We Survived. Did the PUMAs?

We’re mostly back from the insanity that was the National Mall today. Somebody please let murphy know that there really were a lot of people there, it wasn’t just a media creation.

It was a blast, and an amazing atmosphere. We all made it through, but did the PUMAs? Any exlploding heads? I haven’t been checking in. I also didn’t see any PUMA protests (shocker…).

Good speech I thought. The PUMAs might have liked it too, if they thought Sarah Palin gave it (as if…).

8 Responses

  1. Well, all I can offer at the moment is Riverdaughter henchperson Stateofdisbelief scraping the bottom of the barrel of spite by wilfully misinterpreting Obama’s line

    We remain a young nation, but in the words of Scripture, the time has come to set aside childish things.

    and using it as a blatant excuse to trot out a load of hoary old pics and YouTubes that have been PUMA and RW talking points: http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/2009/01/20/and-he-said-it-with-a-straight-face/

    It seems to escape these “liberals” that the passage following that quote was a devastating critique of the Bush administration’s conduct in office, and a pledge to try to do better. Why am I not surprised?

  2. Mwahahaha!! They actually think he was talking about them. Good flippin’ grief. That’s as funny as when they thought HRC was sending them secret signals with her pantsuit. Talk about delusional… oh wait…

    Dear PUMAs, he doesn’t give a rats ass about your “movement”– except when he’s bored and needs a good laugh. Much like the rest of us. Heh.

  3. PUMAs hate everything except cutting and pasting stupid form letters to people that will never read them. They are a very angry people.

  4. Rick Warren’s photo repaired

    Warren is also known as the voice of ‘Fry’ on Futurama

  5. Glad you made it! As for the PUMAtards, it appears La Murphy spent the day photoshopping Obama’s face onto a picture of broccoli so she could unfurl the the most hilarious PUMA witticism since “Barky” — “Broc Obama”! Oh, and she “fisked” Obama’s speech — rewriting each passage to make him sound like a dimwitted Valley Boy. O snap! I actually expected something a little more entertaining from her.

  6. betty, I showed the picture of “Broc Obama” to my girlfriend and friend who went to the mall with us yesterday, and they both thought it was hilarious. It was even funnier because it doesn’t really make any sense, it’s just a stupid pun.

    Nonetheless, it’s also funny that Obama’s fuzzy black hair is an object of ridicule to the PUMAs. If that picture was made in jest, it’s funny, but PUMAs don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt on most of these types of things.

  7. For most of them yesterday, they went to great pains to let each other know that they were wearing black, refusing to watch TV, listen to the radio or read anything but PUMA approved blogs.

    So basically sitting around with their fingers in their ears crying, “I can’t HEAR you!”

  8. Nah, you give them way too much credit. That pic has been around for a long time. The retarded “re-write,” that’s original. Sadly.

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