The “What’s her name” of Politics

Our dear taggles had a post at The Confluence today about the Ms. Magazine and Naomi Wolf vs. The New Agenda piece on CNN. The New Agenda is the ever so slightly less crazy public face of the PUMA movement, and in fact when The New Agenda stopped short of calling for the public execution of Jon Favreau earlier this year, it caused a bit of a rift in the crazysphere.

So CNN did a brief story on the Ms. Magazine cover, and Naomi Wolf basically literally laughed aside the prowling PUMAs and explained how they’re wrong. Not just wrong, but naive and behind the feminist times. Wolf has been in the trenches for decades, so I imagine she doesn’t take kindly to people who just found out the ERA was never passed lecturing her on true feminism.

Anyway, I could carefully explain how the PUMAs are wrong, and how they minimize actual inequalities and feminist grievances with their wailing, but that would take time and energy on my part. Or I could point and laugh at how taggles wants some R-E-S-P-E-C-T for PUMA because, well, because they can marshall their troops to send literally tens of thousands 250 emails to targets of their wrath.

But I won’t do either of those, because I’m lazy, and because an even funnier thing happened on the way to The Confluence. You see, Riverdaughter wrote the first anti-Naomi Wolf post at the Confluence, proclaiming Wolf high on “hopium.” She misspelled Wolf’s name with two “f”s, but hey, only once, it’s a typo.

That’s when the fun begins. Taggles must not have realized that it was a typo, and misspelled it the same way in her later post. That was all it took to cram it forever into the tiny brains of the sheep PUMAs over there. Check out this partial list of PUMAs that then spelled Naomi Wolf’s name as “Wolff.”

  • madamab
  • myiq2xu (Riverdaughter’s impaired brother, who also noted that “Naomi” backwards is “I moan.” Feminism!)
  • beethovenqueen.

In fact, as far as I can tell, not a single PUMA noticed or spelled it correctly. There are surely more, and I leave them as an exercise to the reader.

You would think that all those lifelong feminists in PUMAville might have heard of Naomi Wolf before. Or, maybe they confused her with Virginia Woolf, and thought two “f”s instead of two “o”s. Or they’re just really stupid.

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  1. I found your blog via riversdaughter’s shit can. I’m a huge fane of rumproast and Yes to Democracy. Peace!

  2. One relatively unsung star of the PUMAsphere and exemplar of its long-term commitment to feminism has been Christi Adkins. I offer as tribute these examples (my bold):

    In the DNC’s flawed process, the 18 million invested everything they had only to be left feeling scorned and ignored for believing that “now was the time.” When will the voices of these 18 million angels begin to matter to the DNC – if ever? Or, is their best option to fly to the side of an American hero, the maverick AKA, John McCain?

    With their wounded spirits, the 18 million face an all too familiar struggle. How can they justify staying home when their fore-mothers demonstrated the power of women’s will on August 26, 1920?

    Almost to the day, in unison, though wounded, jaded, mocked and hated, those brave angels of democracy struggled to end the brutality of women’s suffrage…they ended forever in the country the haunting silence of women’s voices. Are women to be hushed once again on August 26, 2008?

    DNC March May 31…All Voices Heard, All Votes Matter
    Free Press Release

    On August 26, 1920 Women Ended Their Suffrage & Won the Right to Vote…some of those women born before given the right to vote still live. They live in Florida; they live in Michigan…they live”


    United States of America (Press Release) May 19, 2008 — On August 26, 1920 Women Ended Their Suffrage & Won the Right to Vote…some of those women born before given the right to vote still live. They live in Florida; they live in Michigan; they live to have their voices heard before they no longer live…

    Obviously, quite a few PUMAs do know what suffrage was and is (you don’t need to be an arch-feminist for that). But Adkins was a (hopeless) PUMA spokesperson on TV at Denver. I’ve seen that press release copied to a number of PUMA-sympathetic sites. On none of them did the commenters pick up on the idiocy!

    (BTW, it looks like your comment counters aren’t working properly on one or two posts – not sure if there’s anything you can do about that.)

  3. Just wanted to say HELLO!!!

    And to add to this epoch-making day, it appears that the PUMAs (well, about half a dozen of them) have voted to let Murphy pay herself a salary from their funds.

    In other news, KarenWI has left in a flurry of fur because the rest of the PUMAs aren’t angsty enough for her (they’re all “obots” – I think it’s just as well jenniforhillary wasn’t around for this one), and antifish is under the impression that the Rumproasters won’t be stalking them any more. Ha!

    Quite a thread, really.

    Comment by yetanotherfreakingbrit on 01/16/09 at 10:47 PM

  4. I see the Kitties still have the Weblog Finalist banner posted on their litterbox, even after the sponsors participated in the sexist cheating plot to further besmirch the grand reputation of America’s Finest Hairballs

  5. I’ll check out rumproast

  6. pumarubbernecker–That post above

    yetanotherfreakingbrit, on January 17th, 2009 at 3:18 pm Said:

    Just wanted to say HELLO!!!


    wasn’t posted by me, though the Rumproast comment is indeed mine (check the email address for the 3:18 comment and you’ll see it’s not the one I’ve used for earlier comments here, including an earlier cross-posting of that comment). Hum.

    For future reference, I wouldn’t use the term RUMPTOAST, and I’d only use !!! very ironically.

    Hi PUMAs. Wanna play, eh?

    [Added by pumarubbernecker: Thanks, I removed the comment. I’ll use my Whois IP tracing tool that myiq2xu showed me if they try that stuff again.]

  7. PUMA know nothing of Naomi Wolf or any other feminist. As has been said, a good chunk of ’em had no clue that the ERA was never ratified.

    I’ve seen some comments in PUMA PAC where some seem disappointed that there are woman’s groups that have been out there for years working on the very things that these backwater, pseudo-politicats just now discovered themselves.

    I’m so glad now that Murphy can take a salary.

  8. I’ve got a post about Christi Adkins and suffrage (which I think must be stuck in the spam filter here because it includes a couple of links) which bears out what youre saying, gimme.

  9. [Added by pumarubbernecker: Thanks, I removed the comment. I’ll use my Whois IP tracing tool that myiq2xu showed me if they try that stuff again.]

    Thanks, Mr. rubbernecker – seems like you’ve got their attention, eh? 😉

    Not sure what whois will show for me, as every time I go on a site which claims to know where I am, it’s about 400 miles out! It should get the right continent, though, I expect.

  10. I’ve got a post about Christi Adkins and suffrage …

    Heh. Can’t keep up. Thanks for clearing that!

  11. -head right through desk-

    I can’t imagine why the movement doesn’t have more clout than it does, really I can’t.

  12. …oh ffs, she had -American Life League- in her bloody blogroll. Yeah, sure, disaffected Hillary supporter myass. That, or–no, no one is -that- stupid.

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