Obama forces foreign women to become zombie baby-machines!

Well, not really. As promised, Obama overturned the ban on federal funding for international family planning groups that offer abortions or information about abortions yesterday. That’s the ban Bush signed as a sop to anti-choicers when he took office. Obama repealed that ban. Yesterday.

So what’s the problem? Obama failed to overturn the ban with sufficient alacrity to placate the PUMAs. See, they wanted him to sign it the day before yesterday:

“He failed to do this yesterday when it would have meant so much to the pro-choice Democrats (not just us wimmin’ folk) who helped elect his butt.  His failure to act on this important issue yesterday on a day when it really would have meant something is a serious slap in the face to anyone who is fighting for women’s rights. Yet another signal that we’re expected to take a back seat on the Hope ‘n Change Express.”

Wait a minute – the people “who helped elect his butt”? That would be people like me, not the fucking PUMAs, who threw their support to anti-choice theocratic nutball Sarah Palin (with characteristic futility). And there’s that “slap in the face” thing again. Is anything not a slap in the face to these idiots? She goes on, idiotically:

“One day… I mean seriously – would it have killed him to show a bit of respect to the base of our party by signing this thing yesterday?  With the stroke of a pen he could have lifted restrictions that suffocate life-saving work in the developing world.  And yet he held back in order to kiss up to those would wipe out our basic human right of controlling our own bodies – our own fertility.”

Yeah, and if this person’s fellow PUMA jackasses had actually prevailed (for once), the “life-saving work” would have been delayed for at least four more years. But remember, Obama slapped these ninnyhammers in the face — not troglodytes like Palin. Because he signed it yesterday. Instead of the day before yesterday.

11 Responses

  1. Wow. The PUMAs sweep the gold in mental gymnastics.

  2. This doesn’t really surprise me.

    They seem even more hell bent than ever on leaving no straw ungrasped to keep their outrage – and in some cases, their abiding hopes for a coup or impeachment that may yet give Hillary the presidency – alive.

    You might as well put up a general post to gather together their reactions to any woman-friendly legislation the Obama administration passes.

    It’ll no doubt consist of repeat performances of the backflips above, along with a certainty that if it’s a good thing, it’s because Hillary blackmailed him into doing it. Or that it’s not a good thing at all, just an insulting pander, they’re not having any of it – and what about Favreau??!!!1/? Obot called Sarah a pig!!!

  3. I’ve noticed a few PUMA are actually starting to agree with a couple of Obama’s new policies. When (on PUMA PAC) a couple of people praised the closing of Gitmo, they were flamed mercilessly.

    As there was barely a paper-widths bit of difference between Obama and Hillary on most issues, we’ll get to see a bunch more of these types of falling out.

  4. One of the great pleasures of monitoring the PUMAs is observing their spats.
    I also enjoy watching the bloggers who drop off, leaving only the shrillest.
    Today I reported them for what I believe is a repeated copyright violation.

  5. Hi Linnet, send me a copy at support@12009.org

  6. On the way.

  7. If it’s not a slap in the face with this women, it’s something or someone being rammed down their throats. Why don’t they just get off the Internet and go play with their vibrators and their copies of “The Story of O?”

  8. “These” women. Sorry about that! I was channeling my inner PUMA typing and spelling abilities. If I start using “your” for “you’re,” “its” for the contraction of “it is” and refer to “alterior” motives, then you’ll know the transformation is complete.

  9. One of them (I forget which — they’ve morphed into one pustule) claims to be channeling Gandhi. She spells it Ghandi.
    Don’t get me started.

  10. My god, they really are tiny little babies, aren’t they? I din’t realize until now how utterly puerile and petty these losers really were.

  11. Parent whose son was knocked over by a wave and swept out to sea:

    “Oh God!! Oh God please return my child! I’ll devote the rest of my life to You, I’ll never ask for anything else ever again, oh, please, oh, please…”

    -Lifeguard finds and rescues child-

    Parent: (to sky and/or lifeguard):

    “HE HAD A HAT!!”

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