money then I dont know what will, stupid ass puma’s! Here is the original plea from Dumbaugh;

Gillibrand has started getting ready for her Senate run. Send her some support HERE. Puma PAC will throw in $100 if ten members join us and also contribute — all contrubutions count, doesn’t matter if it’s $5 or $500.

Treat this as your PUMA open thread for today! Happy hump day…

20 Responses

  1. Is Dumbaugh thinking of a run for the Senate?


    murphy 01.28.09 at 12:52 pm

    HP, so will you be the Puma Political Director for our candidate for Senate in Massachusetts?



    HP Boston 01.28.09 at 1:41 pm

    murphy 01.28.09 at 12:52 pm

    HP, so will you be the Puma Political Director for our candidate for Senate in Massachusetts?
    ONLY if it is YOU Murphy……….:twisted:


    murphy 01.28.09 at 1:50 pm

    Hey if CRACKLE Matthews can consider it with a straight face HP, why not me?

    Kennedy’s not long for this world and Kerry is not the most popular guy in the world . . .

    God I hope so!

  2. PUMA is contributing to Gillibrand? KISS OF DEATH.

    Thanks, Daragh!

  3. I’m surprised La Murphy hasn’t gone through and scrubbed out all the “prowls” in which she directed her fives of flying monkeys as follows:

    * * * * * * TODAY’S PROWL * * * * * * *

    Call Governor Paterson and urge him to appoint Rep. Carolyn Maloney to replace Sec. Clinton.

    So now she’s just going to fucking PRETEND that she was backing Gillibrand all along? Jesus God, what a shameless suck-up.

    If PUMAPAC wasn’t such an insignificant joke, it would be worth informing Gillibrand of the depth and duration of their support. But I’m sure doing so under the present circumstances would just prompt Gillibrand to ask, “Poo who?”

  4. Murphy may also want to be careful about her PAC throwing money anywhere until she’s square with the FEC (and the IRS).

  5. Yes you heard it here first, they are breaking the bank with a $100 dollar donation!! but wait! there is a catch! She will only give up the cash if 10 other members donate money first! WTF? If this doesn’t tell you that pumapac is a scam to make Dumbaugh Murphy money then I dont know what will, stupid ass puma’s!
    I’m sorry, I don’t understand how 10 Pumas donating to Kirsten Gillibrand is a scam to make Murphy money.
    Could you explain it? Stupid ass Obot!

    Dumbaugh? You are how old?

  6. First of all antifish or whatever your stupid ass name is, please stay over at the litter box where you belong. Keep donating to pay Dumbaughs salary while she donates a whole whopping $100, I wonder if that’s what she donated from pumapac to pay off Hillary’s debt.

    Obot? how old are you?

    pumapac = fail.

  7. Believe me, I’m giving you a complement when I call you an Obot. If I told you what I really think, you’d probably hate me… more!

    You do know that cyber-stalking can lead to acting out right, freakshow? Get help!

  8. keep taking your med’s and you will be ok…….

  9. antifish – be careful how many times you post here. You do remember that those ip number thingies get collected, triangulated, collated and traced don’t you? Take your pills, honey and go back to bed. You’ll feel much better.

  10. Hey Antifish, I thought the Powerless Pussy Posse was all about cyber-stalking, only you call them “prowls.” (And, um, if you are against “stalking,” why are you here? Fucktard.)

    We, on the other hand, call “prowls” by the same term that can be applied to every other fucking thing PUMAs do: FAIL.

    No erasing Hillary’s campaign debt. (“But Will Bower PROMISED that we had!”)

    No riots in Denver. (“But Darragh PROMISED busloads of protesters!”)

    No 18-million-strong (“But Riverdaughter PROMISED!”) turning the tide November 4 for John McCain to punish the Inadequate Black Male. Who, as it turns out, won by a larger percentage of the popular vote than Bill Clinton ever managed to muster. Yeah. Good job with that “unelectable” line of BS. Loser.

    No getting the electoral college to overturn the election results. (For real? You all really thought that Hail Mary pass stood a chance? You do realize that your “prowl” emails to the electors were pretty much passed around all over the internet for the amusement of the people in Sane Grown-Up Land, right?)

    How does it feel to fuck up so consistently? To be such a total package of loserdom? To be constantly proclaiming these grand actions and declaring victory prematurely, only to wake up to find that reality has once again bitten you on the ass?

    Also, the word you mean is spelled “compliment.” (Don’t they have spell check where you live? Or schools?) The word “complement” refers to something that makes perfect or completes another thing. As in “Antifish’s ceaseless idiocy and lack of self-awareness is a perfect complement to the Fortress of Failure known as PUMA.”

  11. another unwitting Obot, Mar in trailer park, accidentally makes a good point.

    When it comes to infringing on personal freedoms, and spying on Americans the Democrats are far worse than the Republicans.

    These next four years are going to be a re-run of Stalinist Russia. GWB just spent millions putting together the most sophisticated evesdropping system in the world, then handed the keys over to Barry.

    He’s turning that apparatus inward as we speak.

    Don’t be surprised if there are unusual car crashes, and missing persons in your near future, where people dare to speak out.

    It is not going to be a good time to be a patriot.


  12. “Evesdropping?” Oh noes! What are they gonna drop on Eves? And on what Eves can we expect these “drops?” Midsummer? Christmas?

