Piss Freezing as it Runs Down My Legs

scott-hansen-obama-posterThat’s the delightful way that mountainsong will be picturing me as my girlfriend and I (yes, I’m one of those evil man-humans who might be a sloseted woman-lyncher) head down to Washington D.C. to stand in the cold for hours to watch Obama get sworn in. I was pretty involved as a volunteer in the campaign, and though I wasn’t planning on going down, I know a lot of people that are also going, and so it should be a good time.


LOL, I love it!!!All those mindless Obots there to watch the biggest Phony of the millenium, piss freezing as it runs down their legs cuz they can’t find a porta-potty.

Sorry mountainsong, as much fun as that sounds, I’m young and virile and can stand in place for hours without needing Depends.

This is just a long way of saying that posting here will be light for the next few days unless some of the other Rumproasters want to jump in. If any other puma-stalkers are interested in getting an authorship account, just leave a comment on this thread including your email (in the email field, not visible to everyone else) and I’ll try to get in touch with you.

2 Responses

  1. I would be happy to write for your blog as my blog is turning more towards the issues of the Obama admin as of 1-20-09. Let me know if you would like me to guest author.

  2. pumarubbernecker–I received an email claiming to be from you, but I need to check its veracity before I reply (if you do, I’ll email to explain why I’m asking).

    Maybe you could confirm here that you tried to contact me, given some of the other games the PUMAs have been trying to play recently?

    In any case, I won’t want an author account at this point – the PUMAs have had more than enough attention from me recently as it is, but I’ll no doubt comment if I think I’ve anything to say.

    Have a great time in DC. Tip: Take a plastic bottle!

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