Murphy’s Inauguration Fail

To nobody’s surprise, murphy wasn’t impressed with Obama’s inaugural address.  Also unsurprisingly, I was impressed.  But murphy was not only unimpressed, with the speech, she she was contempable of the entire sordid affair.  

So the speech was so-so (here’s what an actually great speech looks like), the crowds were a quarter of the giddiest estimates, and obama looked terrible.

It wasn’t enough to dislike the speech, she had to mock the crowd size and “report” that Obama looked “terrible.”  Let’s address these one at a time.

First, the speech. I thought it was well crafted and well delivered, aiming not for timeless poetry but for striking relevance. In setting the tone for his administration in this difficult time, he succeeded. These are the speeches that age well, not those that aim for eternal relevance. Just ask FDR. But whatever, everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

Next, the crowd size. Obama’s ability to draw a crowd is literally unmatched, and Tuesday was no exception. It was a record crowd, and the mall actually reached capacity, leaving untold thousands unable to get in to see it. The infrastructure of Washington D.C. was taxed to the max, and though it handled it well, I can personally attest that there is just no physical way that 5 million people could have gotten to the National Mall to witness the speech, even if they were allowed in by the security forces. Is murphy trying to prove that Obama’s unpopular because the crowd was only about 2 million people in the immediate proximity? Or because the live internet stream set new records? Whatever, PUMA logic I guess.

Finally, her hilarious decree that Obama “looked terrible.” I was curious what she was linking to to support her claim, because I thought Obama looked very much like he always does, which as a heterosexual male I’m told is attractive. Her evidence? Mark Halperin thought that Obama looked terrible…at a debate from October. Yes, that’s right. Murphy linked to a piece 4 months old to prove Obama was ugly on inauguration day. Stupid murphy!

That’s not all the crazy though!

Whatever. The real work begins today. They’re driving over his mug in the streets of Iran, where reportedly 1,000 Muslims have shown up for suicide bomber training. 

Hmmm. I guess we should check out her evidence for this, which if true, is apparently all Obama’s fault. I’m not sure why, of course. Don’t the Iranians like our new muslim president?

The link goes to the stupid “Uppity Women 08” blog, and scrolling down this even shittier PUMA blog I found the relevant post. It references a Gateway Pundit post that actually claims 100,000 new suicide bombers, not 1,000 as murphy “reported.” The source for GatewayPundit? IRNA, the Islamic Republic News Agency. Yes, that is the official state propaganda outlet for Iran. Credibilty HAKA!

Let me summarize that: Iran’s state controlled news agency says 100,000 students signed up to be suicide bombers (I would tend to be skeptical of such a claim, but then I’m not a fucking idiot). So GatewayPundit picks up this “news,” which catches the Eye of Uppity Woman, which makes it onto PUMA PACs front page (after fucking up the original number by 2 orders of magnitude), with the weak caveat “reportedly.”

Murphy, do you wonder why we all laugh at you?

4 Responses

  1. “1,000 Muslims,” eh? Look out, Nijma! Time for your weekly kick in the teeth.

  2. Stop. You will literally go fucking crazy by checking their sources.

    Riverdaughter had a post today called “Things I just don’t get.” Sigh.

  3. Well, conveniently, since Murphy and the more “savvy” fleecers over at PUMA PAC have convinced the even dumber ones not to ever, ever watch TV or read unapproved blogs, they bulk of them would never have known that CNN commissioned pictures of the crowd FROM SPACE.

  4. I wholeheartedly approve of the repeated and heartfelt use of the descriptor and verb (gerund?) “fucking” in the above article.

    Personally, I’ve been on a 48-hour PUMA fast (independent of what Rumproast decides to do – Quitters!), and my own quota of the aforesaid essential expletives whenever faced with their unimaginable idiocy has now backed up uncomfortably.

    You have five more from my quota for the next 24 hours, then you’re on your own again.

    Riverdaughter had a post today called “Things I just don’t get.” Sigh.

    Did it extend to a second page? Did it involve fruitbats or gerbils? If myiq2xu’s still around, did the word “laid” get mentioned?

    Damn these withdrawal symptoms!

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