    Don’t any of you PUMA fuckwits know how to spell? Yet you demonstrably insane and illiterate pieces of idiocy dare to make “trailer park” jokes? Classist, much?

    Sell Crazy back in your Kitty Pack O’ Fail, Lil Powerless Pussy PumaNuma. Your track record on prognostication frankly sucks. (See: Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Debt, Paying Off Of; DNC Riots, Fomenting Of; 18 Million Strong, Voting for McCain; Electoral College, Persuading Of).

    Maybe you should be dropping some hints to Patrick Fitzgerald about all these nefarious doings that you’re predicting here. I understand you all dug up his “blog” a while ago!

    Yet another Great Moment In PUMA EPIC FAIL!

  13. I’m new to these debates,hence the term PUMANUMA, but I find your tone frankley misogynist, and you haven’t spent much time investigating the HIS-STORY of New World Order, and contra tel pro in the US, or you wouldn’t take it so lightly.

    The Puma movement is at risk, with these powers in the hands of an unsavory character like Obama, and after they are done with PUMAs they will come for you, Mr Kerry.

  14. Wow, so much fail in one comment!

    First of all, I’m not a “Mr.” You know what they say about “When you assume, you make an ass out of — well, just yourself, really.”

    Also, again the ignorant spelling! “Frankly,” for god’s sake!

    And finally — “The Puma movement is at risk?” Um, you DO know that the name of this blog is “Stupid Pumas,” right? So why do you think anyone here gives a flying fuck if the PUMA movement is at risk? We are ANTI-PUMA, you fucking piece of loser fail. The only reason we can find for your presence is our amusement.

    Also, the “PUMA movement” was “at risk” the moment it started. It has achieved nothing. Since you’re a self-described newbie, I’ll try to give you the benefit of the doubt. Oh wait — no, I won’t. You’re a fucktard.

    No, I’m not misogynist. I’m anti-idiotic raving-loony conspiracy theorists who believe they actually represent a “movement” for progressive and feminist causes that many of us have spent decades working on.

    Call your attendants and ask them to hide your computer and get you your Thorazine.

  15. Ms Kerry

    You are treating me like a straw man, and refuse to even address the issue I am talking about, which is the freedom of speech.

    Sure you can have you’re Stupid Puma website for a while, but all of the Stupid Obama websites will be gone soon, as soon as this administration finds out about them.

    And then you’ll be next.

    The difference is youwill walk into thegas chambers, but I won’t go on without a fight.


  16. Ok Now you’ve done it loser, you’ve succesfully pissed me of, aren’t you special.

    First of all, Obama doesn’t even know you exist and even if he did, he wouldn’t give a flying fuck about you. I know that makes you really bitter as it underlines the epic FAIL that is PUMA. Sorry, but that’s reality, do us all a favor, either accept it or STFU.

    And I just KNOW you didn’t compare Obama to Hitler, you stupid piece of shit. During WWII 12 MILLION civilians died in NAZI concentration camps, an entire race was almost exterminated, and you have the utter gall to drag that into this?
    I know people who SURVIVED that hell, don’t you dare diminish what they went through by comparing it to your situation. You want to talk about oppression? Honey, you don’t know the meaning of the goddamn word.
    So yeah, get a history book, take some spelling lessons and come back if you’re ever ready to face the music, until then I say fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

    Oh and we’re treating you like a straw man, cause your argument makes no sense whatsoever. You’re still writing racist and mysogynistic shit on your blogs aren’t you? Yeah, thought so.
    You do realize that for your freedom of speech to be threatened someone more serious than us obots has to tell you to keep your verbal diarrhea to yourself, right?

    YOU are the reason we named this blog stupid PUMAs and we’re grateful you took the opportunity to prove us right, now retreat to your litter box, go cry to Darragh about how the mean obots hurt your precious feelings and go PMs somewhere else in the future.
    Goodbye and good riddance.
    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
    We won’t be missing you.


  17. Antifish, it’s not “cyber-stalking,” you brainless twit. It’s called “ridicule.” It tends to happen when you’re a laughingstock. The entire PUMA “movement” should be thoroughly used to that by now.

    And PumaNuma, I hope you’re just a shit-stirring troll — a pimply-faced Piggly-Wiggly bag boy getting his kicks posting outrageous shit rather than an actual adult with such an advanced and absurd persecution complex. Like Nikki said, no one gives a shit about PUMA except those dumb enough to identify themselves as such and those who point and laugh like us.

  18. Nikki, on January 29th, 2009 at 7:26 am Said:

    “First of all, Obama doesn’t even know you exist and even if he did, he wouldn’t give a flying fuck about you”

    You’re right Nikki. What’s funnier is that Hillary doesn’t know they exist either. If she did, it would break her heart to see people acting hateful and espousing conspiracy theories while claiming to “support” her.

  19. JasonM, on January 29th, 2009 at 10:43 am Said:

    “What’s funnier is that Hillary doesn’t know they exist either. ”

    Dood, don’t you know she wore orange once as a secret sign to PUMA? Oh that sounds delusional? Well you’re very misogynist!

  20. Well Sinister, I must confess that I too saw a secret message in Hillary’s orange pantsuit. To me, that outfit, combined with her speech endorsing Obama, said one thing loud and clear:

    “ORANGE you glad you’re not a PUMA idiot?”

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