So Will the queen Bower is interviewed by Newsweek and all he could come up with is Hillary was robbed and I am quitting my job to make sure this doesn’t happen again waaaaaaaa waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa….get a life Will, you lost! And the sooner you get that through your little skull the better you will feel about the world. Loser.

Here is the interview, please go comment…

29 Responses

  1. Is that him? I mean he?

  2. Ok, I want to know who Mr. Neutron is so that I may marry him (don’t tell my husband).

  3. Ok will the children who write here please go back to school and shut up. Serious people are trying to hold this sorry ass administrations feet to the fire.

    Oh I love the homophopia expressed in this posts next time you feel like voting …please right in Adloph Hitler or Rick Warren…dont worry they will still count for Pampers!

    Dont worry I will try to restrain myself from comming back.

    Oh by the way-YOU won and you own Mr Pampers…We PUMAS reserve the right to say we told you so.

    1) Gates keeps his sec def job…NO change there.

    2) Salazar (Public lands exsist for the enrichment of the private purse/I’ll show them what Drill baby Drill means) as sec of Interior? Can you say James Watts.

    3) A Sec Of Treasury that doesnt pay his taxes except for the years he was caught? Corruption personofied.

    This is gonna be good!

  4. FBV I reserve the right to say, “Hillary lost, we told you so”.

    But on a more serious note, if Gates, Salazar and Geither are so odious to you, who might have PUMA suggested had anyone had a tendency to listen to you all?

    I think Gates was a good choice for a transition appointment considering we’re in the middle of two wars. Geither, not so much. No opinion on Salazar at this time.

    Will “Obots” support every single move Obama makes? Hell no. Your myth of Obama supporters worshipping Obama as a Messiah is simplistic and wrong.

    Counter with positive suggestions and perhaps we can have dialogue.

  5. I vote we rename one of the reeducation camps our holy leader has so wisely constructed in Venezuela “Hillaryland” and use it to deport the PUMAs to.
    We start with FBV and antifish and work our way up to Murphy herself!
    All in favor, say aye.

    @ FBV, for someone who’s telling us to go back to school you sure could benefit from some spelling lessons yourself…

    As for the homophobia comment. YOU were the one who supported Clinton (whose husband screwed us over with DOMA and DODA), YOU are part of a group that wanted to vote for flipping Palin, because you didn’t get your way, so yeah, excuse me if I don’t take your concerns very seriously.
    I’m a bisexual woman. I resent being treated as a secondclass citizen, but more than that I resent being used as a token progressive badge for concervative hacks like the PUMAs.
    Nobody here is mocking Bower’s sexuality, we just happen to think he’s a pretentious piece of sh*t.

  6. I don’t know what Will Bowers’s sexual preference is, and could care less.
    He is, however, delusional, as are the rest of the malcontent PUMAs. Let them play together in their sandbox of hatred. Out here in the grownup world, we find them offensive.

  7. Well, since my name is being dropped here, I may as well drop my two cents. I believe fuzzy was referring to the use of “Will the queen Bower” in the above post. . Maybe I’m a little sensitive, but it seems it was meant to demean and would, therefore qualify as a homophobic remark. I find it offensive.

    As for you Nikki. I’m sure you are aware that your Messiah is no friend to the LGBT community. Without rehashing, McClurkin, the snub of Newsome, the snub of The Advocate, the snub of Bishop Robinson and the appointment of Tim Kaine to head the DNC, are you aware that Kaine is about to sign a voter referendum to ban gay marriage in Virginia?

    Truly, how can you state you are bisexual and support Obama? What part of he is your oppressor don’t you get?

  8. Oh, and I forgot about how your Messiah is going to continue Bush’s so called “faith-based initiatives”. You know, give some resources to the very people who would like nothing better than to put you in a camp, or maybe even kill you if they could have their way. Those folks that fight tooth and nail to erase every little step we take toward equality.

    You should rename this site StupidSmart Obots. Seriously.


  9. Man, all that and I forgot Obama’s BFF, Pastor Dick Warren!

    Homophobama, baby!!!

  10. Obama is worse than Hitler.

    The end.


