Taggles Makes a Funny

Our dear taggles:

yeah, LOL, or

Koolaid Relief for Asses Plan

No, in context it doesn’t make anymore sense. Because if it was clever, or funny, or made any sense at all, it wouldn’t be a PUMA joke.

4 Responses

  1. This comment by TerryDo http://pumapac.org/2009/01/18/the-rise-of-the-religious-left/#comment-277621 gave me a giggle:

    “You know the old adage, “Control the massagers’ and you control the message.” Who has total control of the MSM not only in America but around the world?”

    I think it was an actual mistake not a commentary that the message often gets massaged before being doled out to the masses by the messengers. But it made for some funny mental imagery.

  2. I hadn’t really looked at PUMAPac for awhile (and we’re, you know, not talking about them so much right now over at the Roast) so I was a little startled to scroll down and see Murphy’s ode to “Men!” to prove she’s not a man hater. Well, maybe not but she sure as hell is a sexist. She basically describes you guys like a bunch of big golden retriever dogs. That she has lots and lots of sex with.

    “They are dumb but competent. They are loyal, trusting, and steady. They’re good at memorizing stuff but bad at thinking for themselves.

    They are laid back, sexy, confident, and cool.”

    Awww, and really, really cute when they’re mad too, I bet.

  3. It seems as though Sherry Tags has done the last 2 posts at pumapacland.

    I wonder if Murphy went to the inauguration? 🙂

  4. I suggested “FlavorAid Assistance for Buttocks Scheme” but those bitches wouldn’t listen.

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