Never Before Seen Levels of FAIL

Noah at the old Rumproast has the goods on the latest turd from the brain trust over at Pumapac; the Year of the PUMA!

I hadn’t even realized that they never changed their Mission Statement to reflect the fact that Obama, uh, actually won the election, and “our certain defeat in November” looks a little stupid in hindsight.

That’s almost as funny as their constant flogging of their place as one of Time magazines top buzzwords of 2008, while they fail to mention that they’re still not even as effective a political group as the #1 buzzword from 2007, the Cougars.

Of course, none of this stops murphy from begging for more cash, because if there’s one charity or cause that people should be giving money to in these troubled times, it’s definitely an incompetent political organization whose only organizing principle is opposition to a single person. I mean, it’s not like there are womens’ shelters out there that need the money to handle the influx of domestic violence victims sure to follow such a deep econmic downturn. Nice allocation of resources, PUMAs.

My PUMA buddy Jenniforhillary even chipped in a whopping $2500. That leaves me at a bit of a loss for words, I confess.

3 Responses

  1. Remember, Jenni’s the one with “recession-proof” income.
    That particular one stuck with me.
    Thank you for this — need something fill the gaping rumproast vacuum.
    Kevin is going to have to work hard to achieve the level of pleasure his PUMAstalking has brought into our home…
    But we remain endlessly grateful for the cathartic bloggery inhaled.

  2. That $2500 may be needed soon enough. This post is cross-posted on Rumproast (with working links in that version):

    “And to add to this epoch-making day, it appears that the PUMAs (well, about half a dozen of them) have voted to let Murphy pay herself a salary from their funds.

    In other news, KarenWI has left in a flurry of fur because the rest of the PUMAs aren’t angsty enough for her (they’re all “obots” – I think it’s just as well jenniforhillary wasn’t around for this one), and antifish is under the impression that the Rumproasters won’t be stalking them any more. Ha!

    Quite a thread, really.”

    And antifish has kindly re-posted it on PUMA PAC (to the usual *crickets* so far when the outside world intrudes):

    If they hunt me down and kill me, this can be my epitaph!

    Good luck with the blog.

  3. That Mission Statement confirms that PUMAs are the Keystone Kops of politics:

    Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? It’s almost hard to believe that every day citizens like you and me can call up Speaker Pelosi or Chairman Dean’s office any time we want and demand that our voices be heard.

    Hanging on the telephone …

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