    **fixed again**

  11. My, Antifish, you PUMAs are so good at dishing it out, but you don’t have the balls to take it. Maybe that’s why Darragh and Riverdaughter have to cleanse their sites of any “alternative” viewpoints (though racism, xenophobia, and wishes for mass death, riots, and starvation are A-Okay!) I assume you expressed your outrage when Mountainsong called Obama “Sambo” and when Michelle was dubbed “Scoop Mouth?” (BTW, speaking of racial slurs, how is the biracial son whose existence you demean every day through your uncritical embrace of racist loonies in PUMAland?)

    Who did Bill Clinton summon to the White House when he got in trouble over the Monica thing? Why, in addition to that horrible racist anti-American BFF of Barack Obama named Jeremiah Wright, I believe he and the Missus sought counseling from famous homohobe and anti-Semite Billy Graham.

  12. Heh. “Homophobe.” I think I was getting confused with Wearing Hoboes Faces. As you were!

  13. Right, antifish, newsflash, there is no completely pro-LGBT candidate that could get into office right now, there won’t be one for quite some years yet.
    I loathe Warren, but, and here’s the but, if Obama will cancel DODA (like he already said he will), Rick Warren can be his BFF for all I care.
    You will undoubtedly make a snide comment about promises now, but so far he’s not doing all that bad keeping the ones he made during his campaign and I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    Weren’t you part of the generation of feminists who didn’t want to be held hostage by the pro-choice issue? Well then, excuse me if I don’t want to be held hostage by gay marriage, which, for the record, is a state issue thanks to DOMA.
    I may be bisexual, I’m also a feministic pacifist who’s concerned about the environment and guess what, I supported the candidate who was closest to my heart on those issues.

    I resent the WE in your second comment, YOU aren’t taking any steps towards equality, YOU are defining me by my sexuality as surely as the mormon church is. How about aknowledging that LGBT people are individuals, with individual ideals and beliefs that have NOTHING to do with whom we sleep with. And sometimes those ideals are more important to us than gay marriage.

    I’m a realist, antifish, and because of that, I understand that depending on Obama to end inequality is hopelessly naive. He’s not superman and he’s not the messiah and there’s really not much he CAN do about this.
    Any succesfull fight for equality must be fought from the ground up, only when the majority of Americans think we are their equals will we truly BE equal.

  14. Everything PUMA supports = FAIL

  15. Hey Antifish

    Here’s a little sample of President Obama’s LGBT agenda from

    Fight Workplace Discrimination:
    …anti-discrimination employment laws should be expanded to include sexual orientation and gender identity

    Support Full Civil Unions and Federal Rights for LGBT Couples:
    …repeal the Defense of Marriage Act and enact legislation that would ensure that the 1,100+ federal legal rights and benefits currently provided on the basis of marital status are extended to same-sex couples in civil unions and other legally-recognized unions

    Oppose a Constitutional Ban on Same-Sex Marriage:

    Repeal Don’t Ask-Don’t Tell:

    Expand Adoption Rights:
    President Obama believes that we must ensure adoption rights for all couples and individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation. He thinks that a child will benefit from a healthy and loving home, whether the parents are gay or not.

    McCain/Palin wouldn’t have come within a billion miles of promising any of this, in fact they would have gone in the opposite direction and continued to use Gay Marriage as a wedge issue to energize their base. Obama is not perfect but he’s a better friend to the LGBT community than McPalin or any other GOP scumbag is.

    So Antifish, if you’re one of those idiot PUMA’s that voted for McPalin you have no right to lecture anyone about President Obama’s LGBT Civil Rights agenda. What Obama is promising is light years ahead of the GOP could offer and to suggest otherwise is delusional.

    But then, you’re a PUMA. How could anything you say not be delusional?

  16. You see, the difference between us and them is I let the comments stand as is, ok maybe I edit some words just to clarify but I always leave the original word there with a strike through it, do they do that on the puma sites? Nope. To censor all dissenting opinion is one of the hallmarks of a cult, another is being told not to watch any TV, which is a familiar directive from your leader Murphy. As far as the queen remark, this is not what straight people call you when trying to be homophobic, queen is a remark commonly used by other gay males to describe another gay male with overly female mannerisms. I know this cause I use it all the time to describe people like Will, and all my gay friends agree, he’s a bitter queen, no question about that. On a final note,

  17. Remember when Will Bower said the PUMAs had paid off Hillary’s debt? lol.

    I actually feel sorry for Hillary, having these supporters.

