Paid Astroturfers?

While I was briefly skimming murphy’s latest missive, which was too long and stupid to actually read, I noticed this nugget. As she was ennumerating the myriad ways Obama is totally the same as Bush ( I mean, isn’t it obvious?), she slipped in this example of “disrespecting the first amendment.”

“pays astroturfers to attack and smear opponents.”

Remember during the primary when the PUMAs were crying about the mythical 400 bloggers that Obama had hired to attack and smear Obama’s opponents?

I never really understood where they got the number 400 from. Besides the idea that there weren’t any genuine Obama supporting bloggers out there, I was always amused by the certainty of the PUMAs repeating this obviously baloney idea.

I havn’t heard this one too often recently, and had naively thought it might have fallen out of favor with the PUMAs. I mean, it’s not as though there havn’t been hundreds, if not thousands, of stories written about the sophisticated Obama messaging operation that failed to mention this. Somehow this top-secret story was exposed by the PUMAs but was never acknowledged by anyone else.

But there goes Darragh Murphy throwing it out there again!

Truth be told, my feelings would be hurt if it were true! I mean, here I am like a schmuck attacking PUMAs for free! I didn’t even get offered a political appointment or ambassadorship! If there’s money in anti-puma blogging, I sure havn’t found it!

Darragh, sweetie, this is why we think you’re a fucking idiot not to be taken seriously. Because you don’t seem to be willing or able to determine the veracity of any anti-Obama allegations. It’s accepted as true as long as it fits your preconceptions. That’s not the hallmark of an independent political visionary. It’s the hallmark of a stupid fucking hack!

Happy inauguration weekend! (I’m not doing too badly blogging from the old iPhone down in Koolaid town!)

3 Responses

  1. My exactly 400 subcontractors really don’t appreciate being called “mythical.”

  2. Fine – where’s my damn check? I haven’t gotten paid since I started this a year ago!

  3. The redundancy negotiations didn’t go well.

    A full dozen of the 400 Obama astroturfers who’d gone in deep have gone feral over on PUMA PAC and The Effluence as a protest and are up to some serious mischief.

    It’s not a pretty sight.

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