Darr-aughhhhh Murphy

Darr-aughhhhh Murphy

The Pumas weren’t able to stem the tide of obamania, and for those of us old enough to remember the 80’s, there are REASONS we’ve always distrusted both obama AND his crazed fans.

But there ARE millions tens of us. We gave Chris CRACKLE Matthews enough pause to scrap his absurd plan to run for the Senate. We helped get a qualified woman into Sec. Clinton’s senate seat.


The Quote above is by, you guessed it, Darr-ughhhhh Murphy.  Let’s pick this one apart shall we?

“The Pumas weren’t able to stem the tide of Obamamania”

You damn right you couldn’t stop it! Let’s see, 10’s of pumas, 1 delusional leader and a drama queen against 66+ million US Citizens? You never had a chance, and if it wasn’t for McCains pick of Palin, the MSM wouldn’t have given you the time of day much less put you on air so that you can make total asses of yourselves. PUMA FAIL!

“We gave Chris CRACKLE Matthews enough pause to scrap his absurd plan to run for the Senate.”

ROFL!!!!!!!  Chris Mathews was gracious enough to put you dimwits on Hardball and you showed the world how irrelevent and stupid you really are.  He did pause his Senate aspirations but I can guarentee you it wasn’t because of your delusional selves. He wasn’t even considering it. The only reason he went through the preliminary motions was for leverage in his contract talks with NBC, ever heard of interviewing for other jobs while asking for a raise at your current job? It happens all the time and this was the case here. Chris Mathews doesn’t give a fuck about puma, one again PUMA FAIL!

“We helped get a qualified woman into Sec. Clinton’s senate seat.”

Really? Did Harriet Christian get appointed to that seat? Cause last I checked it was

Kirsten Gillibrand!

That’s right folks, a woman who wasn’t even brought up on the pumablogs until word went out that Kennedy had bowed out. What happened to all that support for poor bitter Harriet? Why was she so quickly thrown under the bus by pumapac in favor of someone so Anti-Clinton? Because she was the frontrunner and she is a woman, thats the only reason. Kinda brings back memories of the disasterous pick by McCain, doesn’t it?  another PUMA FAIL! Maybe next time Crypt Keeper, uhhh I mean Harriet.

A little background on Kirsten in case you didn’t already know;

Gillibrand is a tough, but largely untested, politician. Before her election to Congress two years ago in a hotly contested race against a Republican incumbent, she had never held public office. We don’t have any reason to believe Gillibrand will be anything but a successful senator, but we have to say, this last-minute decision has a familiar feel to it: A sense that Paterson, in a panic, put all of the candidates’ pictures on a wall and started frantically throwing darts. You know, the way it felt after John McCain picked Sarah Palin.  <<<PUMA FAIL!

Dumbasses just keep failing and Darr-ughhhh just keeps lying to cover up failure and steal their money.


This just in from pumapac concerning the Treasury Secretary being confirmed today by the Senate;

Guess all that calling to stop the thieving little rat bastard from being rewarded didn’t help………..

ummmmm nope! ROFL!!!!

12 Responses

  1. For rip-roaring fun see this post on PUMA PAC.

    The kitties were assigned 10 pages to read of the stimulus package by Murphy. Now they’re swapping pages because they’ve found that some topics run into other peoples pages!

  2. Yes indeed, gimme. I looked in there earlier and quickly lost interest, but things are hotting up! It’s all very industrious and good-citizen-y, and seems to be keeping them out of mischief on the whole.

    Some PUMAs are obviously suckers for punishment, though:

    webfoot 01.26.09 at 8:34 pm

    As I’m reading my pages it has dawned on me that it might be interesting to see if our totals for the disbursements match the total that is being voted on. I am including the totals in my summaries.

    Stand by for the Feck Team’s next coup!

  3. Let’s not forget that La Murphy’s “prowls” specifically urged the appointment of Caroline Mahoney rather than Gillibrand (I think even that loon realized no one was going to appoint H. “Inadequate Black Male” Christian), so it’s even more absurd that they’re taking credit for it now.

    Or is the standard now that any time someone you oppose isn’t appointed — even if you had nothing to do with it and the person who WAS appointed was not the person you endorsed — it counts as a win? Hey, in that case, I was sending Gov. Paterson psychic messages urging him NOT to appoint Christian — and he didn’t! Woohoo, bow to the power of my mental prowls, ye insignificant worms!


    You guys have gotta go after this latest post from the Confluence, especially mega-feminist myiq2xu’s “she was asking for it” comment:

    myiq2xu, on January 27th, 2009 at 9:18 am Said:

    How long must she do penance for posing in her underwear?

    I find it odd that I’m the old fuddy-duddy here. Ms. Campoverde spent the last five years trying out for movies and reality television shows (including a dating show.) Now she’s working in the WH.

    But if women want to get ahead by flashing their flesh, they shouldn’t complain when men stare at their assets.

  5. This comment speaks volumes, too:

    riverdaughter, on January 27th, 2009 at 8:03 am Said:

    OMG! She’s the stereotypical ObamaBot. Everything’s coming up roses for her because her tits don’t sag.

    Yep, every female Obama supporter has the perkiest of breasts, hot asses and a whorish perseverance that gets them what they want.

    She really is a pathetic human being.

  6. Apparently slut-shaming is totally feminist. Who knew?

  7. Well, to be fair, Bill “Judas” Richardson has got one awesomely perky set of jugs!

    It’s a shame that he covers them over with that beard.

  8. Barack telling the Republicans “I won” is outrageous, and Barack telling the Republicans “I will hear your ideas” is outrageous.

    Maybe PUMA is right, I mean he’s been President for a week and I’m still having to take out the trash and rake the leaves. WTF is he doing?!?!?

    PS I was never a Chris Matthews fan, but whatever he did to piss the PUMAs off made me one.

  9. OK, a quick roundup for visitor who maybe don’t go to Rumproast (and if not, why not?).

    After mymisogyny2xu got a severe savaging by a whole load of people in the comments on the Tennessee Guerilla Women blog (which carried the same sort of blech post about Campoverdi) – – he ran off to the safety of the Effluence to start up a whole new thread about it all, I assume because the last two of the day were such roaring success for him –

    Let’s just say the latest thread’s, um, going really well (and hats off to Astraea over there for typing much of what I’ve been thinking) …

    myiq2xu, on January 27th, 2009 at 7:43 pm Said:

    If there is nothing wrong with her posing for the picture then there is nothing wrong with me posting it here, looking at it, wanking off to it, whatever.

    Or does somehow my use of the picture make it wrong?

  10. Aw heck. There’s as good a roundup of the whole feline fuck-up over at Rumproast as you’ll find anywhere (it got even better/worse), so go to it:




    I like that Violet is, or was, at least, “fond” of myiq2xu (the name itself just -screams- “klassy d00d”) aside from this -troubling- post. Presumably she missed the whole “older women i.e. Hillary’s constituency ‘don’t swell, don’t tell, and are grateful as hell'” and the “Hillary Clinton KFC special” business, and, and…

    and how once again the whole thing is a dreary argument about whether women who pose in their underwares and then go on to more “mainstream” careers are to be shamed (oh, for their collusion with the Patriarchy, of course) or pitied (ditto), because clearly those are the only alternatives (as opposed to, o I don’t know, leaving it the fuck alone because who gives a shit?) god, I love wadfems I mean PUMAs I mean creepy perv freepers in clown suits I mean all of the above!!

  12. I guess it’s at least encouraging that most of them (not all) are calling him for the shudder-inducing loser that he is…

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