  18. This is probably as good a place as any to document for posterity Bower’s recent mealy-mouthed non-apology for (a) misleading the PUMAs about Hillary Clinton’s debt payoff and (b) as a consequence, probably costing Hillary millions (I wonder if she’s considered suing him for that little nest egg he’s put away? I doubt he’ll be welcomed back with open arms by her or her machine any time this century …):

    Will Bower 01.24.09 at 11:00 pm

    Thank you all for the warm welcome! I’ll be emailing a.s.a.p.!

    And, Trish…

    If you’d like to know more about how we received the debt information we did, I’d be happy to give you some of the history. I don’t I think I should post it *too* openly (for the time being), but I’ll be glad to answer what questions I can about it.

    We have since learned that the original source may have had a lack of concern about passing on reliable information. I had little reason to mistrust my direct sources, but it seems as if *they* may have had reasons to mistrust *theirs*.

    Have no doubt — if I could change one thing about the last 6 months — it would be to not have passed on unreliable information. I was very new to the “Source” game and learned the hard way.

    As for the “queen” thing and the predictable outrage from those two useless closet racists above, for one thing I admire their frikking cheek, making full use of the ability to comment unhindered on other people’s blogs when their own blogs are routinely cleansed of all dissenting input – what are you, so weak and utterly pathetic that you can’t take the heat of a debate on equal terms? – and for another, I try to avoid the use of “queen” in that context because it just stokes their fires and lets them distract from the issues under discussion.

    I did hesitantly refer to fuzzybeargville as a “drama queen” on YTD a while back after one of his flying visits (he’s so proud of them that he usually brags about them on the Effluence, to almost uniform *crickets*), and Patrick offered the alternative “drama llama”, which is OK, but doesn’t quite hit the spot.

    I’d call him and antifish wankers of the first water instead, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanking, and the world might be a better place they and their tiresome ilk did a lot more of it, instead of releasing their personal tensions all over their blogs, and occasionally outside them.

  19. How can I put this delicately, PUMAs? I can’t, so I’ll just belt down a shot of Crown and say it straight out, the way my father’s family in hardscrabble Scranton, Pennsylvania might have said it. Are you ready? Here goes: Fuck off, PUMAs. Really, just fuck right the hell off already, would you?

    Does that sound angry? Well, I’m sorry, but you people exhausted my patience a long time ago. And as mentioned above, you possibly screwed me out of millions of dollars by lying about having already taken care of my campaign debt, thus encouraging other potential donors to keep their wallets shut.

    Uh, thanks a lot for that, ass-berets – especially you, Bower. Chelsea thanks you too, as it was her inheritance. Assholes. Just. Fuck. Off.

  20. @ Matt — God, but doesn’t that list sound too good to be true… I hope he’ll stick to it, but after Clinton, Bush and prop 8, I’m going to need some proof. Once bitten, twice shy and all that…

    And John , every sane person in the room knows you’re not homophobic (as proven by me not being banned ;-)). It’s quite simple PUMAs:


    In fact, that observation seems to hold true for most (if not all) PUMAs, male or female, gay or straight.

    I feel the need to apologise, as it seems my original comment is what lured antifish onto this site and I fear our collective IQ dropped quite dramatically after that. (although to be frank both antifish and FBV deserve some props for venturing outside of the echo-chamber …)
    On second thought this might have potential.
    Hey, if any PUMAs are reading this, will all of you show up if we invoke your names? I’m always willing to enter a spirited discussion, even if most of you aren’t.

  21. Racist, racist, racist! Is that all you losers have?

    And Matt, an “agenda” and actions are two distinctly different things. I’ll judge Obama on what he does, you can keep on “hoping” he implements his “agenda”.

  22. Racist, racist, racist! Is that all you losers have?

    Denying racism, denying racism, denying racism! Is that all you hypocritical losers have? – To the extent that at one point such a scurrilous term was censored by your blogs’ spam filters and some PUMAs are still still self-censoring their usage of it.

    Get over yourself, you drama queen.

  23. Listen, antifish, and any other lurking PUMAs, either you’re laboring under a misapprehension about this site or I am.

    There’s no legend at the top saying “All PUMAs welcome! Come here to shout and stamp and defend yourselves against well-behaved people who know you and your sort only too well but will let you try bullying without retaliating because they’re liberal wusses.”

    It’s called “Stupid PUMAs” for a reason. – Get it?

    Unless I’m mistaken, that reason is because it’s a forum to expose you, to catalogue your idiocy and hypocrisy, let some of us who’ve been battling the lies and horrible rumors you’ve been circulating round the web for the best part of the year a chance to wind down and let off some steam, update each other on what’s next from PUMA. And as a fun side effect, to rattle your little cage as much as possible, because you just can’t stay away, can you? And you can dish out the bile, but you certainly can’t take it.

    You’re a prime example of why this site was set up – a specimen under a magnifying glass.

    If you don’t like it, then fuck off back to your PUMA pits, where the world is a safe place for you, and all is fine.

    Oh. That’s right – that isn’t the case even there, is it? Because on a daily basis PUMA and Riverdaughter feed your sense of victimhood with more distorted takes on the world. So I guess you can’t win.

    Which brings me to …

    … you losers …

    I think others here know what’s coming, if you don’t.

    Point me to ONE – just one – instance where you and PUMA aren’t the outright losers. The folks here look like they’ve won pretty well every battle so far, and I’ve no doubt at all that they’ll do a damn sight better job of holding Obama’s feet to the fire than PUMA ever will – do you really imagine the silly, childish name and all the spam campaigns with “PUMA” emblazoned on them mean that anything you say is ever going to be treated with any greater credibility by anyone in a position to actually change things?

    You probably do, because you’re obviously an idiot.

  24. Ummm, I was being sarcastic. Why did you edit my comment?

    **Sorry Pistachio, I mistook you for a PUMA, my sarcasm detector was off, comment fixed**

  25. That chick that carved the backwards ‘B’ on her face is the epitome of PUMA. Serious mental problems.

  26. I can’t find an open thread, so will post this here.
    Anyone checked out our fav. site this afternoon? I have been laughing to myself, Murph. asked for Pumas to each read 10 pages of the new 400 page Stimulus Package and write a short report, she wanted 40 members. The last time I looked she had 8, wondering where the other 18 million are? Too funny.

    Luv this site btw.

  27. Oh, and stone me, what’s this I’ve found here?

    There’s a whole thread to be done about PUMA activists who aren’t from the US, or possibly even US citizens:

    Trish from Canada – Is she naturalized? Does she even live in the US?

    Brian H – again from Canada, and he can’t vote or contribute to PACs, so …

    Then there’s this:

    antifish 11.13.08 at 11:35 pm

    Oh , but Murphy, where do you get Heave Off? I’m not from New England and honestly not even from the United States, but I’ve always loved the saying “Heave Ho”. Maybe this means I like Hos better than Offs?

    Huh? I expect to see a COLB and any documents relating to naturalization for antifish etc. posted online STAT, along with a contact number that people can phone so they can go and see said documents in person.

    For the record, I’m not a US citizen and have never impersonated one. I have strong family links to the US, but there are domestic US issues I don’t go near commenting on, and even though I thought G.W. Bush and his administration were the scum of the earth, I never spread outright lies about them nor actively campaigned in US forums against them under cover of anonymity (maybe that’s not something to be proud of …).

    Neither after G.W. was “elected” (twice) did I seek to turn US citizens against him with yet further anonymous lies and rantings all over the internet. Even with Palin and McCain, I stuck to info that was firmly in the public domain and generally poking fun at PUMAs as they spread their propaganda.

    But then I’m not stupid. Or a PUMA.

  28. I spend a little time browsing their site every day.
    It’s like being back in grade school, and I like the sound of my own clapping and giggling.

  29. Will who?

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